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In this episode, EXPOSED: “The Dirty Little Secrets Of Modern Food Science Methodology and How They Are
Destroying Your DNA.

Rats, cats, and humans: Are we really that similar? In this training, I explain that all of us have a hunter-gatherer genome with specific genetic requirements. I define the genetic mismatch between our current modern man-made food CULTURE as a stressor that is poisonous to our DNA.


I discuss:

  • Poisons are real, manufactured “Fountain of Youth” is not
  • Why grains should be avoided
  • The Genetic Incongruent Diet
  • Wheat, gluten assaults the brain

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:


Our DNA contains the hunter-gatherer blueprint; genetically speaking we’re all hunter-gatherers. Not only are we hunter-gatherers, but we also carry the genes of primate animals, farmers and herders, explorers and factory workers, office employees and computer specialists. At our core, our biological substance is still mostly that of hunters and gatherers.

In this training, I define the genetic mismatch between our current modern man-made foods and lifestyle as a stressor that is poisonous to our DNA. Let me give you an analogy, when you are hiking in the wild and become hungry, eating a handful of unknown berries or mushrooms can kill you. In the wild, you will find nothing to eat or drink that will dramatically or permanently improve your health. Therefore, there is no potion, lotion, pharmaceutical product or a nutraceutical product that can replace the dynamic interactions of nature the way we have been led to believe by our popular culture.

This Caged person mindset was born from high-powered advertising manipulating our minds to believe such nonsense. A Dynamic person can get over this heap and understand that poisons are real, and the manufactured Fountain of Youth is NOT. We can apply the same principle in the wild to our visit in the grocery store. What not to eat is more important than what to eat.


We cannot live without the consequence; poisons are hidden everywhere in the stores. In fact, the single most important way to dramatically improve your health is by removing toxins from your diet by subtracting unhealthy foods. Of course, eating broccoli does not cancel out devouring three slices of pizza, but eating broccoli added to a salad with grass-fed meat would be the better choice. To be blunt, if you are smoking cigarettes, don’t start by adding broccoli; quit smoking. That’s a clear poison.

Therefore, to optimize our health and engage in the Eat driver of a Dynamic person is to remove the toxins. At this point, we need to get clear on what those are. To be brief, they are industrial foods like sugar, vegetable oils and seed-based crops made out of cereal grains. A lot of experts is calling these slow-acting poisons when consumed in large quantities.

Sugars are unambiguously toxic; our ancestors never had the kind of sugar or grain we now eat. Ever. Even in the 18th century, the average American had only five pounds of it. At the present time, the average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar every year. Adding vegetable oils and cereal grains into your slowly-poisoning-yourself pocket violates millions of years of evolution. We went from minimal consumption of seed-based cereal grains, like wheat, to 133 pounds of it per year.

Wheat and modern grains are silently destroying the human brain. When I tell my patients to avoid eating grains, I am often met with skepticism within my clinical practice. You heard me correctly; experts are now telling us that grains, so long embraced as being healthful by nutrition experts, should be avoided. These include whole wheat, multigrain, seven-grain, live grain, stone-ground, and so on. In his book Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter argues that “our most beloved dietary staple (grains is) a terrorist group that bullies our most precious organ, the brain.”

Therefore, it is time we go outside the box of accepted dogma and venture away from invested corporate interests. Perlmutter offers a game-changing approach toward brain health by removing grains from your diet. His expertise as both a neuroscientist and in nutrition makes him the world’s foremost expert concerning brain health. He makes his findings very clear, “There is little doubt that one of the largest and most wide-reaching events in the ultimate decline of brain health in modern society has been the introduction of wheat grain in the human diet.”1

Some argue that our Neolithic ancestors consumed minimal amounts of this grain. However, “what we now call wheat bears little resemblance to the wild einkorn variety that our forebears consumed on rare occasions.”

The truth is the 133 pounds of wheat that the average American consumes each year along with our modern hybridization and gene-modifying technology shares almost no genetic, structural, or chemical likeness to what hunter-gatherers might have stumbled upon. This genetic incongruent lifestyle causes stressors to our DNA challenging our physiology with artificial chemicals not found in nature and unidentifiable by our genome.

Perlmutter and other health experts are calling gluten, a protein in wheat, a silent killer because of its damaging effects on our health. In fact, gluten makes up the majority of wheat protein. Proponents of wheat point out that gluten is associated with the small percentage of people with celiac disease. In fact, they point out that only .4% – .8% of people in the United States have celiac disease.2 What they fail to either realize or mention is that gluten causes gut inflammation in over 80% of people and inflammation in your gut is inflammation to your second brain.3

Researchers have known for some time that the cornerstone for all degenerative conditions is inflammation. They are finding that gluten is one of the most prominent stimulators for inflammatory pathways that reach the brain. The most frightening aspect is that we don’t know when these routes have reached the brain because symptoms don’t necessarily arise from these reactions. Full-blown digestive disorders, such as bloating, diarrhea, and gas, are easy to spot since constipation and pain emerge relatively quickly. The same thing goes for various food-related allergies and their reactions. However, the human brain is a more elusive organ as we have no way of knowing when the inflammatory pathways have reached the brain-assaulting it at a molecular level without feeling it.

If you are someone who is a vegan or vegetarian or omnivore and your health couldn’t possibly be improved, then keep on kicking butt. I only caution that in my experience as a clinician and dealing with nutrition, I have found the vast majority of die-hard grain eaters who claim to be vegetarian become deficient in essential nutrients and toxic in others. After all, a toasted cheese sandwich, French fries, all grain crackers and soda is considered a vegetarian meal. If you can admit, your diet can improve, and your knowledge could use some awesomeness and supercharging, keep open to these ideas and strategies. At the very least, don’t skip through this chapter about the Eat driver because you feel you know it all and can’t possibly learn something new.

What you need to take so far in our story from the Eat driver is that the idea of removing poison first applies to every aspect of The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health and our life. The scary fact is that most of us who have invested interest in nutrition think a certain way to eat is healthy just because it demonstrated that way on a rat experiment!

In fact, newer sciences on humanity prove that while it was healthy for rats, it may, in fact, be poisonous for humans. We have to set the record straight. Recall the confusion in science is real. Over 86% of our science are experimentation on rats, and the other 14% is other animals. It was only a few years ago, with new DNA technologies, epigenetics, and evolutionary biology, that we can finally base science on humanity; after all, we also have powers and lobbyists who have a particular interest in their profit.

Here is what we can agree on up to this point. If you have a habit that’s destroying your life, GET RID OF IT. Period. To optimize your health-promotion plan start by systematically eliminating that which is killing you.


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