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The Real Batman with Dr. Matt Hammett

After his visit while filming The Batman (2022), posing for a photo with Merrillville Chiropractor Dr. Matt Hammett is 14 year veteran Professional Hollywood Stunt Performer Jeff Shannon…. Read More


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The Garage Squad is on a mission - to rescue killer cars and trucks and bring them back from the great beyond. But there's more than meets the eye…. Under the hood inside EPISODE TBA of the Garage Squad rescue's {secret back-story}, is the BEST HANDS in Chiropractic! ....
      The Backbone in Healthcare Expert Dr. Matt Hammett comes to the Chiropractic Rescue.
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It’s a necessity. It’s not even an option to have a chiropractor for the family!” 
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • Jotam Torrespowered by Google

    Super informative from the start. Explained everything that was going on with my spine in terms that I could understand. I feel a major improvement from when I started. The ladies up front are awesome, soooo kind and gracious. Thank you everyone!

  • Veronica Shankspowered by Google

    After complaining to my friend, Tami, she recommended New Life Family Chiropractic Center. I was skeptical after seeing an acupuncturist which relieved my pain for 48 hours.

    I could barely get out of my car, when meeting with Dr. Matt. My condition was so severe, Dr. Matt was willing to see me on Saturday (which the office is closed).

    I didn’t realize at the time how much Dr. Matt was willing to get me pain free at that time. Thank you, Dr. Matt!

    I have been able to walk, sit, work, sleep and even return to the gym pain free. I continue to see Dr. Matt when an adjustment is necessary.

    Shortly after receiving treatment, I brought my daughter for a consultation before she began to see the benefits of Dr. Matt care.

    The great thing was that our insurance covered our treatments!

    Thanks to Dr. Matt and his wonderful staff who have gone above and beyond to teach us a healthy lifestyle and make us feel as family!

  • Maria A.powered by Google

    I have always suffered from lower back chronic pain to the point the doctors just wanted to just give narcotics to help with the pain. I never really took them and just went through life in pain with every day feeling worse. I’m only 38 and felt like I would be in a wheel chair in ten years. I felt tired and frustrated looking for decent medical treatment that didn’t involve surgeries or pain meds. I was tough so I kinda gave up on myself. I was recommended by a friend that told me that New life had changed their life. So I decided to give it a try. There treatments don’t involve costly surgeries or pain meds that just numb the pain for a bit. I was afraid no one would help me. But a few months after treatments, I was feeling like I could actually function like a normal adult. I didn’t even realize the pain I was going through before was actually making me feel so depressed. I can now actually do things I couldn’t do before going to Dr Mat. I’m so happy I can live like a 38 year old. Thanks Dr Mat and your lovely staff for helping me!!

  • Suzi M.powered by Google

    This place – Dr. Trish & Dr. Matt have changed my entire way of thinking and believing about the medical industry. Our bodies naturally heal itself- through nutrition and adjustments. My children and I have been patients since 2008. I was first sceptical when my sister brought me here. I thank the Lord God for these amazing people!!! They care for our children before they are born and will into adulthood. If I’m in pain ANYWHERE in my body..I’m educated and completely on my way to a pain free life. Their knowledge is extensive and comes straight from love of life. A natural life. As was intended. Thank you both!!!

  • Matthew McCaguepowered by Google

    At this point I’ve only had 2 adjustments with Dr. Matt, and that evening after I fell asleep, I ended up waking up and it was “light outside”!  Now, that might sound odd on my mentioning that. It’s been years since I had a single night I slept all the way through without waking up 5-6 times! I was so pleasantly shocked that I can not wait for my next few sessions with Dr. Matt to focus on my health.

  • Ambica M.powered by Google

    I started seeing Dr. Trish four years ago for severe nursing issues and truly could not have gotten through it (or the one after!) without her. Within a few adjustments, I was nursing pain free. She regularly ‘fixes’ my entire family now and has been a valuable resource for a multitude of other things, including helping to practically eliminate my fibromyalgia symptoms and mom advice. I could not be more grateful for her being so flexible and for all she has done for us!

  • Anthony J.powered by Google

    Dr. Matt is awesome, he’s helped me out a lot!

  • Jeanette StolarsFacebook

    I can walk without a cane and I’m headache-free!

  • Vonnie BeardenFeatured!

    38 years old with Cerebral Palsy; “No longer trips over the air! Grows 2 inches with chiropractic!”

  • Grumpy Okaypowered by Google

    I have been rejuvenated, from not being able to function, to doing every day tasks. I still have pain, but its a lot less. Just wish he could do house calls…lol.

  • Pastor Cato BrooksFacebook

    Pastor Cato Brooks, Jr. of Tree Of Life Missionary recommends members of his congregation to visit New Life Family Chiropractic Center, “The Treatment Will Be Nothing Short, But Miraculous.”

  • Shannon S.powered by Google

    Dr Trish has done so much for our family! My son had severe eczema as an infant and after not getting much help from our Ped, I took him to Dr. Trish. He was so miserable and ultimately was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Dr. Trish helped diagnose the cause of the eczema and within weeks of removing the offending foods from my diet (I was nursing him), his skin cleared up. He hasn’t had any issues since. A few years later my daughter was diagnosed with middle ear fluid that was causing minor temporary hearing loss. After taking her to Dr. Trish for two weeks, her repeat hearing test with the audiologist showed no issues. So awesome! I finally decided to be a patient myself. 🙂

  • Traci Gleimpowered by Google

    There simply are not enough words to express how grateful I am for Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish!!! With every visit, I am feeling better and better & able to move without dealing with horrible back pain!!!! So very thankful to be able to lead a more active life again!!! Their office staff are amazing as well, always helpful and so nice!!!

  • Kristi MokeGoTellIt!

    Birth instructor tells her personal story and her clients…           

  • Coach Bob Crowder- Football Hall of FamerFacebook

    Semi-Pro Football Owner/Coach of the Lake County Steelers shares his chiropractic experience…

  • Denise De YoungGoTellIt!

    Dr Matt is excellent in treating my issues after a car accident. He has a great sense of humor!

  • Luan Jacksonpowered by Google

    Dr Trish is amazing!!! She is the first chiropractor I have been to who truly helps me. She doesn’t “just adjust”, she heals. Other chiropractors do the same adjustment each time, Dr Trish adjusts her treatment to meet the needs of my body. I always leave the office having been helped. She is so good that I drive for 4 hours to have an appointment and I have referred people to her who live hours away. We all feel she has an intuitive gift. Thank you, Dr Trish, for the gift of health

  • Kimberly K.powered by Google

    Thank you so much Dr. Matt for helping my family feel better. You have made a huge difference in our lives.

  • Heather Scheetzpowered by Google

    I have white coat syndrome and have Never had a good experience with Drs. I felt I wasn’t being heard. From the moment I stepped foot in the door at New Life Chiropractic I knew I had found the right place!! My goal was no pain and no drugs and I have reached my goal!! There were things I had no idea that I could get over and all I had to do was ask and it was fixed. Not masked with drugs.

  • Sarah H.powered by Google

    Awesome experience, I highly recommend this place. I feel so much better with only a few treatments. Thank you so much!

  • DawnFacebook

    Dawn is the owner and teacher at Montessori Academy in Merrillville and Valparaiso. In 18 years, this is the first time she didn’t get sick from all that preschool germ exposure!

  • Hollywood Stunt Pro:Jeff Shannonpowered by Google

    The service is amazing!! From when you walk in the door to the actual treatment itself, everyone is phenomenal. Treated with care and respect. Would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys!!!

  • Leslie Z.powered by Google

    Dr. Matt has helped me so much. If you are on the fence about whether you should give chiropractic care a try, you definitely need to go in.

  • Maricela RomeroGo Tell It!

    What a relief!!!
    Dr. Matt has provided me with such relief. I’ll be honest. I have multiple issue that caused me to be tense and be in pain. Before his treatment, I thought that I had to deal with it forever. He proved me wrong. Thank you Dr. Matt! You are amazing!

  • Brianna SegovianoPowered by Google

    Relieves my lower sciatic pain! Affordable!

    Very attentive, kind. Gave me and my whole family, each, very detailed evaluations. Relieves my lower sciatic pain. Asks questions to make sure I’m ok. Does great with my toddler nephew’s adjustments, as well. Staff is very friendly! Very affordable!

  • Luis R.powered by Google

    Dr Matt is the best of the best!! 5 stars all the way around! Thanks Doc!

  • Raine B.powered by Google

    Getting my life back…no understatement.
    Living with chronic back pain for over 15 years, then I couldn’t live with it anymore. I had bad experiences in the past with different Chiropractors, so it has taken this long to find a solution to my pain.
    Found Dr. Matt Hammett and decided to trust him to do treatments.
    So far (after a few weeks) it has already made a big difference for me.
    Different approach to care and caring staff add up to a “New Life”.
    Update: It has been 6 months since I found Dr. Hammett at New Life Chiropractic. I am now sleeping at night and having many flexible moments that I had not had for too long to mention!
    I am so grateful for his help.
    Recommend them highly.

  • Veronica O.powered by Google

    Dr.Matt is AMAZING! I have been to a couple chiropractors and non can compare. I had learned to live with pain before I came to see him but that is a distant memory. I am soo glad my mother in law referred me to him!!

  • Suba Familypowered by GoTellIt!

    I still recommend them whole heartedly, as it gets better with time!
    It’s been over 2 years that our family has been seen by Dr. Matt! The office ladies are all still the same and wonderful as ever! We have crazy schedules and they always accommodate us and with a smile! Dr. Matt has helped us recover from injuries, many illnesses, surgery, birth issues, being old issues, and gives us overall “just feel better” vibes! (There are 5 of us that visit Dr. Matt, 2 adults and 3 children) I was nervous when we moved to NWI and needed to find a new Chiropractor but Dr. Matt has gone above and beyond for us, even talking to our past doctor to help us feel comfortable and adjust us the same! I’m editing this review to say I still recommend them whole heartedly, as it gets better with time!

  • Chris Frechettepowered by Google

    When it comes to chiropractors, you really want to be picky with who you entrust your health. I’ve worked as a massage therapist with multiple chiropractors and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve seen people hurt by doctors and I’ve seen people pushed too hard by aggressive marketing and sales. You won’t get any of that with Dr. Matt. He’s been my chiropractor of choice since 2012 (and I passed up free chiropractic care from former bosses and coworkers because I only trust Dr. Matt). He’s not only the best at providing THE RIGHT spinal adjustments with careful precision, but he’s also an expert in nutrition and can help you to make the right lifestyle adjustments to heal your ailments naturally. Dr. Matt is an elite chiropractor and Northwest Indiana is lucky to have him!

  • Marie P.powered by Google

    Great experience, very friendly atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Jennifer R.powered by Google

    Dr. Matt has helped me with my neck/shoulder/back pain immensely. He also took the time to help me figure out some helpful dietary tips which have made all of the difference in the world with my symptoms! The staff is all kind and friendly!

  • Ricky T.powered by Google

    I cannot thank Dr. Matt enough.

    When I first saw him I went because I was experiencing tingling and numbness in my extremities. I went the traditional route to the point of seeing multiple neurologists and getting EMGs done. They were zero help. 5-6 visits with him I’m completely symptom free and will be a long term patient.

    Unexpectedly I visited his website and saw he has a podcast. I gave it a shot and am completely hooked and binged 15 episodes in a few day span.

    I am a major podcast fan and over the years when listening to health podcasts and experts I always would say “I wish these experts were close to home.” Now unequivocally can I say we have one in Dr. Matt! Keep up the work and if you are his patient his podcast Dynamism biohack is a no brainer for you (and for those who aren’t his patient as well).

  • Fitness By Philpowered by Google

    Best chiropractic in NW Indiana! Professional work with care and concern for the individual! It is a place where YOU matter!

  • Taylor SmithTaylor Smith

    We totally love our Chiropractor home he’s friendly and welcoming! My husband, children and I all see him and he’s awesome !

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  • Wendy WayneWendy Wayne

    Dr Matt is awesome! I had been suffering from migraines for 10+ years. Was prescribed med after med. I got to the point that I was having them almost everyday! I finally came to Dr Matt and they were GONE after 4 sessions! What a miracle! I also had lower back pain and hip pain to the point that i was living off ibuprofen. NOT ANYMORE. This was the best medical decision i have made in my life. Truly great Christian people!! Staff is so friendly and caring as well! If you are on the fence…just take that leap. Dr Matt and Dr Trish truly care for their patients’ well being, you will be so happy you came here!!

    Read More
  • Madeleine StrombergMadeleine Stromberg

    Staff is so friendly and flexible. Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable and gifted. Treatment is helping me avoid surgery.

    Read More
  • Amber Rose WilcoxAmber Rose Wilcox

    My daughter has had reflux since she was an infant and was on meds for it until she turned 1, at that we took time we took her off because we thought she was through it. Come to find out it wasn’t and we struggled with her eating for an entire year, and she started throwing up in her sleep. Her pediatrician wanted to put her back on meds but I hated the thought of her being on them again and never liked it in the first place. I had saw a few of my friends taking their kids to a chiropractor for reflux and they said it helped tremendously. So last March we started taking her and she is a completely different child! We are so happy with her chiropractor care!

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  • Ruth Grove-MaynardRuth Grove-Maynard

    Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

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  • Marianne TrembackiMarianne Trembacki

    I have not been there in a while, but when I did go, Dr. Matt was fabulous! Staff was great, accommodating to my schedule, helpful with the insurance/financial aspect, professional and efficient. Dr. Matt is sooooo intelligent and very capable of explaining what he knows in an easy to understand manner. I never met her, but I have heard Dr. Trish is equally talented! TEN STAR RECOMMENDATION!

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