The Pebrey study in humans suggests that the behavior (or environment) of prepubescent boys could influence the phenotype of their sons and grandsons. The authors favor the idea that the toxin causes epigenetic changes to the DNA in the developing germ line of embryos, and that this change is maintained and carried along with the sperm to the next generation. The paternal grandfathers’ food supply during mid childhood was linked to the mortality risk ratio of grandsons. The study suggested that in humans, a one-off environmental event could influence phenotype for more than one generation. Furthermore, the establishment of the epigenetic state at these loci can be modified by environment.  Geneticists, epigeneticists and environmental biologists are still grappling with these surprising results.


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On our genome is a genetic code that tells us how to eat, move, think, connect and cope with stress. Learn how these latest scientific discoveries can prevent and even reverse most chronic disease from one of Indiana’s Top Chiropractors. Get the eBook here: The Pillars Blueprint eBook.

Parents, this is the difficult question. Whose responsibility is it?

To make sure that your prepubescent (before puberty) children get the proper eat, move, think, connect, and coping strategies? From a public health point of view, what makes the Pembrey study, particularly interesting is that it argues that exposure in HUMANS can affect the development and health of HUMANS for at least two generations, and this is rarely, if ever, considered when Big Food and Big Pharma get together and create our man-made foods and medicines.

Please keep this in mind, what I consider a toxin that causes changes in the DNA is anything that is not genetically congruent for humans.

  1. If your great grandmother does not recognize it as food, it ain’t food.
  2. If it’s man made and not found that way in nature; that’s a toxin.

Now, some toxins are necessary for us at subtoxic doses (medications). So you need to integrate with your medical doctor and your lifestyle, natural doctor if you have a medical condition. The goal should never be to rely on pharmacology for the rest of your life if it can be avoided with proper lifestyle modification.

Pillars Blueprint Made Easy

The amazing thing, when you add purity (opposite of toxin) to your DNA, it also causes epigenetic changes that may alter the developing germ line of embryos that carry to the next generation. Your genes are not your fate. How Well you choose your 5 pillars IS your fate; so this process works in reverse for our benefit!

 1. Epigenetics: Sins of the fathers, and their fathers. European Journal of Human Genetics (2006) 14, 131–132. doi:10.1038/sj.ejhg.5201567
 2. The Pillars Blueprint. Ebook by Dr Matt Hammett (2014).

(See my interview video on The 2 Pillars Blueprint Rules and you will have an evidence based guideline to follow in terms of your lifestyle genetic requirements below.)

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