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The Silent Killer – GMO Evolutionary Caterpillars

Is it a GMO Evolution that is breeding Killer Caterpillars?

According to How Stuff Works Episode Corn– there is a buried lab deep in the earth that is protecting every known species of corn. In the documentary, we learn that GMO’s in corn are not only dangerous to consumption, but pollen. We learn that the monarch butterfly may become endangered because of the GMO corn that is covering over 95% of the United States, and 60% of Earth, according to The World Health Organization last year.

Sounds like Mad Science?

Well, let’s take a closer look. It was not until the early 1990’s, that GMO experimentation really went mainstream in the world. Most of us know about the dangerous effects, and that Europe has banned them. I find it quite interesting how these GMO’s are affecting the monarch butterfly.

Seems like the caterpillar species may need to develop a line of defense.

It is interesting to note, that such venomous caterpillars do exist, like the carnivorous caterpillar, and the assassin caterpillar that scientists say cannot figure out why these species are developing at such rapidity. Hum, makes you think.  In fact, the Earth is home to at least 10 Beautiful But Dangerously Toxic Caterpillars.

I’ve included a couple of videos about these interesting killers. There is also a brand new snail on the coastal in Brazil, called the Cone Snail. It is a new snail that eats fish, and is the most venomous creature on the planet. If you step on it, your lungs and heart become instantly paralyzed and you die a painful death.

Some still think I am only blowing smoke about GMO’s! South America is another huge country to utilize American product GMO. What do you think about it all now?

So long as we continue to promote GMO’s, we are in risk similar to nuclear warfare. Some scientists are calling it the next Thalidomide epidemic because what Thalidomide did to the children in the early 1970’s.

I am willing to coin a new term, the nuclear corn.

Corn, by the way happens to be highly explosive. But remember, it is not just the corn. It is genetically engineering the DNA of our crops and animals. I truly believe, despite the scientific controversy, that GMO’s are

the most dangerous invention of the human species

very capable of causing enormous central nervous system diseases, infertilities and painful death. Mad science at its best. By the way, it takes one loon to decide to take that pollen out of the underground lab and spread it into our ecosystem. Do I really need to go here?

Nobody really knows what set this evolutionary caterpillar on this extraordinary path.  Or so they say…

The Most Important Steps You Can Take To Implement This Post.(GMO= GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS)
  1. Share it with your family and friends by clicking the social share buttons on the page.
  2. Eat organic foods that are labeled: USDA organic (the green stamp) or the NON GMO Project Stamp.
  3. Ask our congress and senators to put an end to Mad Science. By Taking Action!
  • Hope is around the corner, we did it with DDT, PCB’s and 40% of the globe has already done it. The problem, 30% – 40% of congress have financial ties with these products.

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