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In this training, The Truth about Personalized Nutrition.

I’m going to take an UNDERCOVER LOOK at the Standard or Modern American Diet and how it’s characterized by that Great White Shark (white sugar, white flour, and refined carbohydrates). I’m going to debunk that Fountain of Youth Myth. Finally, I’m going to show you how to remove toxins safely and effectively.

I discuss:
  • Why trusting food science today is comparable to surgery in the year 1650
  • Food scientists design food to cause addiction and it shrinks your brain
  • Looking at the Root Causes of disease with food
  • Eliminate toxins and Eat Real Food NOT Fake Food-like Substances
  • Bio-individuality play different roles in our health
  • Imitation Food began Industrialization of Food in the 1970s
I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole. Show Transcript: Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views. Frustrating isn’t it?  What are we supposed to believe? In this training, I’m gonna talk about the Standard American Diet or the modern American diet, and how its characterized by that great white shark, the white sugar, white flour and refined carbohydrates. I’m gonna debunk the fountain of youth effect that so many of us get duped into believing.  Buy this or that and stay young.  Hogwash.  I’m gonna show you how simple it is to remove toxins safely and effectively by how well you eat. And that leads us into Dynamism Biohack #4: Be Willing To Experiment. Check it out next.


Did you know the American Heart Association actually gave a stamp of heart-healthy to Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and other ridiculous “cereals”? They said those are heart-healthy because of something else we will discuss soon. Trusting food science and cherry-picking science that goes on in the year 1650 must be done with a level of caution. So far in our series of Dynamism Biohack, we are learning how Dynamic people trust our food culture style instead of 1650 rat nutrition science style. I have covered three things, and five additional things from Michael Pollan, about the rise of industrialized foods. I am excited to unpack it in a little more depth and detail on some specific items. So lets get going.


The Modern American Diet (MAD), or The Standard American Diet (SAD), has changed in the last century because of special interest groups, lobbyists and the industrialization of food. It is characterized by large ‘Great White Sharks’ or huge amounts of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates (now found in everything from cereal to pasta). These sugars are designed by food scientists, to trick the brain, so you keep craving more of them, even though excess consumption of these fake foods shrink key areas of your brain.  Did you know that, if you eat this stuff, it shrinks key areas of your brain!  Your gonna want to listen to this training, so like it and share it with your friends. These fake science foods cause the chronic diseases that come from our modern Western diet, and again, they are not seen in traditional diets. One of the challenges we get into is that our science-oriented culture, which is so great for so many reasons, often wants to treat the ill with a pill- ‘a pill for an ill.’  We get the ‘name it, blame it and tame it with a drug approach.’ Dr. Junger wrote an excellent book called Clean Gut.  He is one of the world’s leading functional medicine doctors. Functional medicine is an impressive evolving set of medicine that looks at the systems and the root causes of our symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms. For example, imagine a tree that is not doing so well, essentially much like a great deal of modern Western culture’s population. Now, this tree has brown leaves.  A good gardener will come in and say, “Well, this tree has brown leaves; let’s treat the root of the problem and  look at the roots because apparently, it is not getting the proper nutrients and so we need to figure it out from a systems level.” If you like this training, click that like button, and that share button, so more people may benefit.


From my clinical standpoint, my approach is to come in, and not paint that brown leaf green. When we just prescribe medication to treat insulin issues, or to treat whatever other issues we may have, in prescribing a pill for an ill, that mirrors painting a brown leaf green; not a smart thing to do when you want to get to the root causes and the root causes of these issues are lifestyle choices, and a lot of those lifestyle choices (how well you use your five pillars of Dynamic health) are nutrition choices- how well you manage your Eat Pillar. Imagine, if you will, having a pot full of water that is boiling. Well, you can drop in ice cubes to reduce the boil, thus writing a pill for an ill. That will cool the water for a while. If you keep on doing it, you will be OK, but it would be a lot smarter to look at the root cause; there is a fire here, making that water boil. This seems so simple.  That’s the point.  It is.  Stop eating junk. And put the good stuff in. Ask yourself, I wonder what would happen if I turned that fire down? That would be a systems biological approach to your health, which is what we want to take. Got it.  So if your sink is overflowing. Rather than turning off the faucet, medicating yourself with drugs,  you just mop around the ground.  Doesn’t make sense, does it? So what are we really talking about here?  You got to ELIMINATE TOXINS.


Everything I have previously mentioned leads us to this Dynamism Biohack: Be Willing To Experiment.  You got to experiment with safe ways to get rid of the toxins. There are two parts to this number one rule: eliminate the toxins and eat real food. So we need to eat food; not too much, and mostly plants. We need to eat real food, whole food, not edible food-like substances; not fake food. We need to start with eliminating fake foods because they are toxins. The fact remains that if you go into nature, you could eat something poisonous that kills you immediately- a risk that exists in nature. You will NOT find food that gives you instant and permanent “fountain of youth effects,” period. There is no superfood on the planet that is going to do that for you once and for all. That is science fiction and apparently our cultural illusion. But, there are foods that are poisonous on a very specific level; we want to take that and generalize it, pulling back to see that the first rule of good nutrition is to cease eating the poison in the first place. If we stop eating the toxic stuff, it will quit triggering all of the adverse reactions in your body, which are fueled by these chemical-ridden food-like substances. Different writers call it different things; you can call it stressors, toxins, or poison. You can call it anti-nutrients, or you can call it toxic triggers.  What you introduce into your body creates a toxic response. I like to think of this on two levels; there are universal toxic triggers, and then there are individual toxic triggers. One of the other important things that we want to emphasize is the bio-individuality of this conversation. There is no one perfect human diet for all people across all phases in seasons of their lives forever. We are each different; we have a different genetic background, and we have a different biological history background. You may have been breastfed, but I was not; that influences things. Your gut does not fully form itself if you are given a formula. Your microbiome is not healed the same way; if you have a history of antibiotics, you have a different microbiome and a different bio-individuality expressing itself. This needs to be addressed as you adopt your lifestyle choices for your nutrition. Universal and specific toxic triggers both play roles in our health, and we are going to talk about both of those in more depth IN A FUTURE biohack. For right now, I want to emphasize the point that if you continue to eat foods that are unhealthy, it will trigger a toxic response. It does not matter how much broccoli you eat; yes, broccoli is amazing! Cruciferous vegetables have been proven to help fight cancer more than anything else. That notion is fantastic, but you can not eat enough of that to compensate for a lot of the toxic food that you might be introducing into your diet. SO REMEMBER, The first rule of nutrition is to eliminate the toxins, thereby eliminating the poisons that are toxic triggers. In the 1930s, doctors were concerned about the introduction of imitation food because there was legislation passed stating that people had to put ‘imitation’ on the food, and sometimes they had to dye the fruit a different color. If you had introduced elements that were artificial, they were an imitation; the public needed to know that it was not real food. In the 1970s, that legislation was reversed, and the industrialization of the processed food industry totally took off. That is why Trix and Cocoa Puffs, which is imitation food, can actually get an American Heart Association stamp of heart-healthy approval. Again, the absurdity of what has happened needs to be addressed, as we navigate and eat that real food.1 I’m Dr. Matt Hammett inviting you to lighten up, move better and live fuller.  See ya next Dynamism Biohack!