What is the right diet?


This summer 2014 at the IFM’s 2014 Annual International Conference, three leading nutritional experts presented their cases for their idea of “What’s the Right Diet?”


The experts for: The Mediterean Diet, Founder of the Paleo Diet, Founder of the Nutriarian Diet (A Vegetarian diet)


The panel was able to establish some clear consensus. They agreed that in fact up to 70% of the standard American diet (SAD) currently consists of processed and refined carbohydrates and fats, foods the entire panel agreed should be taken out of the diet completely!


This is what they agreed: Take out trans fats completely, refined sugars (stick with low glycemic foods (fruit okay, not fruit juice, careful with dried fruit), no refined flour, avoid potatoes, eat whole foods, organic, unrefined and unprocessed, an average of 30% of your calories should come from fruits and vegetables.


My opinion, research clearly shows that a whopping 55% of calories can come from animal protein, as long as grains are removed from the diet and a high fruit and vegetable intake is maintained. Also, gluten sensitivity is only the tip of the iceberg, humans don’t need to eat grains as they contain no nutrients that can’t be replaced with other foods. Also, they are not genetically congruent for humans.


For example, Krill oil which has recently been publicized as a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Krill oil has shown to provide increasing omega 3 fatty acids in humans. However, it is the wrong form and is not genetically congruent for humans because humans lack the necessary enzyme that the whale possesses to convert krill omega 3 into a useable form for humans. In fact, When consumed by people the krill’s exoskeleton must first be removed as it contains fluorides that are toxic chemicals and poisonous to humans. Also, the harvesting of krill for humans take away from the marine animals who need krill because krill plays such an integral part of the diet of many marine animals without krill a number of marine mammals and fish could possibly become extinct.


Cod liver oil is still my favorite pick, it is loaded in the scientific literature as the gold standard for years. Listen to grandma, she knows!


For my information about genetic congruent living please read my ebook; The Pillars Blueprint.