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Fix My Low Back Pain

Fix My Low Back Pain

Fix My Low Back Pain

New Life Family Chiropractic Center: Inspiring Immediate Action for a Healthier and Happier Family

Uncover the Power of Chiropractic Care: A Complete Guide to Relief and Recovery that will Fix My Low Back Pain

Fix My Low Back Pain is only an appointment away!

Fix My Low Back PainAre you struggling with low back pain? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At New Life Family Chiropractic Center, we specialize in providing effective solutions for individuals dealing with chronic pain. In this article, we will explore the science behind low back pain and how our chiropractic approach can help you find relief and improve your overall health.

Our team of experienced chiropractors is here to help alleviate your pain and provide long-lasting relief. Schedule an appointment with us today and say goodbye to low back pain for good.

The Mechanome: Exploring the Science of Epigenetics

In this video, Dr. Matt takes us on an intriguing journey into the world of epigenetics, a field that studies how our environment and lifestyle choices can affect our genes and overall well-being. By understanding the mechanisms behind our body’s functions, we can gain valuable insights into addressing low back pain.

Epigenetics teaches us that our cells, chromosomes, and genes play a crucial role in determining our health outcomes. Certain changes in gene expression can occur as a result of external factors such as stress, diet, and activity levels. These changes can contribute to the development and persistence of low back pain.

By adopting a proactive approach to our health, we can optimize our body’s functions and potentially alleviate low back pain. Chiropractic care, for example, focuses on correcting misalignments in the spine that may be contributing to pain and discomfort.

Through chiropractic adjustments, the nervous system can be realigned, allowing for improved communication between cells, muscles, and organs. This enhanced communication can help to optimize the body’s ability to heal and reduce inflammation, which is often a driver of low back pain.

Understanding the science behind epigenetics equips us with the knowledge to make informed choices about our health. By incorporating chiropractic care into our wellness routine, we can support the body’s natural healing processes, potentially reducing or eliminating low back pain.

Video | The Mechanome

Come along with him on this hike, as he discuss a science called epigenetics. Dr. Matt is going to touch at the level of our cells, down to our chromosomes to our genes. He explains how ...

Dr. Matt LIVE at Valpo University.Tiny Movement and the Iron Will!

Dr Matt Hammett LIVE at Valpo University talking about Tiny Movement and the Iron Will

Video | Sitting is KRYPTONITE!

Sitting is KRYPTONITE! You've heard sitting is the new tobacco. It's worse. Sitting is the new Kryptonite! Did you know you lose 20 minutes of LIFE EXPECTANCY for every hour you sit! Watch this video ...

Unleashing the Power of Tiny Movement

In this exhilarating live talk at Valpo University, Dr. Matt Hammett reveals the incredible impact of tiny movements on our health and well-being. Discover the iron will within you that can revolutionize your life.

As Dr. Matt shares his expertise on the power of movement, you’ll gain a new perspective on how even the smallest actions can make a significant difference. Watch the video to unlock your untapped potential through tiny movement.

Sitting is KRYPTONITE!: The Silent Killer in Your Daily Routine

We’ve all heard the saying “sitting is the new tobacco,” but did you know it’s even worse? Sitting is the new Kryptonite! Learn the shocking truth about the detrimental effects of sitting on your health. Find out how sitting can shorten your life expectancy by 20 minutes for every hour spent sedentary. Take control of your health and watch this eye-opening video to discover how to combat the dangers of sitting.

Video | Forced To Sit!

The Dangers of Sitting: Why Investing in a Standing Desk Can Improve Your Health In this video, I decided to take you on a walk and talk about what Dr. Levine the first researcher to share the shockin ...

Video | Sleeping Posture and The Chiropractic Approach

Sleeping Posture & The Chiropractic Approach Lack of sleep? Or waking up more tired than before falling asleep?Good sleeping posture and the chiropractic approach will ensure a good night's slee ...

Video | Chemical and Mechanical Stress and Aging

Chemical and Mechanical Stress and Aging: A Complete Guide In this video, Dr. Matt Hammett is going to explain how chemical and mechanical stress and aging process go ...

Forced To Sit!: Investing in a Standing Desk for a Healthier You

Join Dr. Matt as he takes you on a walk while discussing the dangers of sitting and the benefits of investing in a standing desk.  Mayo clinics Dr. James Levine, a renowned researcher, shares surprising insights into the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. Discover how a simple change in your workspace setup can improve your health and well-being. Watch the video now and make a smart investment in your long-term health.

Sleeping Posture and The Chiropractic Approach: Say Goodbye to Restless Nights

Are you struggling with lack of sleep or waking up even more tired than before falling asleep?

Discover the significance of good sleeping posture!  See how it can ensure a restful night’s sleep. Dr. Matt explores the chiropractic approach to sleeping posture and how it can alleviate sleep-related issues. Bid farewell to restless nights and embrace a rejuvenating sleep with the help of chiropractic care. Watch the video to uncover the secrets of a good night’s sleep.

Video | Posture and Alignment Myelination

Posture and Alignment: The Science behind Myelin & Why Chiropractic takes time Being sedentary, immobile, and sitting past just 30 minutes.

Video | Fibromyalgia and The Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic for Fibromyalgia: Can It Help Relieve Symptoms? In addition, chiropractic care could be an effective option for treating fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. Chiropractors use gentle t ...

Video | Re Think Chair: The Importance of Exercise and Body Positioning

The Importance of Exercise and Body Positioning: Our Physical Environment and Its Impact on Our Bodies Constant forces are at work shaping our bodies into the structures we will need in the future. ...

Chemical and Mechanical Stress and Aging: A Complete Guide

Don’t wait any longer to unlock the secrets of longevity! Join Dr. Matt Hammett as he delves into the fascinating connection between chiropractic research, telomere length, and the aging process.

Did you know that telomeres, the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes, play a crucial role in determining our lifespan? As we age, these telomeres naturally shorten, leading to a decline in our overall health. But here’s where chiropractic care comes in.

Imagine living a life free from the detrimental effects of stress and aging. With chiropractic care, you can restore balance, vitality, and vibrant health to your life. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your well-being.

Take action now and watch the captivating video by Dr. Matt Hammett. Gain an in-depth understanding of the profound impact chiropractic care can have on telomere length and ultimately on your longevity. Experience the life-changing benefits of chiropractic adjustments and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant you.

Unleash the power of chiropractic care and discover the secrets to a longer, healthier life. Watch the video now and embrace a future filled with vitality and well-being. Don’t wait – the path to longevity is calling you!

Video | Broken Brains & The Chiropractic Approach

Broken Brains and The Chiropractic Approach The science behind the neural-brain-immune pathway and its impact on colds, flu, and sinus issues. Tiny Movement Deficiencies are truly the core cause of BR ...

Back Pain & The Chiropractic Approach

Back Pain and The Chiropractic Approach. Among people seeking back pain relief alternatives, most choose chiropractic treatment. About 22 million Americans visit chiropractors annually. ...

Video | Bra’s and Underwear impact how our bits are hung!

Bra's and Underwear impact how our bits are hung! It is also important to note that wearing a bra that is too tight or poorly fitted can cause circulation issues and even lead to lymphedema, swelling ...

Make An Appointment & Fix My Low Back Pain Permanently

Take immediate action and schedule an appointment at New Life Family Chiropractic Center to address your low back pain. Don’t wait another day to find relief and start living pain-free.

Our expert chiropractors are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and well-being. Schedule your appointment now and take the first step towards a pain-free life. Click here to schedule your appointment.

It’s time to take control of your health today in Northwest Indiana! Bridge the gap between knowledge and action and say goodbye to low back pain. Don’t let another day go by without finding lasting relief. Schedule an appointment now at New Life Family Chiropractic Center, proudly serving the areas of Gary, Hammond, East Chicago, Portage, Merrillville, Valparaiso, Michigan City, Hobart, Crown Point, LaPorte, Highland, Schererville, Griffith, Dyer, St. John, Munster, Chesterton, Cedar Lake, Whiting, Lowell, Lake Station, Winfield, Hebron, and Burns Harbor. Act now because you deserve to live your life to the fullest. Don’t wait any longer – make the call today!

New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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Amazing Doctor. Very thorough. Polite, awesome personality. Definitely a 5 star!

- Dawn Sullivan, 7 days ago

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Julie (Chicago, USA)

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New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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If you are looking for a new chiropractor you can STOP your search. It is going to be New Life Family Chiropractic Center. I promise you will not be disappointed. ..

- Joy Czech, 6 weeks ago

New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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Pain free pregnancy IS possible!! Real family care! Not only do Dr Matt and Dr Trish take excellent care of me and my family, they are also educators! They have helped my back pain, especially during pregnancy!

- Jessica Taylor, 3 days ago

New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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I’ve had nothing but a positive and professional service from New Life Chiropractic. Dr. Matt is always effective and informative. He’s helped me so much and I happily trust him to adjust my newborn. I’m so glad we found New Life!

- Betsy Talbot, 2 days ago

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