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Pregnancy and The Chiropractic Approach.
While mothers have been birthing naturally for millennia, one of the greatest challenges in the West is restoring an innate trust in a woman’s ability to birth in a natural way. Many social and medical pressures can insidiously increase fear and anxiety around the birthing process. But pregnancy isn’t an illness or a disease, so we believe that it shouldn’t be treated like one. To do so only adds emotional stress and strain to bodies and minds that should be peaceful, joyful and well-connected to their world, their friends, their families and their babies.

A natural birth without excessive stress or complications is always preferable to a birth that involves an intervention, because all human interventions inevitably disrupt the body’s expression of inborn intelligence. In a paradigm shift that emphasizes inner trust in the body’s innate birthing potential, many women are learning to again trust their body’s natural instincts. Many couples today are taking a stand against the controlling and fear-inducing methods that have become so common in Western societies, and are instead seeking out professionals who will support their decision to birth naturally.