#7: The Great American Tragedy

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In this episode, Have you noticed it’s getting harder and harder to lose weight? There’s a reason for that
and it’s worse that you thought.

In this training I’m going to explain what I call The Great American Tragedy.  In the last 50 years we have faithfully listened to medical authorities, nutritional authorities, and our government to eat less fat.  According to them, fat makes us fat and causes heart disease.  We as a nation are fatter and sicker than ever.


I discuss:

  • The Health-promotion Solution including Healthology
  • New brand of science: Wellness Scientists
  • Why we should Eat more Fat

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it?  What are we suppose to believe?

In this training I’m going to talk about what i call THE great AMERICAN TRAGEDY which In the last 50 years, we as Americans have faithfully followed the advice from leading medical associations, nutritional professionals, and our government, to eat less fat; according to them, fat makes us fat and causes heart disease. We as a nation are fatter and sicker than ever.

And that leads us to Dynamism Biohack : The great American tragedy.

On a personal note, my mother followed this advice faithfully for years; she ended up obese, and dead from a heart attack. If I never found my mom half on the edge of that bed and half off the bed trying to call for help at that hotel, dead from a heart attack after we buried my father (who died from preventable cancer), and then a month later witness my grandmother dying after a medical mistake, I do not believe I would have ever embarked on the health-promotion journey I am on today; nor would I have become the physician I am today.

This very training I created for you was born on the spark that I felt when I vowed to help Americans not suffer the tragedies that I have faced in my family. For me, this message is very personal. I learned from my stressed out dad to lighten up in life, from my sedentary mother to move better, and from my grandmother who suffered a medical mistake to live fully.
This is not about furthering my career. This is all about discovering, proving, and teaching the solution to avoid these crises for others. I cannot raise the dead, but I certainly can help more people lighten up, move better, and live fuller.

Each time I get to help transform people’s lives toward these solutions and the advancement of their health, I am liberated from my suffering as it honors the memory of my fallen parents and family, as it honors the memory of your fallen parents and family toward the advancement of humanity.

Someone recently said to me, “Don’t reinvent the wheel.”  The problem with that statement is that if Henry Ford asked the people of his time what they wanted, the people would have said faster horsepower when Mr. Ford was thinking about the automobile. The last I know, Henry Ford did not suffer martyrdom for his discoveries; nor do I feel the health-promotion paradigm shift in American culture will suffer martyrdom from corporate powers.
In contrast to the automobile, which at the time caused the advancement of new products and services toward the improvement of humanity, the health-promotion solution I am teaching will have the same effect on the progress of humanity today. At the very least, I may never get any attention for being a part of it, besides you who are listening to this training.
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You see, my goal is to create hundreds of these  little trainings for you, even if only 1 person listens.  I don’t care, if that 1 persons life is saved because of what they learned from me, that’s all that matters. For me, life and health are both journeys that require hard work, a fruit that is grown and earned.
As long as you advance your life and health from these strategies and tools, that is enough for me. I would imagine that Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. It was probably a group of dedicated visionaries whom he hired who did, whom never got the credit or reaped the financial awards that Ford received. At this point, does it even matter, when the conventional wisdom at the time does not stack up and after we have suffered enough loss? It is time for a game changer. It is time for dynamism.

A new vision is needed and from a different type of doctor; one that values and restores Mother Nature on the attainment for health-promotion and true wellness.  and that true wellness and health promotion does not come from studying pathology and disease, but healthology, a term not yet in the dictionary, or the study of health.  we need to study healthy people, not sick people.

So here are some EXPANDING NUTRITION RESEARCH PROBLEMS your doctor probably knows nothing about.

The emerging research is showing us just how bad our rat science is in the field of nutrition really is. For example, as I discussed in Biohack: metabolic switches, i explained that most experts may label a calorie as just a calorie.

Again, The problem lies in the fact that when you eat a calorie, it is not a calorie- this is imperative knowledge, so allow me to elaborate thereupon.
It is time to be liberated once and for all, like the people from Henry Ford’s time when he introduced the first automobile. Like Ford, I am not recommending some improvement to our current thinking about sickness and disease with some weird philosophy or belief. I am using the research from various academics as well as hundreds of books that validate this is a valid science and will become the future of humanity toward health promotion. It will also spark a new brand of science as “wellness scientist” with a different set of scientific rules, and guidelines that will be known globally. Luckily for me, I have the rest of these training sessions with to you to teach you that dominant, game-changing strategy.

In a scientific lab that creates a vacuum, calories from all foods release the same amount of energy when burned- whether the food is a raisin or a piece of meat. But when you eat, foods have to process through a series of biomolecular processes through the human body which will never be identified in a rat. This has profoundly different effects on your hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism than a rat.  Not to mention, the particular genome you are studying matters much. The genome you contain, what species you are is vastly different how food affects hormones, brain chemistry, and metabolism.

If you are human, eat more fat.

Fat calories burn differently than sugar calories do. Fat calories speed up your metabolism. Fats have to be burned and are not easily stored because they do not spike insulin—the fat storage hormone. Fat works on the brain to cut your appetite, so you eat less food overall during the day.
On the other hand, sugar and carb calories do exactly the opposite: they spike insulin, promote fat storage, and lay down the dangerous belly and organ fat. They slow your metabolism and increase hunger and cravings. Mounds of scientific research support this perspective. 1

In other words, it is not how much you eat but what you eat that controls the metabolic switches. Yes, 80 calories of raisins versus 80 calories of meat will release the same amount of energy when burned in a vacuum, but your body is not a vacuum. Think about this rationally.  When applied to human biology, if you eat the same amount of calories in kale or chocolate, do they do the same thing to your body? Of course not. The wrong idea that a calorie is a calorie to reach your optimal weight was what killed my mother.

The more accurate hypothesis is something called the “metabolic hypothesis,” which accounts for the fact that different types of foods affect your body and your DNA in various ways. A specific example comes from the fact that we know fat calories burn differently than sugar calories. In contrast, fat calories speed up our metabolism, whereas calories from sugar trigger insulin, because they are fast-acting carbohydrates which promote fat storage, hunger and food cravings.

So, different types of foods epigenetically turn on various metabolic switches in humans vastly different in other species. again, it is not how much you eat, but what you eat as a member of that species.

Harvard trained Dr. David Ludwig did much of the underlying research to prove this wisdom. He showed that certain foods that contained similar nutrients affect hormones and metabolism in profoundly different ways. This determines how we store or burn calories, build fat or muscle, feel hungry or satisfied. It is the variable that keeps you struggling with weight or maintains a healthy weight effortlessly, to suffering from or avoiding chronic inflammation.

Recall that a fascinating piece of research Ludwig found had to do with how fast-acting carbohydrates light up our reward centers in the brain the same way that addictive substances like cocaine and alcohol do. The practical wisdom so far in our story of the Eat pillar of a Dynamic Health comes from all this research, and it is very simple. Dynamic people need to reduce and eliminate their consumption of fast-acting processed carbohydrates and increase our consumption of good fats.  Eat fat and get thin. so simple isn’t it.  I’m Dr. Matt Hammett inviting you to lighten up, move better and live fuller.  See ya next Dynamism biohack!


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