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The master control center in a growing child is the nervous system. In addition, it controls everything from brain development, what cells form, how the DNA will function. Similarly to bone growth, the nervous system plays a central role in working together for your developing baby. 

Stress in and outside the womb seriously impacts your child’s structure and function. In addition, your child’s spine curvature and cranium development impact overall health, behavior, and sensory-motor development. New Life Family Chiropractic Center offers gentle and non-invasive pediatric chiropractic care. We monitor and correct the underlying issues before they become hard-wired.

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Chiropractic Care for Kids and Babies in Crownpoint, IN


Some parents find it difficult to understand why a child needs pediatric chiropractic care. Parents assume by culture and Pediatricians that babies’ bodies appear to be made of rubber and bounce back from injury. In addition, during delivery, the infant’s head is yanked with force out of the womb. However, imagine a man came up to your car minutes after your newborn was born. He picked your baby up by its head out of the car seat. The man would go to jail for many years. The truth is, children’s bodies are under a lot of stress during their developmental years, and keeping them growing healthy requires maintenance of their spinal structures.

Above all, stress and trauma to the body and spine begin in the womb into the birthing process. Infant spines can become structurally compromised, damaging nearby nerves from the intense pressure in natural and Cesarean births. However, other than crying, they cannot communicate their pain. Pediatricians miss these structurally compromised postures and do not refer to a Pediatric Chiropractor. Parents may notice they may sleep in awkward positions. In addition, they may favor one side during nursing. Similarly occasionally takes a tumble. In addition, the positioning of hips may appear turned in or painful. 

Pediatricians are not a Crownpoint Pediatric Chiropractor

Above all, misdiagnoses from general Pediatricians occur because they don’t know about Crownpoint Pediatric Chiropractic. Colicky is the number 1 misdiagnosis in Pediatrician offices across the nation. Colicky babies might very well be structurally compromised babies. They always need pediatric chiropractic.

In addition, children enter into the toddler phase. Similarly, the additional strain, twist, and fall, while learning to crawl and walk wreck havoc in their bodies. However, our culture believes they are resilient and can take many impacts. Therefore, these injuries develop into patterns of movement that may impede how tissues, cells, and organs develop. In addition, later in life, the parent will be told the cliche “it’s genetic.” Hence, this is the crux of our story!

The preteen phase of kids gets even more intense. Bad posture develops into Forwarding Head Posture. Sitting Disease develops from computers, gaming, or TV. For instance, sports and differing lifestyles impede further issues. In addition, wearing heavy backpacks at school and even sitting at desks can all cause shortening tissues, mal-postures that structurally interfere with the function of your kiddos’ nervous system.

The Teen phase! Yikes! As teenagers, more sitting disease jobs, gaming, school, etc. Keep in mind your body does not respond well from all day sitting then suddenly interacting in a sport. We must maintain our all-day Tiny Movement by moving in Tiny ways every 30 minutes in a waking state.


Rule #1: Pediatricians cannot always tell when a child needs a chiropractor.
Rule #2: A parent cannot tell if a child needs chiropractic care.
Fact: A child’s neurodevelopmental process can become compromised without any awareness on their part. In addition, the feeling of pain or discomfort signals that damage already occurred.

Damage to the developing spine is the source of many other childhood issues, such as colic, ear infections, neurodevelopmental delays, cranial and facial asymmetries, scoliosis, behavior, sensor and motor delays, and ADHD.


At New Life Family Chiropractic Center, we are a husband and wife team with 4 of our kiddos. In addition, Dr. Trish is the only diplomate in NWI caring for special needs kiddos. However, not all chiropractors have extensive training in pediatric chiropractic. Similarly, our colleagues trust us with their kiddos. Watch any number of our videos about Crownpoint Pediatric Chiropractic here. Babies and children often become relaxed and even fall asleep during and following treatment. Therefore, a good sign that it has been effective. Call us today!