Animated Earth animation

Views uploaded on Feb. 18th, 2015 by Dr. Matt Hammett

While the media continue to force political changes despite science.  The old school of thought continues to scare us into taking unnecessary antibiotics and try to force us into using antibacterial soaps. This epic video will forever change the way you view bugs, as science has discovered that we have around 750 trillion bacterial microbes living in symbiosis with us. They are an essential part of human life! Humans are animated earth, we are not exempt from the natural laws. This video includes an animation of the human microbiome by the Biology and the Built Environment (BioBE) Center using very sophisticated equipment. Coolness…. YOU WILL RETHINK THAT ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP!

“A true scientific appreciation of microbial origins, coevolution, and the peremptory order to work with the natural world to overcome the assaults of post-industrial living will hold us to a new health care. A scientist who steps away from the pack of encrusted illusions obscuring our true path to health freedom will be victors in the new era!”

– Dr. Matt Hammett