Schererville Back Pain Doctor

Back pain can make your everyday life difficult. Everyone deals with varying levels of severity. Whether your pain is mild or significant, it can put a rut in your daily life. Overcome your issue with the assistance of our Schererville back pain doctor at New Life Family Schererville Chiropractic Center. We use natural holistic techniques to eliminate pain within the upper and lower back.

Schererville Back Pain Doctor


Chronic pain is often a difficult thing to eliminate. Drugs only mask the problem, never fixing it. Most people don’t know what caused the pain. While others have it after a car accident or incident. Most doctors don’t take the time with their patients to address what caused the problem. Fortunately, back pain of all types is manageable naturally. With the proper treatment, you’ll restore your strength and wellbeing.

A few common symptoms related to back pain include:
Popping sound in joint
Sharp pain that travels down the leg
Muscle soreness
Pain in nearby locations, like the hips or shoulders

During your first consultation, Dr. Matt or Dr. Trish Hammett will sit down with you one-on-one. You will discuss your symptoms and habits. These include how well you sleep, what kinds of exercises you do, your occupational stress, and repetitive motions. Anything else that may contribute to your sore back will be analyzed. Don’t medicate your pain, get rid of it. Your pain’s root cause helps us create an efficient pain management plan. It’s important we address the difficulty at its core and root it out. The AMA states, “A coordinated public health approach is needed to combat the evolving challenges presented by the opioid epidemic that kills nearly 180 Americans every day.” 

Back pain is caused or worsened by the subsequent behaviors, repetitive strains, sedentary lifestyle, and incidents:
Poor sleeping posture
Certain diseases
Improper lifting


Managing any quite chronic pain takes a touch of trial and error. In order to seek out what works for you. We recommend visiting our pain management specialist. Drs. Hammett knows how to find the cause of your chronic pain, not just label it with a diagnosis treated with a drug. Our Schererville Chiropractic features a long list of health benefits and is very effective on back pain.

Here’s why you ought to consider chiropractic care to alleviate your sore back:
Natural. Chiropractic doesn’t involve medication or invasive procedures. It’s a holistic method to stay chronic pain in restraint.
Targets Back Pain. Chiropractic adjustments are often applied to the spine. This relieves pain from its source, meaning it’s very effective. Instead of using treatments that obliquely help, you’ll depend upon chiropractic to scale back your pain.
Affordable. Buying all types of things and medications to treat back pain adds up. Chiropractic has proven to be safe, effective, and affordable beating out medical care including Physical therapy care.
Why settle for covering it up with drugs and dangerous surgeries? Chiropractic is among the simplest ways to treat back pain naturally. Visit our office to see why!


New Life Family Chiropractic Center is the leading pain center in Northwest Indiana for natural healthcare. We truly want each of our clients to beat their pain without the use of drugs and surgery to become the healthiest version of themself. With the assistance of our Schererville back pain doctor, you’ll find the rationale for your problem and start taking steps to eliminate it. Are you ready to rid your pain permanently by addressing and rooting the cause? Call us today.