Transgenerational effects of Medication: A New Field

Transgenerational effects of Medication: A New Field

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Epigenetic side-effects of common pharmaceuticals: A potential new field in medicine and pharmacology

In a nutshell this is HORRIBLE and no one will talk much about this.

Basically, prescription medications which are designed to heal us, may alter our DNA causing mutations, sickness, and even cancers. If exposed to chronically, they have transgenerational effects- that means you pass down these mutations several generations later! Think of this! We have only been taking ‘modern medicine’ for 100 years, that’s only a few generations that have been exposed.

Until very recent, we have never been able to study drug effects on humans, this is alarming stuff. Another reason to read The Pillars Blueprint and learn how to LIVE WELL!

You have to ask yourself? What about all those preschoolers taking psychotropic drugs or any drug for that matter? What impact will those drugs have on a child’s DNA, and what “transgenerational” effects will we witness! Infertility? Childhood diabetes? Childhood cancers? Autoimmune disease? This is mind blowing!

Now we have to worry about long term consequences of GMO’s in our foods, the pollutions in our air, water, food, antibiotics, perfumes, household pollutants, side effects of drugs, VACCINATIONS, and transgenerational effects on our offspring!

Boy, I’m certainly glad I am a natural Doc! – Dr. Matt Hammett

From the literature:

Epigenetic side-effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs, shown here in this schematic. These effects can be divided into ‘‘direct” and ‘‘indirect” mechanisms. Direct effects are caused by drugs that interfere directly with the normal controls of DNA and/or histone methylation, resulting in aberrant gene expression.

These changes may persist through cell division and for the remainder of the cell’s or organism’s life. Sometimes the changes last for multiple generations of the organism, and are known as ‘‘transgenerational” effects, but again, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence. Rather, environmental factors cause the organism’s genes to behave, or ‘‘express them-selves”, differently.



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