The most important asset on an athlete’s body is their spine. You can’t perform well when you are off balance and out of alignment. In addition, further pains and aches develop. Fortunately, New Life Family Chiropractic has safe, natural treatment options for athletes. Above all, they are drug and surgery-free solutions. Therefore, if you need treatment for a sports injury, Merrillville chiropractic experts at our office are here for you. 

sports injury Merrillville chiropractor


For instance, chiropractic care is gaining space in the mainstream medical field. However, professional athletes have sworn by it for years. In addition, MVPs like Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and Michael Jordan- to name a few. Above all, your sports injury Merrillville chiropractors are highly skilled professionals. From gymnastics, cheer to martial arts, chiropractic care has something to offer each athlete.  


You get increased performance, better function, improved range of motion, and reduced healing times. Top that off with a study from New Zealand that found one chiropractic adjustment strengthens muscles to what 3 – 4 weeks of weight training can do. These are just some of the significant benefits athletes can have when receiving treatment from our skilled chiropractors.

Corrective Exercise An amplified targeted technique to biomechanics specific to the understanding of anatomy and kinesiology of that sport. In addition, athletes learn about spinal hygiene exercises. Along with that, avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Nutrition: Many athletes today are turning to plant-based diets. However, they need the right supplements to address any deficiencies. In addition, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin D3, and Bone Broth help bring in vital bone and joint nutrients.

Spinal Adjustments: Optimal spinal health is vital to any sports-minded career. Ensuring spinal alignment, mobility, and functioning optimal helps to protect against injury. In addition, it improves proprioception, balance, coordination and optimizes brain function. And when you are injured, sports injury Merrillville chiropractors are a phone call away.


If you are an athlete, you should have a chiropractor. When you want to stay robust and free from injury, let us help. If you are suffering a sports injury, allow our experience to rid your pain. After that, we will begin maximizing your performance. Merrillville chiropractic experts at New Life Family Chiropractic are here to offer safe, natural treatments that can speed up recovery and make you stronger. Call us today at 219-769-5433!