Monday Morning Moment Episode: Growing Pains and the drug free Chiropractic Approach
When I was a kid, it was common for our family medical doctor to write off knee, hip, ankle, back, neck and shoulder aches and pains as “growing pains.” Along with that diagnosis came the treatment plan: “Do nothing. He’ll grow out of it.” And that was it.
It’s amazing how deeply this myth permeates our societal views when kids elicit pain and symptoms directly caused from musculoskeletal imbalances. At one point, we’ve got to ask ourselves, “Really, the body is so stupid that it can grow faster than it’s capable of keeping pace with?” Maybe it’s just me, but it never made sense that the body “should” be in pain as it grows. Better yet, if we thought the body wasn’t stupid, but to the contrary, highly intelligent and adaptable, how then would we perceive our children’s symptoms? Dr. Matt discuses Growing Pains and the drug free Chiropractic Approach….


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