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Merrillville nutrition
Merrillville nutrition

Merrillville Nutrition

Merrillville nutrition experts Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett are chiropractors in Indiana.  They found a team of British researchers with the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) kept track of 20,244 healthy men and women. Amazingly, the results proved Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett’s Lifestyle plan featured in the Dynamism Biohack podcast! By staying nutritiously fit in both mind and body is equivalent to being 14 years younger! Our Dynamism Biohack Podcast talks about all the things we need in Lifestyle Medicine to achieve this.

Keep in mind, over 20,000 humans were studied evaluating human behaviors. In addition, linking to how well to eat, move, think, connect, and cope. Interestingly, vitamin supplements were not associated with greater longevity! In other words, how well you follow Dr. Matt’s advice and his Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health is more important than taking a handful of supplements. More on this later.

Is this because of media interest groups? Nope.

Dr. Matt always adds about Merrillville nutrition, “you will not find health out of a bottle, tend the garden because health is a fruit that is grown and earned.” 

Dr. Matt’s Nutritional Rules:

  1. There is no pharmaceutical or nutraceutical product that can supplement suicide by lifestyle! 
  2. There is no magic bullet in the wild or a product! 
  3. Some things can kill you in the wild.
  4. Fountain of youth does not exist. 
  5. No potion, lotion, or product will bring longevity.

However, Dr. Matt does recommend nutritional supplements along with lifestyle medicine. In addition, nutrition supports the body, especially movement nutrition.

Here is the difference, most people eat like a suicidal maniac and take a handful of pills to compensate. Above all, it is the prevailing belief system of this era. It is the reason we are so sick today.

The Merrillville Nutrition Solution

The solution does not lie in a pill or a bottle. The true solution is the bioactive nutrients found in plant and animal food. In other words, bioactive means the active living symbiotic organisms, DNA, nutrients, microbiome that are alive and destroyed when manufactured. Living nutritional solutions like juicing and plant-based foods are the only answer.  

Our culture believes that you can just take nutrients out of plants and animals and package them in a bottle. However, the truth is you lose the bioactive nutrients only found in living plant and animal foods. 


The simple truth is this, you have to eat healthy day in and day out by choosing healthier foods. You also have to move (walking 8 – 10 miles; like a hunter-gatherer) so proper nerve signaling can turn on proper hormones, cell signaling, organ function, etc. The way our bodies absorb nutrients comes from the infrastructural demands we place on our bodies (movement).


Dietary nutritional products: Cod liver oil, Vit. D3, Multivitamin/Mineral, Probiotics.

Movement nutritional services: Regular Chiropractic care and move three minutes every half an hour.

Above all, the rest of your eating nutrition needs comes from eating! Therefore, Eat Real Food! -Dr. Matt Hammett

Tiny Movements’ Count Most!


In other words, NEAT is an acronym for changing positions and moving around every 30 minutes. Finally, evidence-informed research recommends a chiropractic checkup every two weeks to maintain healthy joints which charge up your brain and CNS. Above all, this charge via mechanotransduction is a similar process to a windmill. A windmill converts mechanical wind energy (movement) into an electrical chemical signal (nerve signal).

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