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New Big Pharma Epidemic by Design Affects 6 Million Preschoolers

1023897_53061049-600x373Are you kidding me! What are the long term side effects-Oh yeah, we don’t know (that was sarcasm)! Does this really make sense to you! Despite the illegal marketing charges against Big Pharma and Psychiatry-which the settlements set records for the largest criminal fines ever imposed-two years ago. (BY THE WAY, I BET YOU DIDN’T EVEN HEAR ABOUT IT!) Anti psychotic drugs are now the TOPselling class of pharmaceuticals in America, generating an annual revenue of $14.6 Billion. Their new claim: America’s 6 million preschoolers are clinically depressed and are in need of anti-psychotic drugs.
PRESCHOOLERS! Parents, have you been to our workshops yet? This may not be genetic, need me to prove it? Listen to my CD. Still have questions? Come to the workshop, the life of your preschooler may depend on the information I have compiled. Last November, scientists apologized on the failure of the human genome project. Surprised? It’s a theory, not a dogma. Attendee’s who have participated in my workshops have since changed their lives radically for the better… Some want to become chiropractors, nutritionists, organic farmers, personal trainers, or informed parents keeping their children healthy in this toxic world. Some have moved and bought farmland to make organic food.
Listen, you need to understand the difference between the battles, and the wars.
I’ve devoted my life to this understanding. So please, attend one of our workshops-if you have already attended one-do it again. This cultural hypnosis that is medicating the human species has to stop. Please join me, and let’s put an end to chronic illness LIKE DIABETES, HEART DISEASE AND CANCER!
LISTEN, IT’S FREE. My colleagues think I’m nuts for doing this. “You’ll burn out”… “They won’t listen”… Let me tell you, if I can help you avoid watching your young father suffer with cancer to his death, or walk into a hotel room to find your young mother dead half on the bed, half on the floor trying to call for help-death from a sudden non symptomatic heart attack. (Which by the way, that is the general way we are discovering heart disease in this country. Sudden Death is the most common symptom-like my mom.) Maybe you would understand why I am so passionate about helping you regain your health, vitality and life. The answer does not lie in drugs, it lies with prevention. Let me help you help yourself LIVE the way God intended like he promised in Genesis 6:3 where He states “man will live to be 120”. Did you know that?
The THREE Greatest commitments you can make during the next two weeks.
1. Have your children checked for vertebral subluxation by a chiropractor. Our clinic currently treats over 400 children on average, one of the only chiropractic clinics in the region to do this.
2. Take me up on my challenge, get my CD “The 5 pillars of Chronic Illness” and start implementing the strategies to ensure that your DEVELOPING pre-schoolers and teens are un-harmed by this New BigPharma Epidemic by Design.
3. Immerse yourself in the culture of prevention and lifestyle modification by attending my FREE workshop.
• ON AN END NOTE: We will be donating all new patient appointments to Toys for Tots ENDS DECEMBER 13TH. Call the office for details…
2. “Side effects may include lawsuits”. New York Times.

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