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Tune up with Turmeric- Part IV

Part IV

The active constituent in turmeric is curcumin that is proved to have a wide range of therapeutic effects, explicitly acknowledged by various systems of medicine, both conventional and unconventional. For example, it has been proved very effective in the case of liver damage. That is due to its “protective effect on liver tissue exposed to liver damaging drugs”. This way liver damage occasioned by excessive alcohol consumption or continued use of painkillers such as paracetamol may be minimized. Curcumin is proved to have very positive effect on bile production and to help to purge the gallbladder. As a result of several epidemiological, clinical, and animal studies “several molecular mechanisms are emerging that elucidate multiple biological effects of curcumin”. The dried root of turmeric normally contains about 3-5 per cent of curcumin.

Studies have revealed that turmeric can protect the body from several toxic substances. A substance called lipopolysacharide, identified recently in turmeric, has been shown to

possess the ability to heighten the activity and effectiveness of the immune system.

Turmeric can kill some of the infections completely and so people often fail to recognize its usefulness since the infection vanishes almost suddenly. It can also help reduce cholesterol level in blood thereby reducing the possibility of a blood clot and a cardiac arrest as well in future. Studies conducted in China have shown that “consumption of turmeric as a food seasoning lowered participants’ cholesterol levels” and so The World Health Organization recommends its use.

One peculiar advantage of turmeric is that it is specifically recommended for several health issues for women. It is sad that it is ideal for “total balance for women”. It is so because turmeric supports women’s specific health issues such as “PMS, breast health, heart health, mood and hot flashes, etc.”

Turmeric root is now on the Commission E (Germany’s regulatory agency for herbs) list of approved herbs.

It is easily available in powdered form as a spice in grocery stores. It is also available as a tincture, as capsules, or as tablets. Ointments or pastes made of turmeric can be easily prepared and administered for external applications.Persons with gallstones are also advised to keep away from turmeric. Indian systems of medicine advise people to avoid too much turmeric during “pregnancy, obstructive jaundice, hepatitis, and acute bilious colic”.

Turmeric has been used in Indian food items for at least 2500 years. It is in fact turmeric that gives the bright yellow-orange color to Indian curries. The function of turmeric in food items has been studied and it has been proved very effective in helping digestion. One great advantage of turmeric is that it is extremely safe as a food item. Therefore, it has been used in large quantities as a food. In spite of its various medicinal properties, turmeric is popularly known basically as a cooking spice. It is common in all curry powders and is often used as a substitute for saffron and as a coloring for mustard. The natural golden color of turmeric makes it a wonderful food color and can be used in the place of the carcinogenic artificial colors commonly found in the market. Asian chefs, especially the Indian ones, frequently add turmeric to their preparations because of its rich flavor and deep yellow orange color. The seasoning is an important ingredient in Indian curries. Turmeric is often used to add color to butter, margarine and cheese. It is used in pickles and in food preservatives as well.

The only minor health hazard of turmeric is its potential anti-clotting effect that might cause problems for those suffering from clotting disorders.

Quite a few researches have been carried out about the benefits of turmeric as a food. One aspect of the benefits needs no elaborate analysis—that of the health benefits. Continuous intake of turmeric ensures that the body is protected against a lot of ailments. Even cancer has been shown to spread very slowly in people having a good percentage of turmeric in their bodies. It is a preventive for a lot of diseases we have listed above.

Recent research has shown that the amount of turmeric that goes in through the curries we eat could alleviate cystic fibrosis. Tests in mice have shown that even mild doses of turmeric can remove most of the symptoms of the disease. Michael Caplan of the Ale University has remarked, “It can almost completely correct the measurable defects of the disease”. Turmeric provides some nutritional benefit also. The nutritional value of turmeric is well documented .

We have seen that turmeric is found in most of the curries in India and in some other Asian countries as well. Turmeric powder is found in almost all curries; various rice dishes, masala powders, and some snacks. The people there like the slight bitterness of turmeric. The masala powders containing turmeric powder is used in a large number of vegetable curries, lentil curries, rice preparations, and meat or fish preparations.

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