The New Movie: Bought

The New Movie: Bought


My thoughts about the movie; Bought.

No one is questioning whether or not medical doctors have devoted their lives to helping people. The problem is that they are not in a position to evaluate policy. They are in a position to implement policy. In the 1960’s, medical doctors were given the freedom to make the best decision for their patients. Today, they are forced to give their opinions based on policy. Our political system has taken the doctoring out of medicine. Today’s medical doctors assume that those policies are being put into place based on valid evidence. Therefore, they don’t question policy. In fact, you would put into a very difficult position if you are a medical doctor and you did question policy. We have many examples of people who have, and they have been attacked. The policy comes from government, and the government gets their data from the creators of the drugs or vaccines.


As a society, we are not going to solve this pandemic problem by being an anti-medicine or anti-vaccine, or anti-anything. We are going to solve this by getting the medical community to be pro-evidence, not pro-policy. I do feel they deeply care about their patients. However, as a parent, as a concerned citizen, a confidant, consumers of the health care system must become engaged users of health care who make educated decisions about their health care choices that is based on the individual needs, risks, and concerns; and not one based on policy. They need to be an empowered healthcare consumer who learns to navigate the system. Just because you are questioning something, doesn’t mean you’re opposed to it, it just means you want more evidence to support your healthcare decision.


To solve this problem, we need to mobilize the medical doctors and get them interested in this topic. So they can lawfully take back the power to make educated decisions based on individual needs, risk, and true evidence to support their decisions for the benefit of their patient; not a policy based on cherry picked science designed to benefit the numbers so you can create your fast food emergency rooms.


Empowered patients become engaged online. They tap into a growing network of parents and concerned citizens scrubbing Google for answers. They discuss options amongst friends and other empowered patients online through social media. They make informed decisions about which they are going to visit based on their individual needs. Together they navigate the system; they engage users of health care.


For a free limited time viewing of the movie, go here.


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