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3610 W. 80th Ln
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Video | Dr. Matt LIVE at Valpo University.Tiny Movement and the Iron Will!

Dr Matt Hammett LIVE at Valpo University talking about Tiny Movement and the Iron Will

Quick Summary:

Overall, the fight-or-flight response is an ancient human response that can destroy our willpower in modern times. Dynamic people choose the “pause-and-plan” response by consciously directing their minds to a more positive engaging response, activating the prefrontal cortex and promoting self-control. Slowing the rate of breathing through deep breathing exercises can activate the pause-and-plan response and promote self-control. Exercise can also build brain circuitry and enhance the biology of self-control, making the brain bigger and faster, and improving heart rate variability. Proper spinal hygiene is important for brain plasticity and optimization of brain power. Daily routines, such as exercise and keeping track of daily habits, can help develop overall self-control capacity. The goal is not just building willpower, but reprogramming biology through engaging all of the incremental strategies and tools contained in The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health.

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