Chiropractic During Pregnancy and Childbirth in Schererville and surrounding areas

chiropractic pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are two of the most, if not the most enriching, fulfilling, and joyful events in any parents’ lives. It also can be one among the foremost stressful. This is true on the father, baby, and especially the mother. The goal of Schereville Pregnancy Chiropractor care during pregnancy is to alleviate the varied stresses affecting both mother and baby.

Your Area Schererville Pregnancy Chiropractor

Your pregnancy will go as smoothly as possible. Under chiropractic care the connection between mother and child may be formed under the most optimally positive conditions.
Your search for a Schererville Pregnancy Chiropractor is over. When a mother is in physical pain during her pregnancy this causes various physiological changes to her body. These changes include but are not limited to; an increased release of stress related hormones. Even the diversion of blood away from vital organs to skeletal muscle, and a decrease in her immune function can occur during pregnancy.

None of which are beneficial for baby developing in her womb. During pregnancy with the coming increase in belly size, as the baby grows so does a change in the way your body holds and distributes the change in weight. Generally this physical change is what is most likely responsible for your pain. Whether you’re affected by low back pain, sciatic pain down into your buttocks or leg, pelvic pain, or maybe headaches!

Regular Chiropractic Care

Regular adjustments with your Schererville Pregnancy Chiropractor help to revive proper alignment to your body, returning balance, and providing relief. I’ve also found that when Mommy feels better she is more likely to try to to all of the opposite things which will greatly benefit her and her baby. Like exercise, be able to get restful sleep, and keep a positive attitude. And in case you were wondering about the benefits of Chiropractic care and the actual birth of your child.
Chiropractic care leading up to labor has been shown to help reduce labor time by a significant amount. Proper alignment and balance of the pelvis has been shown to decrease the average time of labor by 25% for first time pregnancies and 31% for women that are having their second or third child.1,2


Pain relief, shorter labor time, easier labor, and reduced stress are just some of the benefits of Chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy. For help answering any additional questions regarding Chiropractic care and your pregnancy please call New Life Family Chiropractic at (219) 769-(LIFE) 5433.

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