Welcome to New Life Family Chiropractic-

A personalized approach toward healthcare!

As your Merrillville Chiropractor, there’s nothing we want more than to be able to contribute to your health and well-being. Are you living in pain? Even if you’re uncertain about whether chiropractic can help with your condition, you have nothing to lose by paying us a visit.

Your first chiropractic visit:

When you first arrive, you will be welcomed by our wonderful office staff who will guide you through the process of becoming a new patient. We’ll need you to fill out a simple form detailing your health history and reason for your visit. We recommend filling these forms out prior to your visit to ensure no information is left out & you see the doctor as quickly as possible.

You can download the forms below…

Health Form  |  English

Health Form  |  Español

Doctor Examination:

A detailed evaluation will be performed to find out the extent of the problem. We use state of the art technology to find out how your Nervous System is functioning and to find out the overall condition of your spine. From the information gathered the Dr. will be able to tell you if he can help you, how long it will take and how much it’s going to cost. This is called “The Report of Findings.”

Our Services

Chiropractic Exercises

As a patient we teach you our unique “Pillars Blueprint” exercises designed just for you to help strengthen and correct your unique problem. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of your own home and can improve the effectiveness of your spinal correction. We will teach you specific exercises and stretches to help your body stay in balance and in health.  These exercises are available 24/7 online here.

Nutritional Counseling With Chiropractic Care

New Life Family Chiropractic Center can provide custom nutritional programs based on an in depth understanding of your individual needs. Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett can advise you on specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to enhance your return to optimal health and help you achieve your health goals.