• Amber Rose WilcoxAmber Rose Wilcox

    My daughter has had reflux since she was an infant and was on meds for it until she turned 1, at that we took time we took her off because we thought she was through it. Come to find out it wasn’t and we struggled with her eating for an entire year, and she started throwing up in her sleep. Her pediatrician wanted to put her back on meds but I hated the thought of her being on them again and never liked it in the first place. I had saw a few of my friends taking their kids to a chiropractor for reflux and they said it helped tremendously. So last March we started taking her and she is a completely different child! We are so happy with her chiropractor care!

  • Ruth Grove-MaynardRuth Grove-Maynard

    Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

  • Marianne TrembackiMarianne Trembacki

    I have not been there in a while, but when I did go, Dr. Matt was fabulous! Staff was great, accommodating to my schedule, helpful with the insurance/financial aspect, professional and efficient. Dr. Matt is sooooo intelligent and very capable of explaining what he knows in an easy to understand manner. I never met her, but I have heard Dr. Trish is equally talented! TEN STAR RECOMMENDATION!

  • Teresa DawTeresa Daw

    I cannot praise Dr. Trish enough! When my baby was born, my midwife took one look at her and said she needed an adjustment and gave me Dr. Trish's name. The next day, when she heard my baby was struggling to eat, she called Dr. Trish for an emergency adjustment. Dr. Trish came in that same day- on her normal day off- to help my baby. She immediately got to work, and my baby's face went from a distorted ball to a sweet baby face. After a few adjustments, my baby went from being unable to use a bottle properly to breastfeeding perfectly! Her foot was also turned up, so her toes were stuck against her shin. In the first visit. Dr. Trish was able to straighten it to normal.
    Beyond helping my baby, Dr. Trish had wonderful "bedside manner". She communicated what she was doing well, and made me feel like a friend.

  • Lora AllenLora Allen

    After 3 ear infections, and episodes of obvious neck pain and distress, I took my 3 month old baby to New Life. They drained her hears and diagnosed her with torticollis. After doctors prescribing antibiotics and having no answers about her neck this was such a relief to be heading in the right direction to help our daughter out. After about 4 adjustments the issues with her neck disappeared, and the ear infections did not come back. I highly recommend New Life.

  • Larry MalloyLarry Malloy

    Dr. Matt always takes the time to get everything back in the right spot! My wife and I have been going regularly for years and will continue as a part of a healthy lifestyle. We really appreciate the ladies in the office, as well. It's always a pleasant experience. Thank you!

  • Jane ReedJane Reed

    I highly recommend getting in for an adjustment after any type of injury. Getting in after a nasty fall made all the difference between having a great weekend or a miserable one! I slipped on a small patch of ice on Wednesday, was sore but okay until I woke up the next morning, I hurt from head to toe and could barely walk. As usual they got me in right away, one adjustment later, woke up this morning feeling much better! Thanks AGAIN!

  • Mary BealsMary Beals

    So, this has nothing to do with their practice, tho the docs are amazing. I used the washroom and was sooo impressed. As a parent, it was an “awww” moment. Clean restroom, baby changing station, they have a garbage can specifically for diapers and even a sign saying to take a diaper. It’s the little things. I’ve never ran out of diapers but I’ve ran out of wipes before and this was a great thing to see. The toilet also has an attachment for little kids to use and a step stool for them to wash their hands. Talk about a family friendly place. ❤️❤️

  • Garland RichardsGarland Richards

    Had a great input interview.
    A honest professional clinic telling the truth.

  • Debby ReynoldsDebby Reynolds

    Feel 10 Years Younger – two adjustments to breathing more fully, walking upright, movement side to side vast improvement…plus spring back in my step! I fell in love with chiropractic care and the modest but truly gifted Dr. Matt Hammett. I have a 50 year lower back injury, osteoporosis in mid-back section and arthritis in my neck. Dr. Matt explained all three different types of injury or conditions to me at length and put a plan into action to relieve or arrest each. SERIOUSLY after the second session I felt so much better, life changing better to take a line from Princess Bride movie, “If you want I could fly”. I had my three grandchildren with me that day and needed to stop after the appointment at the grocery store on our way home. I got out of my car to walk into the store and it struck me that I was breathing more deeply, I had my younger gait back to my steps, and my neck and back were not in pain – I was dumbstruck with relief. Tears of joy ran down my face. My grandchildren asked if I needed help, when I told them why I was crying they jumped around happy for me! Please go see Dr. Matt, this man embodies intelligence, training, and strength of character; he is most kind to share that with his patients. Thank you Dr. Matt; I am your new personal chiropractic cheerleader! Go see Dr. Matt today

  • Carrie AnnCarrie Ann

    Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish are nothing short of amazing! They have helped me so much over the years. My quality of life is better because of the service and care that they have provided me. If you're thinking about making an appt., don't think, just do it! You won't regret it!

  • Gerry PannarallaGerry Pannaralla

    After suffering for weeks with Sciatica a friend gave me the phone number to call for Chiropractic care. After eight visits with Dr. Matt Hammett, I can honestly say that I'm 70% pain free and feel GREAT in comparison to a month ago. Pain pills didn't help, but the chiropractic "massages" most certainly did!!

  • Andrei PopAndrei Pop

    I started coming here based on my wife's advice and was glad I did. Having sat at work for many years, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change and Dr Matt helped me understand what was going on with my back and neck, and what we needed to do to fix it. With some changes of my own and a period of adjustments, my upper back and neck are much better and my lower back has significantly improved. I'm overall healthier, sharper, and happier as a result. I'd highly recommend. New Life.

  • Raquel DaughertyRaquel Daugherty

    Coming here got rid of my chronic migraines and back ache. They were able to find why my husband was having seizures and fix it and when my son was baby to his toddler years he would get ear infections every few months and after one adjustment he never had one again and he’s turning 7 in a few months!! They are amazing!!!

  • Maria Andrea CorreaMaria Andrea Correa

    Bestest chiropractor ever. Always very thorough and on accurate in treatment!

  • Laurie ElzingaLaurie Elzinga

    works really well with my twin babies and little girl!

  • Veronica MaldonadoVeronica Maldonado

    I have had back issues for about 10 years and have seen a couple of chiropractors and none of them were half as good as Dr.Matt. Dr.Matt is a God send!! I was in excruciating pain and in 3 days I went from a 10 to a 0!! He is the best at what he does and is very informative! I love everything about his approach to his profession. If I could describe him in one word it would be AWESOME!!!

  • Katie DahmKatie Dahm

    New Life is always welcoming to my family. Even when I bring my two boys (3 and 1) every one in the office is patient and kind to them and to me.

    The care we've received has always been amazing. Dr. Trish Hammett was a God send when both my boys were born. My oldest son had a very difficult time nursing, and after Dr. Trish saw him he immediately latched on. My second son was breech a week up to his arrival, and going to see Dr. Matt was the best decision I think I made that pregnancy. He turned head down 2 days before he arrived. Again, Dr. Trish came to visit our second baby to help with nursing.

    Since my childrens birth, I've gone to New Life. I really love all the care they give to my family.

  • Kelly AcevesKelly Aceves

    Can’t start by saying That Dr Matt is the best!! I highly recommend him. His staff is very friendly and make me feel like I’m at home. My life of pain has very much disappeared and I can’t thank him enough. !!

  • Karen R CookKaren R Cook

    Friendly staff and I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen. Dr Matt takes very good care of us and is very professional.