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Neck Pain? Find Relief

Are you struggling with neck pain and frustrated with the trial-and-error of finding the right doctor? Look no further than New Life Family Chiropractic Center. In addition, home to some of the most experienced and dedicated pain specialists in the Merrillville area. Our empathetic team works tirelessly to help our clients make progress on their journey to a healthier. Next, enjoy a pain-free life.

Signs and Causes of Neck Pain

If you’re experiencing neck pain, it can be distressing and make everyday tasks challenging. Symptoms may include pain when bending your neck in a certain direction. In addition, stiffness through your shoulders, headaches, and soreness that comes and goes.

At our center, we understand that lifestyle choices such as poor posture and inactivity can be a common cause of neck pain. A desk job that requires prolonged sedentary behavior and activities that lead to stiff muscles throughout your neck. In addition, tension in shoulders can exacerbate the condition. Other causes may include injuries, whiplash, and improper sleeping positions.

How Our Neck Pain Doctor Near Merrillville Can Help

No matter the cause, it’s essential to see a physician to determine the root of the pain and the appropriate treatment. Our neck pain doctor near Merrillville takes a holistic approach to pain management. Next, utilizing chiropractic methods to combat pain at its source. Our team performs maneuvers to straighten the spine, which communicates with the rest of the body. Finally, reducing inflammation and pain. This approach is effective for neck pain because the neck is part of the spine. In addition, the adjustments help to restore the neck’s mobility and function, preventing further pain.

In addition to chiropractic care, we also offer physio therapy, non-surgical spinal decompression, and more. These treatments are low-risk and can help heal your pain safely and effectively. There’s no downtime, and you’ll leave our office feeling optimistic about your pain.

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