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Explaining the Species Concept

Seen the big news: Functional Medicine, Methylation, Glutathione, and Epigenetics…. Say what?

Not to worry, I have simplified it in an easy practical way; read as follows…

Overwhelming evidence in the last few years suggest that genes evolved with the expectation of requiring a certain threshold of physical, emotional, nutritional, communal, and grappling activity for normal physiological gene expression, what I have summarized as our 5 pillars, and thus habitual positive stimuli which address these facets in sedentary, and toxic/ deficient cultures restores perturbed homeostatic mechanisms towards the normal physiological range including normal expression of the genome.

Physical inactivity including faulty joint mechanics or immobility of the spine, lack of self control, toxic and deficient nutritional patterns not specific for our genome, unhealthy solitude, and inability to cope with stressors produces an abnormal gene expression and is a direct causal factor of most chronic health conditions by its direct alteration of gene expression from a normal phenotype to a preclinical or clinical phenotype.

This concept becomes extremely important for those that tested positive for an abnormal gene.  Every wrong food choice, as well as a failure to deal with stress, can speed up the onset of symptoms.  This goes for the other direction too.  The way you use your 5 pillars, how well you eat, think, move, connect, and cope with stress can go a long way to prolonging positive gene expression and how healthy you truly are.

Getting back to gene expression, our bodies turn off genes through a process called methylation.  To keep it simple this is adding a methyl group to the DNA. Methylation is a key biochemical process that is essential for the proper function of almost all of your body’s systems. It occurs billions of times every second; it helps repair your DNA on a daily basis; it controls homocysteine (an unhealthy compound that can damage blood vessels); it helps recycle molecules needed for detoxification; and it helps maintain mood and keep inflammation in check.

To keep methylations running smoothly you need optimal levels of B vitamins. Without enough B vitamins methylation breaks down, and the results can be catastrophic. In these cases we see more birth defects like spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, and miscarriage.

A breakdown in methylation also puts you at higher risk for conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes, cervical dysplasia and cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, depression, pediatric cognitive dysfunction (mood and other behavioral disorders), dementia, and stroke.

As of late researchers have been looking at methylation as a primary role player in the onset of certain diseases.  It is believed that methylation plays an important role in the stability of trinucleotides; which is a codon that encodes for a specific amino acid during protein synthesis. This leads to a theory in the scientific literature that decreased DNA methylation may be at the center in the abnormal gene expression seen in chronic disease.

Current medications for some diseases are centered on silencing genes artificially and synthetically with unknown consequences.  However, we have a natural ability to do this on our own by understanding how to use our 5 pillars toward healthy gene expression for life which will allow us to avoid unknown consequences without introducing synthetic toxins and compounds in the form of unnecessary medications into our natural ecosystems, our bodies.

But why do symptoms show up later in life, when these mechanisms may have begun at birth?

The reason may be that the methylation process changes over time from the decreased glutathione (probably the most important antioxidant made in humans that prevent damage to important cellular components caused by free radical damage) and the increased oxidative stress.  Methionine, a methyl donor, becomes depleted as glutathione becomes depleted.  Less glutathione equals less methionine, which leads to a decrease in methylation, which leads to less of an ability to silence the abnormal gene.  The role of oxidative stress in disease does not happen over night, and does take time.  Perhaps this is why the onset of symptoms occurs between 30-50, and also may explain why there is such a wide range of age of onset amongst similar diagnosis.

Crossing the thresholds of Science. If we monitor and maintain glutathione levels, we can limit the damage of oxidative stress while maintaining methylation levels by way of the glutathione and methionine relationship. This tends to be the new focus for our future in the scientific literature.

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The Pillars Blueprint

How to improve your health outcome and get the results you really want

On our genome is a genetic code that tells us how to eat, move, think, connect and cope with stress. Learn how these latest scientific discoveries can prevent and even reverse most chronic disease from one of Indiana’s Top Chiropractors. Get the eBook here: The Pillars Blueprint eBook.


The truth is simple. Follow the program I have laid out in the Pillars Blueprint and you can be assured that by eating the paleo way you will be giving yourself the most abundant sources of the nutrients needed for optimal methylation; dark leafy greens, certain nuts and seeds and by following my advice on the 4 essential nutrients, supplements we all need which I have laid out for you in my book, An introduction to The Pillars Blueprint.

The Pillars Blueprint is simplified epigenetics, methylation and glutathione science, and functional medicine described in lay terms in easy and practical suggestions.

It’s the cliff notes of the new science that is spearheading modern healthcare, as we know it.

It has coined a principle I call, The Genetic Congruent Principle, which is based on the study of ecology and the species wide – species specific concept I’ve laid out in my book, The Pillars Blueprint. Here is a derivative from my lecture, Genetics and Deceit DVD which are available for free along with my ebook here.


Species Concept

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