Do you live without The Consequence?


As long as people of influence continue to act as though humans will magically be saved by a medical intervention or are not governed under the same natural laws as all other animals on earth; we live with out the consequence.

We are marketed to believe that you have no power or responsibility when it comes to determining your own health.

The false belief that humans stay well based on which gene you inherent, and which drug or surgery you have access to. You have no power and your decisions do not matter.

Then choosing your 5 pillars does not matter to you, because we are culturally hypnotized into a belief system that says they don’t matter in terms of your heath and your quality and quantity of life.

The truth is, there are no consequence free choices, The biggest thing that you can understand is as you go through life, it’s really about what you bioaccumulate. So if you bioaccumulate the effects of positive stimulation of your genes you are going to have an amazing life throughout your whole life. But if you bioaccumulate a toxic and deficient stimuli, or a poor lifestyle, then your body is going to start to break down and it’s really based on stress.

You have two choices in your life you’re either choosing your 5 Pillars in ways that are pushing you toward your potential or your using your 5 Pillars in ways that are pushing you towards illness and away from your true potential.

This is what you need to understand. The earth is not flat; we don’t live in a vacuum. The law of cause and effect is true in everything, and it doesn’t matter whom you inherited your genes from. Listen very carefully; there are no neutral choices in your life. There are no consequence free choices, there are no consequence free meals, there are no consequence free relationships, there are no consequence free thoughts, there are no consequence free patterns of movement, every single thing you do has the consequence. So choose well.