This weeks Monday Morning Moment: Tongue Tie and The Chiropractic Approach.

As a husband and wife Chiropractor with a keen interest in the pediatric population it often surprises patients how much attention we focus on around infant feeding and particularly breastfeeding when consulting for infant children.

Obviously the infant can’t communicate directly with the practitioner so its necessary to hone in on behavior around certain activities to guide and help identify certain vertebral subluxation complexes or even other developmental changes that indicate appropriate progression towards the child’s milestones.

Breastfeeding and the behavior and experiences around breastfeeding give significant information and direction to an infants case. Feeding should be a rewarding experience and some mothers never have a problem while others are left wondering if they are doing it right and notice a preference to certain positions or slightly differing technique when comparing notes with other mothers, wellness nurses and lactation consultants. Some mothers even find breastfeeding painful.

In some cases surgery is the only option. But the underlying causes, the neurodevelopmental problems should still be sought after by a trained pediatric chiropractor to determine if birth trauma, prenatal or postnatal problems have caused the situation.