In this training, “How to create a breakthrough without giving up!”

Were going to look at how to create your statement of Dynamism. So you don’t get overwhelmed easily by your emotions, and overreacting to life and amplifying what you perceive as horrible at the moment. Were going to create your own statement of Dynamism so your less reactive and far more proactive in life. And that leads me to Dynamism Biohack: Statement of Dynamism.


I discuss:

  • How to perceive your emotional intelligence
  • How to apply perception and ability in all five areas of a Dynamic Health
  • How to create your Statement of Dynamism

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast. In each week I’m going share with you how to make the right nutritious choices despite conflicting expert opinions where I help you to discover how to unlock your inner aborigine or your inner greatness. Thankyou for spending this time with me today, so let’s get into the training.

Your Statement of Dynamism

When I began preparing this training, I thought a better focus into the moment of liberation would be in the newest positive psychology fields, embracing the science from the world’s leading experts. By now, you should have a feeling that monitoring your daily intake of the last four pillars has a ton to do with your perceptions and your ability to use your God-given human talent of coping. The cope driver of a dynamic health has to do with using your perceptions, the ability with thought and perception to lower stress, to heighten your emotional intelligence or as my dad use to put it, this too shall pass.

In this training were going to look at how to create your statement of Dynamism. So you don’t get overwhelmed easily by your emotions, and overreacting to life and amplifying what you perceive as horrible at the moment. Were going to create your own statement of Dynamism so your less reactive in live and far more proactive in life. And that leads me to Dynamism Biohack: Statement of Dynamism.

At this point, I am going to begin threading all the five pillars of a dynamic health together.

The quintuple of health, these five pillars, work interchangeably, inter-dependently and in a dynamic way. In other words, the five pillars are not steps to achieve Dynamic Health. It is a polygon which has five parts, and they are all equal and interdependent, the cool thing here, when you improve just one part, it impacts all the parts.

This model of a Dynamic Health follows along with how biology actually is. It’s quantum, not linear or reduced to singular pathways. It’s more like 1 times any infinite numbers.

The point I am trying to make is that like gravity, I don’t understand all the “mathematical models” described by einstein or tesla; but I respect and live by its laws. (Please do not go jump off a three-story building and expect to live; as simple as that- got it?)

At this point in the training some are liberated by the information so far while others are feeling a bit of emotional despair. How do our minds assimilate this training? Well, we do it in small bites; remember our training on how to eat a dinosaur; you take one bite at a time.

The Bible teaches that we are called to be perfect like our “Heavenly Father.” Although it is impossible to be perfect; we are still called to pursuit it. Likewise, The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health give us the insight into the truth as to why we are so sick and at the same time a solution that may seem overwhelming at first glance.

Keep in mind, the purpose and goal of this training, as well as my programs at my clinical office, are to keep it simple, useable, and manageable. Nevertheless, we need to grow away from our emotional despair and have some emotional intelligence while we pursuit the Cope driver of a Dynamic Health.

After all, human beings are the only primate animals that possess a divine gift to control how we perceive our environment. How we perceive our environment is the main goal of the Cope driver, and it begins with using our emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence as defined by the world’s leading expert, Daniel Goleman, defines it as “abilities such as being able to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations; to control impulse and delay gratification; to regulate one’s moods and keep distress from swamping the ability to think to empathize and to hope.”

Goleman began a revolution redefining what it means to be “intelligent.” He discovered in his research that IQ contributes to about 20% to factors that determine success in life while the other 80% are committed by other forces.

In the words of Charles Murray, “The link between test scores and achievements is dwarfed by the totality of other characteristics that (he or she) brings to life.” There are hundreds upon thousands of ways to succeed in the life of this golden age of opportunity.

Goleman’s research spearheaded the child psychology field by redefining and refocusing intelligence away from IQ into these “other forces.” These other forces would be identified as our natural competencies and gifts, and the ability to cultivate them toward success in life.

Howard Gardner is a Harvard psychologist who came up with the idea of “multiple intelligence.” His work looked into the varied range of success: from skills dealing with logic, linguistic, visual/spacial, and musical/rhythmic to bodily-kinaesthetic, interpersonal and Naturalist Intelligence.

While we embrace the fact that our potential is not limited by our IQ score, it is generated by other forces. Those other forces may be summed up as our emotional intelligence. Yoda from Star Warz had it right; “their is no try. Their is do, or do not; but there is no- i’ll try.”

Our emotional intelligence and competence begin with our self-awareness. We need to recognize when we are in a foul mood; Dynamic people must choose to get out of that mood. As Socrates put it, “know thyself” by becoming aware of our internal emotional states and then maintain an interest in its meaning yet remain “an unreactive witness.”

Remember in one of our last trainings, you need to get present in the moment; and you should have developed your own internal system of doing this. Recall, your the next batter ready to hit in front of 40,000 people in a baseball game. It doesn’t matter if your feeling up to it or not, it’s not about Ill try, you either hit the ball or you don’t hit the ball; but you got to get present and in the moment to put your mind at ease and in the best place to do it.

How aware are you of your emotions concerning your life goals and the application of The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health?

Do you get overwhelmed easily by your emotions, overreacting and amplifying what you perceive at the moment? If you do, join the club. That is why we need to understand our Cope driver and how to use our emotional intelligence to perceive our environment differently. In that way, we can make a more conscious choice in our daily life.

Step back at the moment when you are caught in the emotion and get present; Dynamic people see what they are experiencing in the moment and accept those emotions, then while they get present they are able to choose more effective thoughts and behaviors to enhance their Cope driver and ultimately the level of happiness, vitality and state of health and quality of life.

The author Dan Millman has these rewarding words to say, “The heart of accepting your emotions (and, as you have seen, of reclaiming your will) is to do what you need to do, despite what you are feeling. Accept and learn from your feelings, but do not let them run your life. By remaining productive during difficult emotional episodes, you are more likely to improve your emotional state than if you do nothing but ruminate and wait for sunny skies.”

So here are some Dynamic Take Away points I want you to think about at the end of todays training. I want you to grab your journal and write down these two statements. Your going to fill in your own words at the end of each statement.

So #1 write down: I radiate beauty, charm, and grace, especially in this area… (fill in the 5 areas in terms of how well you eat, move, think, connect, and cope with stressors in your daily life) For example, I would say, I radiate beauty, charm, and grace especially when I choose not to eat ice cream while others are eating it around me.

I radiate beauty, charm, and grace every time I change my body positions every 30 minutes from 1 – 7 minutes without anyone noticing what am I doing. I radiate beauty, charm, and grace when I don’t let someone else’s negativity, or that negative draining energy disempower me; I switch it, see it as an opportunity to burn with positivity while reminding myself of the things I am most grateful for( maybe for you its the birth of your child, your wedding day, the last empowering moment with someone, ect).

I radiate beauty, charm, and grace while I remain present, vibrant and emotionally intelligent while conversing with others amongst my family or friends. I radiate beauty, charm, and grace when ever I catch myself spacing out with others, I ask myself, am I right now, positively engaged with this person? If not, I get there. (all i have to do is think about stepping up to home plate in front of that 40,000 crowd- and I get there.)

So go ahead and write down that statement: I radiate beauty, charm, and grace… Then after this training fill in the blank as I demonstrated in each of those five areas, eat, move, think, connect, and cope. The second statement is; I am a powerhouse in this area… Again finish the statement in all five areas.

This week I want you to refer to these two statements of dynamism. These are gratitude exercises. They are yours, no one else’s, they are personal to you and no one else. You don’t have to share them if you don’t want to. However, for those overachievers, I would love to see what you wrote about your self. Leave a review on whatever social platform your listening to this training on. Copy and paste your Statements of Dynamism there; as I know they will help others engage their five pillars of a dynamic health and become a Dynamic person in life. At the very least it will help someone else, lighten up, move better and live fuller.