This week’s Monday Morning Moment: Parenting: Mind over Genes. Most scientists have taught that we are pre-programmed into our genes. In the old world, it perceives life’s attributes and deficits, as well as our health and our frailties, as merely a reflection of our heredity expression. In the new world, we know that the environment controls gene activity. In this video, I’m going to discuss what it means to be conscious parents. We’re gonna take a look at the conventional birthing process and dive into that parenting mind-body connection between baby and parent. Finally, I’m going to explain why modern medical intervention is the “monkey wrench” that has made normal natural parenting difficult. Finally, I’m going to present a plan that will make conscious parents true superheroes in today’s old world conventional medical culture that likes to name it, blame it, tame it, with a drug versus…. Well, conscious parenting ..