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Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within

Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within – Preventing Chronic Illnesses in Our Environment and Lifestyle

This is the story of my Awakening. How I went from emotionally dead broke ready to quit chiropractic and become a medical doctor if in my quest for self discovery I found that medicine was the right paradigm. I went from mad as hell to empowerment after my family tragedy.

It wasn’t until tragedy sunk in and woke me up, where I realized as a chiropractor. I do have the potential to save human lives and reverse chronic disease. We are met with a struggle like nothing before. Despite all the attention shed on health, exercise, fitness, diets and the miracles of modern medicine during the last few decades our economy is experiencing a drastic increase in all chronic illnesses. This is my story, Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within and how I found the solution…

Listen, if you’re serious about improving your health, living pain-free or you just don’t want to be sick anymore, here’s how to find out if I can help you. Call us at 219-769-5433, mention this show and we can begin together to find out today!

I discuss:

  • This is about my AWAKENING. The Awakening is the name I refer to when I share my personal story of struggle with these concepts.
  • Why we need to participate in health because health is a fruit that is grown and earned.

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within

The tale of the old man and the butterfly: Once upon a time, a small opening appeared on a cocoon attached to a twig on an oak tree. An old man sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled through that little hole.

The old man watches a butterfly struggle from its cocoon on a tree. He decides to help it and cuts it out with a Swiss Army Knife. Unfortunately, the butterfly’s wings are withered and it cannot fly. The old man didn’t realize that the struggle of escaping the cocoon was important for the butterfly to force fluid into its wings for flight. Life’s obstacles are necessary for growth and strength. Personal development strategies can help overcome them. The tale of the old man and the butterfly teaches us about the importance of struggle for adaptation and evolution.

Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within – Preventing Chronic Illnesses in Our Environment and Lifestyle

Chronic illnesses go beyond geographical demographics. They include cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety disorders, and autoimmune issues. Dr. Matt Hammett states that these illnesses are preventable and not genetic. In this biohack, we will dive deep into how our environment and lifestyle play a crucial role in our genetic expression.

The Awakening: My Personal Story of Struggle

My personal journey as a dedicated practitioner began after experiencing tragedy in my family. In addition, when my father suffered and eventually died of prostate cancer. Next, witnessing my mother struggle financially due to medical bills forced me to realize that most bankruptcies in America are due to chronic illness.  Finally, this realization pushed me to awaken and find ways to reverse chronic disease.

The Connection Between Environment and Genetic Expression

The science of epigenetics reveals that our environment and lifestyle determine whether we will express health or sickness. The choices we make can prevent chronic illnesses. In addition, do not lie in more powerful drugs or robotic surgeries. By understanding this relationship between our environment and our genetic expression, we can take control of our health.

The Impact of Farming on Chronic Illness

In addition, growing up in a farming family, I witnessed how pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs have impacted the health of my family members. Next, most of them have acquired cancer or some other serious chronic disease. Finally, it is important to understand how farming practices impact our environment and ultimately our health.

The Importance of Taking Control of Our Health

Finally, we are at a crossroad in our evolutionary period. Our economy is experiencing a drastic increase in all chronic illnesses. Next, it is up to us to take control of our health and prevent chronic illnesses through our lifestyle choices and environment. Finally, by doing so, we can Awaken The Giant Within and unlock our full potential for a healthy life.

How a Personal Tragedy Led to Mission

Personal tragedy can arise at any moment, and in Dr. Matt Hammett’s case, it came with a double blow. Losing his father to cancer only a few years into his marriage left him with a baby boy to care for and an attempt to navigate his personal pain. But when his mother died suddenly from a heart attack, Dr. Matt faced a moment of revelation that changed his life’s narrative.

A Culture Acceptance of Disease

Dr. Matt discovered that his experience was far from unique when he opened up and spoke to others about cancer and heart disease. He found a culture where people had accepted these diseases as a normal part of life.

A New Focus on Health : Dynamism Biohack: Awaken The Giant Within

Growing up, Dr. Matt’s grandmother attributed the increasing number of terminal illnesses to the overuse of pesticides. Her frequent comment became Dr. Matt’s lifetime focus. When he decided that saving his life’s mission. In addition, he embarked on a new chapter filled with vigor and zeal to help those around him.

A Mother’s Perceptive Insight

Next, one evening before his mother’s death, Dr. Matt had a heart-to-heart conversation with her. Little did he know that her perceptive insight would change his understanding of the path towards healing.

Changing Lives by Sharing His Unique Gift

In addition, Dr. Matt’s mother shared with him that many of his friends and acquaintances spoke about his unique gift. He had a way of reaching deep into their hearts to inspire them and change their lives. Dr. Matt’s journey to writing the book Inspire Chiropractic became his way of turning tragedy into a positive narrative.

Discovering The Preventive Solution-Based Paradigm

Matthew means Gift of God and this is what his mother believed. Everyone has a vision of themselves, and it all starts with a belief in oneself. For Dr. Matthew Hammett, his mission in life is the pursuit of health restoration and promotion. Driven by the tragedies of losing his family members to medical mistakes, he made it his life’s work to find ways to prevent and reverse chronic illnesses. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Breaking Away from the Prevailing Sickness/Disease Paradigm

In addition, after conducting extensive research, Dr. Matt Hammett discovered the shortcomings of the prevailing western medical paradigm based on animal testing. According to research, over 86% of the evidence used in modern medicine comes from rats. He became outraged when he realized that the drugs and tools used by the medical industry were fashioned from animal models. Next, they were calling those studies human. He believes that studying animal-based disease and pathology is the wrong paradigm.

Prevention is the Cure

Dr. Matt’s discovery of health promotion and restoration led him to create the Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health. The new model leads to a radical transformation of belief systems about health, helping patients to participate in health, and attain disease-free lives. His discovery that lifestyle choices due to environmental influences that wash over DNA cause genetic mistakes and spontaneous mutations. In addition, it can be passed down generations, was a turning point for him.

Making Informed Lifestyle Choices

Finally, we have free will and the habit of making poor choices that affect not only us but also our family’s germ line. Dr. Matt believes that if our culture continues to hold to the notion that something is genetic. Next, then the food industry will not be challenged to create better quality controls or improve pharmacology. By becoming informed, we make better choices in what we eat, how we think, move, connect with people and cope with stressors. In addition, making life a lot simpler where health restoration and promotion become reality.

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Dr. Matt Hammett has spent the last decade researching and preparing to help people live fuller, move better, and lighten up. He sees the human genome project, human microbiome project, functional neurology, and nutrigenomics, among other new medical careers, as evidence of a significant shift in health thinking. The belief that something is genetic is being replaced by a belief in making informed choices to lead a healthier life. Dynamic people making conscious choices are not part of a sick culture anymore and are empowered to change their world.

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