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Garage Squad

Season 8
The Garage Squad is on a mission - to rescue killer cars and trucks and bring them back from the great beyond.
     But there's more than meets the eye…. Under the hood inside episode 7 of the Garage Squad rescue is the BEST HANDS in Chiropractic!
      The Backbone in Healthcare Expert Dr. Matt Hammett comes to the Chiropractic Rescue.

It’s a necessity. It’s not even an option to have a chiropractor for the family!” 
– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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  • So Happy & Ecstatic!GoTellIt!

    Sinus pressure, Low Back and Shoulder pain gone…           


  • Fitness By Philpowered by Google

    Best chiropractic in NW Indiana! Professional work with care and concern for the individual! It is a place where YOU matter!

  • Lori VickeryPowered by Google

    New Life is like family! Dr. Matt and the office ladies are so friendly. Dr. Matt is very skilled in his field and has changed my life! I would recommend anyone to visit him, they will not regret it!

  • Stacey HaskinsFacebook

    “I don’t have time for pain!”

  • Lisa JonesFacebook

    After suffering from migraine headaches for over 20 years. She has visited multi- doctors and chiropractors never attaining relief. After 20 years of searching for the right chiropractor, she discovered Dr. Matt & Trish Hammett.

  • Mark Eliaspowered by Google

    Just started seeing Dr. Matt. He has been very thorough in explaining all the treatments.

  • Tonya H.powered by Google

    I am sleeping better. I have more energy. I love this place. I have only been here two weeks but it has helped so much. Working on being pain free. Haven’t felt this good in a while.

  • Maricela RomeroGo Tell It!

    What a relief!!!
    Dr. Matt has provided me with such relief. I’ll be honest. I have multiple issue that caused me to be tense and be in pain. Before his treatment, I thought that I had to deal with it forever. He proved me wrong. Thank you Dr. Matt! You are amazing!

  • Megan K.Facebook

    After my son’s tongue tie surgery couldn’t gain weight. He was in .05% tile and failing when started care and now in the 9oth% tile!

  • Jessica TaylorGoTellIt!

    Pain free pregnancy IS possible!! Real family care! Not only do Dr Matt and Dr Trish take excellent care of me and my family, they are also educators! I always learn something new about health! I can’t say enough about how their chiropractic care has helped my back pain, especially during pregnancy!

  • Lucy D.powered by Google

    Coming on a regular basis has really relieved my neck and shoulder tension and helped my headaches.

  • Nurse MaryFacebook

    Nurse expresses her chiropractic story.

  • Shannon S.powered by Google

    Dr Trish has done so much for our family! My son had severe eczema as an infant and after not getting much help from our Ped, I took him to Dr. Trish. He was so miserable and ultimately was diagnosed with failure to thrive. Dr. Trish helped diagnose the cause of the eczema and within weeks of removing the offending foods from my diet (I was nursing him), his skin cleared up. He hasn’t had any issues since. A few years later my daughter was diagnosed with middle ear fluid that was causing minor temporary hearing loss. After taking her to Dr. Trish for two weeks, her repeat hearing test with the audiologist showed no issues. So awesome! I finally decided to be a patient myself. 🙂

  • Samuel ZukoskiPowered by Google

    He has helped relieve alot of the back pain from my job.

  • Greg Staubpowered by Google

    Greg Staub says—
    Dr. Matt brings everything to his practice one should expect from a Palmer graduate. Everybody could benefit from regularly visiting his office and receiving care. His office staff is awesome!

  • Shawnya Toddpowered by Google

    Great work helped me out alot with my back problems!

  • Coach Bob Crowder- Football Hall of FamerFacebook

    Semi-Pro Football Owner/Coach of the Lake County Steelers shares his chiropractic experience…

  • Melissa T.powered by Google

    Absolutely Love this chiropractor center. Both Dr.s Trish and Matt are amazing. Dr. Trish works on my daughter, has been her chiropractor since she was 3 weeks old. Just amazing. Dr. Matt helped correct my sacrum after giving birth and also has made vast improvements in my cervical vertebrae in 3 short months. Was going 3x/week, and am now only going 1x/week. The results speak for themselves. Thank you so much to these two! Highly recommend both of these Doctors!!

  • Mile MavrovicGoTellIt!

    Believe! Great doctor, professional, very engaging, outstanding help at the front desk. My care and the treatments have been explained to me during the very first visit. Highly recommended.

  • Josh EvanoffFacebook

    Josh has suffered over 10 years from inoperable central canal stenosis. After many visits with different orthopedic surgeons, therapists, and chiropractors, he was told he would have to live in pain and walk with a cane for the rest of his life…

  • Traci Gleimpowered by Google

    There simply are not enough words to express how grateful I am for Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish!!! With every visit, I am feeling better and better & able to move without dealing with horrible back pain!!!! So very thankful to be able to lead a more active life again!!! Their office staff are amazing as well, always helpful and so nice!!!

  • Debby Reynoldspowered by Google

    Thank you Dr. Matt and your staff for all you do to help my family and I remain healthy. Anyone who suffers from back and neck pain knows that realignment through treatment provides for better sleep and the joy of pain free movement. My prayers and good thoughts that you and your loved ones remain safe.

  • Chuck S.powered by Google

    Back is feeling much better since I started seeing Dr Matt I am grateful that my wife suggest I go. Thank you both.

  • Marie P.powered by Google

    Great experience, very friendly atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Ambica M.powered by Google

    I started seeing Dr. Trish four years ago for severe nursing issues and truly could not have gotten through it (or the one after!) without her. Within a few adjustments, I was nursing pain free. She regularly ‘fixes’ my entire family now and has been a valuable resource for a multitude of other things, including helping to practically eliminate my fibromyalgia symptoms and mom advice. I could not be more grateful for her being so flexible and for all she has done for us!

  • Ruth MaynardFacebook

    Thankful for this practice!
    Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

  • Anthony J.powered by Google

    Dr. Matt is awesome, he’s helped me out a lot!

  • Stan Casellapowered by Google

    I have had great chiropractic experiences at New Life. The care has kept my life moving in a continuously pain free and more relaxed manner. When those extra incidences occur, Dr. Matt has been able to help me get relief.

  • Chris Frechettepowered by Google

    When it comes to chiropractors, you really want to be picky with who you entrust your health. I’ve worked as a massage therapist with multiple chiropractors and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve seen people hurt by doctors and I’ve seen people pushed too hard by aggressive marketing and sales. You won’t get any of that with Dr. Matt. He’s been my chiropractor of choice since 2012 (and I passed up free chiropractic care from former bosses and coworkers because I only trust Dr. Matt). He’s not only the best at providing THE RIGHT spinal adjustments with careful precision, but he’s also an expert in nutrition and can help you to make the right lifestyle adjustments to heal your ailments naturally. Dr. Matt is an elite chiropractor and Northwest Indiana is lucky to have him!

  • Betsy TalbotGoTellIt!

    Professional care every time!

    I’ve had nothing but a positive and professional service from New Life Chiropractic. Dr. Matt is always effective and informative. He’s helped me so much and I happily trust him to adjust my newborn. I’m so glad we found New Life!

  • McKae M.powered by Google

    New Life is amazing. I have always been greeted with kindness and treated with respect by everyone in the office. Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish are both incredible at what they do and are easy to work with. I have brought my baby here since she was 2 months old and I go myself too and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I highly, highly recommend New Life to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

  • Jane LucakFacebook

    Couldn’t walk before treatment; sciatica gone!

  • Jeanette StolarsFacebook

    I can walk without a cane and I’m headache-free!

  • Candice Hughespowered by Google

    I been seeing Dr. Matt for quite a long time now. His excellence has improved even greater throughout his career. In 2015 I came in all bent over in pain. I was astonished on how quick he got me back in shape. Also, that same year I found out I had an inflamed gall bladder. A surgeon tried to tell me I needed surgery. I discussed this with Dr. Matt and he said try changing your diet. Well I have changed my diet and did a recent ct scan and it showed my gall bladder is in unremarkable great shape. I can’t say enough about how my health has changed for the better not just my spinal health but my overall health in general. When other doctors may make my health look grim Dr. Matt makes me better. Thank you Dr. Matt for everything you have done and saving me from unnecessary surgeries and pain shots. You have made me feel confident about my overall, mind, body, and spirit.

  • Roland DanielRoland Daniel

    Excellent, friendly, knowledgeable trader . Fast, convenient, affordable service. I highly recommend Mrs Kathrine she made over $12,000 with just the minimum investment of $1000 on my trading account . Contact her on
    WhatsApp: +19294507706

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  • Marci Morgan BeardenMarci Morgan Bearden

    Highly recommend Dr. Matt! I’ve been going for years to correct scoliosis/back pain with much improvement! He ‘straightens me out’ and gives a laugh in the process. 😉 Welcoming and helpful staff too. My kids and I enjoy coming back every time.

    Read More
  • Jessica Cortese BellamyJessica Cortese Bellamy

    I highly recommend New Life Family Chiropractic. Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish are both so knowledgeable & take the time to hear what you need.
    🎉The staff is AMAZING & so friendly! 🎉
    I went in with severe neck pain & both hands numb & I was scared!
    After an easy consultation, they created a plan & I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! I am very thankful they have an alternative to surgery for neck pain and NO MEDICATION!

    Read More
  • T-Top TyT-Top Ty

    Great environment , funny guy , clean bathroom and perfect for the entire family!

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  • Michaela Houghton LülsdorfMichaela Houghton Lülsdorf

    We love coming to New Life Chiropractic! The office atmosphere is always welcoming. The office staff is so friendly! Dr. Matt is so knowledgeable. We love his holistic approach.

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  • Noel FabriceNoel Fabrice

    Incredible! I was referred to Dr. Hammett by my sister-in-law and by now my whole family goes to get adjusted.
    I came in with incredible chronic back pain which was diagnosed as scoliosis.
    Due to my age and Dr. Hammett’s treatments I am 2 adjustments away from being fully healed! If you’re looking for a great chiropractor with a holistic natural approach to health, Matt is your guy!

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