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Dr. Matt Hammett won the Distinguished Doctor award and has been selected as a Leading Physician of the World and Merrillville, Indiana Top Chiropractor.

Meet Rachel Folden

A talented hitting coach who is performing at a peak level with chiropractic care consistently and the first woman coach in MLB history!



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These doctors are Best Selling Authors featured in many chiro publications and have won numerous

Bet You Didn’t Know…

Chiropractic fine tunes your nerves which control everything!

This can give you:

A Stronger Immune SystemMore Flexibility
Better BreathingLess Ear Infections
Better Athletic PerformanceEasier Pregnancy
More EnergyShorter Labor
Better SleepIncreased Fertility
Stress ReliefBetter Romantic Performance
Better GradesLess Sick Days
Better MoodsLess Hospitalizations
Live Pain FreeBetter Overall Wellness
Avoid Drug Side EffectsA Natural Approach

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Honored World Top Chiropractor

Congratulations to our very own, Dr. Matt Hammett who has been selected as one of The World’s Top Chiropractors. He will be honored in the renowned publication, The Leading Physicians of the World, which selects and documents the biographies of medicines brightest minds.


Chiropractic & Pursuing The Olympic Dream

Grace is one of the most fascinating stories happening right here in North West Indiana (NWI)… “This story is one close to my heart. This incredible family has placed trust in my hands and expertise…” – Dr. Matt Hammett


The Pillars of Health

The New Life Pillars of Health

Founder of The 5 Pillars lifestyle Program which work together to…

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“Seriously, this is the place where magic happens. After numerous physical therapy and no relief, I went to see if Dr. Matt could help me. After a couple sessions I’m pain free. Makes me wonder, because the doctor I saw was recommending a surgery. Thanks for the wonderful road to recovery Dr. Matt.” — Ausra C.

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