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The Real Batman with Merrillville Chiropractor Dr. Matt Hammett

After his visit, posing for a photo with Merrillville Chiropractor Dr. Matt Hammett is 14 year veteran Professional Hollywood Stunt Performer Jeff Shannon…. Read More

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What our Patients Say!

  • Lori VickeryPowered by Google

    New Life is like family! Dr. Matt and the office ladies are so friendly. Dr. Matt is very skilled in his field and has changed my life! I would recommend anyone to visit him, they will not regret it!

  • Angel MoraGoTellIt!

    My experience was amazing specially for my health. Before I even tried chiropractic care, I had a stroke. I also had back pain. Now I can walk straight and move my arms.

  • Alex PiersonFacebook

            Thanks for clearing up my sinus pressure!   

  • Kristi MokeGoTellIt!

    Birth instructor tells her personal story and her clients...           

  • So Happy & Ecstatic!GoTellIt!

    Sinus pressure, Low Back and Shoulder pain gone...           


  • Suba Familypowered by GoTellIt!

    I still recommend them whole heartedly, as it gets better with time!
    It’s been over 2 years that our family has been seen by Dr. Matt! The office ladies are all still the same and wonderful as ever! We have crazy schedules and they always accommodate us and with a smile! Dr. Matt has helped us recover from injuries, many illnesses, surgery, birth issues, being old issues, and gives us overall “just feel better” vibes! (There are 5 of us that visit Dr. Matt, 2 adults and 3 children) I was nervous when we moved to NWI and needed to find a new Chiropractor but Dr. Matt has gone above and beyond for us, even talking to our past doctor to help us feel comfortable and adjust us the same! I’m editing this review to say I still recommend them whole heartedly, as it gets better with time!

  • Brianna Segovianopowered by Google

    Relieves my lower sciatic pain! Affordable!
    Very attentive, kind. Gave me and my whole family, each, very detailed evaluations. Relieves my lower sciatic pain. Asks questions to make sure I'm ok. Does great with my toddler nephew's adjustments, as well. Staff is very friendly! Very affordable!

  • Hear What Arnold Has To Say?GoTellIt!

    "Chiropractic care is not an option. It is an necessity for the family!"
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Maricela RomeroGo Tell It!

    What a relief!!!
    Dr. Matt has provided me with such relief. I’ll be honest. I have multiple issue that caused me to be tense and be in pain. Before his treatment, I thought that I had to deal with it forever. He proved me wrong. Thank you Dr. Matt! You are amazing!

  • Amber WilcoxFacebook

    My daughters reflux cured!
    My daughter has had reflux since she was an infant and was on meds for it until she turned 1, at that we took her off because we thought she was through it. Come to find out it wasn’t and we struggled with her eating for an entire year, and she started throwing up in her sleep. Her pediatrician wanted to put her back on meds but I hated the thought of her being on them again and never liked it in the first place. I had saw a few of my friends taking their kids to a chiropractor for reflux and they said it helped tremendously. So last March we started taking her and she is a completely different child! We are so happy with her chiropractor care!

  • Ruth MaynardFacebook

    Thankful for this practice!
    Dr. Matt is a great chiropractor. He is thorough, he listens to your concerns and addresses them, and he also educates you in the process! Highly recommended

  • Jose Escalerapowered by Google

    Dr Matt is a encyclopedia of knowledge.
    I came in with severe back pain and with a few questions and a quick test he could tell what was wrong and how we can fix it. I walked out of the office with feeling way better than when I walked in.

  • Theresa Haydenpowered by Google

    Dr. Matt has helped both of our sons in ways we didn’t know possible. Goodbye, ear infections, irregularity, and difficulty focusing! Hello, better sleep, stronger immune systems, and calmer, happier children! Dr Matt and Dr Trish have my highest recommendation for chiropractic care, for the entire family!

  • Traci Gleimpowered by Google

    There simply are not enough words to express how grateful I am for Dr. Matt & Dr. Trish!!! With every visit, I am feeling better and better & able to move without dealing with horrible back pain!!!! So very thankful to be able to lead a more active life again!!! Their office staff are amazing as well, always helpful and so nice!!!

  • Denise De YoungGoTellIt!

    Dr Matt is excellent in treating my issues after a car accident. He has a great sense of humor!

  • Mary BealsGoTellIt!

    Family friendly and knowledgeable

    I first started taking my son to Dr. Matt 2 years ago for torticollis and nursing issues. Since then, I’ve seen him and continued to see him through my pregnancy. Now I take both children to him and my husband swears by how much better our kids are. Dr. Matt is super knowledgeable on health concerns and always positive. The staff is amazing and very friendly.

  • Mark Eliaspowered by Google

    Just started seeing Dr. Matt. He has been very thorough in explaining all the treatments.

  • Brenda MedemaGoTellIt!

    I was having sciatic and back pain, I had a adjustment. I was able to leave there feeling no pain. The staff and doctor are very nice, and friendly. Highly recommended. 💯♥️💯♥️

  • Hollywood Stunt Pro: Jeff Shannonpowered by Google

    The service is amazing!! From when you walk in the door to the actual treatment itself, everyone is phenomenal. Treated with care and respect. Would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys!!!

  • Shawnya Toddpowered by Google

    Great work helped me out alot with my back problems!

  • Jonathan FlesherGoTellIt!

    If you want to stay healthy and keep your career take the time to see a chiropractic engineer....See Dr. Matt

    Dr. Matt is a wonderful man...very intelligent in his field. He has gone over and above the extra mile to find ways to help his patients. He is a caring person and wants to see his patients get better. I've been to many Chiropractors through the years and he's the only one that has been hones up front and explains everything to you and how your body works. I have made major improvements since I started seeing him last September. I have 3 herniated disc that have regenerative gaps between them now and the curve in my neck is improving.. I know I still have a long way to go, but I've made progress with the help of Dr. Matt and our Lord and Savior! GOD bless you Dr. Matt and thank you for your time and investment in me.

  • Dawn SullivanGoTellIt!

    Amazing Doctor. Very thorough. Polite, awesome personality. Definitely a 5 star

  • Amy KovesPowered by Google

    Keeping My Family Healthy!

    Dr. Matt has been amazing with my whole family! Through his chiropractic care he has helped heal my daughter that had whiplash, son who couldn't straighten his arm back after an injury, and has just helped us maintain our best health.

  • Samuel ZukoskiPowered by Google

    He has helped relieve alot of the back pain from my job.

  • Brianna SegovianoPowered by Google

    Relieves my lower sciatic pain! Affordable!

    Very attentive, kind. Gave me and my whole family, each, very detailed evaluations. Relieves my lower sciatic pain. Asks questions to make sure I'm ok. Does great with my toddler nephew's adjustments, as well. Staff is very friendly! Very affordable!

  • Betsy TalbotGoTellIt!

    Professional care every time!

    I’ve had nothing but a positive and professional service from New Life Chiropractic. Dr. Matt is always effective and informative. He’s helped me so much and I happily trust him to adjust my newborn. I’m so glad we found New Life!

  • Candice Hughespowered by Google

    I been seeing Dr. Matt for quite a long time now. His excellence has improved even greater throughout his career. In 2015 I came in all bent over in pain. I was astonished on how quick he got me back in shape. Also, that same year I found out I had an inflamed gall bladder. A surgeon tried to tell me I needed surgery. I discussed this with Dr. Matt and he said try changing your diet. Well I have changed my diet and did a recent ct scan and it showed my gall bladder is in unremarkable great shape. I can't say enough about how my health has changed for the better not just my spinal health but my overall health in general. When other doctors may make my health look grim Dr. Matt makes me better. Thank you Dr. Matt for everything you have done and saving me from unnecessary surgeries and pain shots. You have made me feel confident about my overall, mind, body, and spirit.

  • Matthew McCaguepowered by Google

    At this point I’ve only had 2 adjustments with Dr. Matt, and that evening after I fell asleep, I ended up waking up and it was "light outside"!  Now, that might sound odd on my mentioning that. It’s been years since I had a single night I slept all the way through without waking up 5-6 times! I was so pleasantly shocked that I can not wait for my next few sessions with Dr. Matt to focus on my health.

  • Debby Reynoldspowered by Google

    Thank you Dr. Matt and your staff for all you do to help my family and I remain healthy. Anyone who suffers from back and neck pain knows that realignment through treatment provides for better sleep and the joy of pain free movement. My prayers and good thoughts that you and your loved ones remain safe.

  • Jotam Torrespowered by Google

    Super informative from the start. Explained everything that was going on with my spine in terms that I could understand. I feel a major improvement from when I started. The ladies up front are awesome, soooo kind and gracious. Thank you everyone!

  • T CGoTellIt!

    Best of the Best! This is the most wonderful group of people I have ever had the privilege to know. Dr. Matt shares his ideas and knowledge freely to help you understand chiropractic treatment and he works diligently to see that patients receive the care that they need. The support staff is most accommodating and also work hard to get you the help you need when you need it. It is all accomplished in a welcoming, relaxed but definitely professional atmosphere. New Life is the best of the best.

  • Larry MalloyFacebook

    Dr. Matt always takes the time to get everything back in the right spot! My wife and I have been going regularly for years and will continue as a part of a healthy lifestyle. We really appreciate the ladies in the office, as well. It's always a pleasant experience. Thank you!

  • Stan Casellapowered by Google

    I have had great chiropractic experiences at New Life. The care has kept my life moving in a continuously pain free and more relaxed manner. When those extra incidences occur, Dr. Matt has been able to help me get relief.

  • Dan Voilespowered by Google

    "Natural Healing!" Dr. Matt shows genuine concern and develops an appropriate plan of action for positive results without the need for pharmaceuticals.


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Eating Clean

What you put into your body affects how you feel each and every day. Food is the fuel that your body needs to continue to power and heal itself on a daily basis…

Balance Movement

Exercise benefits your physical, emotional and mental health! Most of us know we need to get moving, but perhaps don’t know what to do, how to get started…


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This easy chiropractic treatment plan involves proper spinal chiropractic adjustments, eating colorful whole foods, drinking fresh juices, and moving all day long. Try it and feel vibrant and younger in just a few weeks!

  • A Stronger Immune System, Better Breathing, More Energy, And Better Athletic Performance.
  • Better Sleep, Fewer Ear Infections, Stress Relief, Better Grades, Better Moods, and More Flexibility.
  • Increased Fertility, Shorter Labor, Easier Pregnancy, Natural Birth, and Better Romantic Performance.
  • A Natural Approach, Live Pain-Free, Fewer Hospitalizations, Less Sick Days, and Stronger Musculature.

Hammett Family

First Female Coach in MLB


Standing with Dr. Matt Hammett is a talented hitting coach for the Chicago Cubs. As a player, she performed at a record-breaking level and attributes it to chiropractic care. She is the first woman coach in MLB history!
  • Folden Is Marshall Athletics Greatest Player in program history and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
  • A four-time All-American catcher at Marshall who owns 15 of the program’s single-season or career records 11 years after she graduated.
  • Folden was Conference USA’s Player of the Year as a sophomore and again in 2008.
  • Presently Coaching the First Place Chicago Cubs as the first female coach in MLB!.

 Merrillville Chiropractor Dr. Matt Hammett Podcast: DYNAMISM BIOHACK

Is Chiropractic Care the Solution you’ve been looking for?  How To Make the Right Nutritious Choices Despite Conflicting Expert Opinions!

“When I got (to NASA), the attitude about spacewalks was, you don’t do it unless you absolutely have to, because you’re one failure away from certain death. It’s a totally different world we’re dealing with.” – World Record Holder NASA Astronaut with Most Space Walks, Jerry Ross.

  • EAT: Food is the fuel that your body needs to continue to power and heal itself on a daily basis.
  • MOVE: Exercise has it’s benefits, but our Tiny Movement Counts Most!
  • THINK: The inspired thought is the power and the energy behind all transformational change.
  • CONNECT: Relationships create psychological space and safety…
  • COPE: The expending conscious effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems…

Astronaut Jerry Ross with Dr. Matt Hammett



Patient Reviews:

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“Seriously, this is the place where magic happens. After numerous physical therapy and no relief, I went to see if Dr. Matt could help me. After a couple sessions I’m pain free. Makes me wonder, because the doctor I saw was recommending a surgery. Thanks for the wonderful road to recovery Dr. Matt.” — Ausra C.


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