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Are Humans endangered because of MEDICATION?

Two years ago, I quoted 200 species going extinct, not endangered- EXTINCT. Today, dozens go extinct every day. The rate is worse than what was predicted. While we focus on the financial MONOPOLY for more MEDICATION, VACCINATIONS, CHEMICALS, and getting Colorado HIGH ON POT to improve life:

Let’s review what is actually happening from our Scientists around the globe because of it!



(Meaning= humans are primate animals capable of suffering the same fate)

“Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day.

Perhaps one of the most striking elements of the present extinction crisis is the fact that the majority of our closest relatives — the primates — are severely endangered. About 90 percent of primates — the group that contains monkeys, lemurs, lorids, galagos, tarsiers, and apes (as well as humans) — live in tropical forests, which are fast disappearing.

Facts are telling

The IUCN estimates that almost 50 percent of the world’s primate species are at risk of extinction. Overall, the IUCN estimates that half the globe’s 5,491 known mammals are declining in population and a fifth are clearly at risk of disappearing forever with no less than 1,131 mammals across the globe classified as endangered, threatened, or vulnerable. In addition to primates, marine mammals — including several species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises — are among those mammals slipping most quickly toward extinction.”

This is really the core concept people need to understand. If you fed a cat a vegetarian diet, you would kill the cat.  If you forced a sloth to get less than 15 hours of sleep, or tried to make it move faster than about a minute to move 15 feet, or made it walk faster than 6 hours to go to the bathroom and back, you would kill the sloth. Each species, that has ever been studied has a specific genome of that species.

That genome, that blueprint tells that species what there 5 pillars need to be of that species. Therefore the requirements for that species will be the same for all members of that species. In ecology we call it, species wide and species specific“. Therefore the genetic requirements for a species will be the same for all members of that species; its species specific and that’s species wide.

The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health

For the human genome, it does not matter what hair color, skin, race, blood type, or ethic background you have in terms of our genome; because we have only 1 human genome, and the foundational requirements for our genome is the same for every member of the human race. These genetic requirements have been summed up for you in The Pillars Blueprint.

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The Pillars Blueprint

How to improve your health outcome and get the results you really want

On our genome is a genetic code that tells us how to eat, move, think, connect and cope with stress. Learn how these latest scientific discoveries can prevent and even reverse most chronic disease. Get the eBook here: The Pillars Blueprint eBook.


The concept is simple. Anything you do that is not genetic congruent moves you toward sickness and away from health; that is a stressor. Therefore, the daily choices you make, and how you choose to express your 5 pillars in daily life, determines your genetic outcome and your health potential. How well you eat, think, move, connect and cope with stress determines your potential toward sickness and/or health. That blueprint is the same for every member of the human species. Here is a hint. It’s not the USA food pyramid, or the Western staple diet.

Take Away Point

The bottom line, if you’re a human being who desires health, you need to read The Pillars Blueprint because it is the foundational human health plan all humans need to know regardless of what your diagnosis is, your age, ethic background, religion or whatever. If you continue to bio accumulate an environment that is not genetically congruent for humans, that is a stressor; and that bioaccumulation of stressors leads us to the development of any kind of chronic illness; it’s that simple- really. It’s not genetic, it’s epigenetic, its your environment.


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