Western medicine can artificially lower cholesterol with a toxic drug that over rides the normal physiology that is creating your cholesterol levels according to your environment. Does this address the cause of the issue? Of course not, but it does lower the cholesterol levels. Therefore, the doctor and the patient are happy because they feel that health has increased.

Is that the true case?

Often what will happen, joy for the patient is often short lived as taking away the necessary increased cholesterol in a chronically stressful environment often leads to increased irritability and depression from the increased noradrenaline and cortisol that the body produces in an attempt to return the cholesterol levels to what is physiologically required to adapt to the stressful environment.  Did you know that the cholesterol medication causes muscle wasting, weakness, and pain? We deal with this side effect every day in my office. It get’s much worse.  Currently, there is no evidence that taking these drugs prevents heart disease, which of course is the reason they were prescribed. Despite this, once again we see an attack on our children.

A government panel suggests screening kids in grade school as early as age 9 for high cholesterol.

My final point

You have heard it time and time again, that there is good and bad cholesterol. Understand this, there is no such thing as good or bad cholesterol. The body in response to your environment makes the cholesterol profile. It is not pathological. It is Mother Nature trying to restore your body’s balance.  The solutions are simple. Learn how to change your environment with proper eating, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments.

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  • Here are three questions you need to answer.
  1. Is it logical to assume someone is better or healthier simply because they have lowered blood pressure or cholesterol with a drug?
  2. Are patients given a test to determine if their regulatory systems are working improperly before they get prescribed a drug to over ride their regulatory systems?
  3. Why are trans fats illegal in Europe and other parts of the world?

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