Chiropractor Near Valparaiso Indiana

People usually do not need any doctor and they see a specialist only when they feel any pain in the body. Pain is the most common symptom reported in medical clinics. The best place to get pain treatment is from a chiropractor near Valparaiso. New Life Family Chiropractic Center is known for its best health care professionals and medical facilities. Including on-site X-ray services when warranted.

Who we are?

New life Family Chiropractor is an award-winning chiropractor owned by a husband and wife with the sole purpose of helping people to find the best chiropractor near Valparaiso. Dr. Matt and Dr. Trish Hammett are well-renowned chiropractors near Valparaiso to provide all sorts of light adjustment or forced adjustment of the body to reduce the pain and to correct the body’s alignment and posture. You will find the best chiropractor services near Valparaiso. In addition, services along with the latest treatment facilities and specialized instruments.

We understand the seriousness of having body aches and stiff joints. In addition, we provide natural care to infants, children, and adults. Above all, we believe that pain is something that compromises the quality of life. Therefore, we reinforce the fact that your quality of life is of utmost importance.

Types of pain:

We deal with patients having different pains due to different reasons.

  • Headaches: Headaches are one of the leading causes of patients seeing Chiropractors near Valparaiso. They are due to many reasons. One, compromised nerves supplying to the cranium cause the head to ache. We treat conditions affecting the nervous system and muscular-skeletal system.
  • Back and Neck Conditions: Everyone is busy performing the best in their desk jobs which has a side effect of having postural problems leading to back and neck conditions. Our chiropractor near Valparaiso provides the best care treatment for such ailments. In addition, they are 100 percent effective in the shortest possible time.
  • Leg, Knee, Foot, and ankle pain: Lower limb aches are another most common presenting complaint in our clinic. It is due to multiple reasons among one of which is age. However, it is also the routine and work of the patients. We provide advanced treatment for leg, knee, foot, and ankle pain. In addition to injuries due to sports. Above all, our sought-after treatments for the degeneration of tissues or ligaments are paramount.
  • Stress and tension disorders: Stress and tension on the body lead to many chronic pains that our chiropractors near Valparaiso fix. We provide effective treatment to heal the pain-causing stimulus to improve the quality of life of the people.
  • Bursitis: Bursitis in the knees is very common due to accidents or aging. Along with chiropractic care for bursitis, we include Ultrasound Electrical stimulation. Our clinic in Merrillville is equipped and performed by the chiropractor near Valparaiso.

Sports Performance and Injuries:

Sports is the heart of our youth who tend to get severe or mild injuries during the practices. Therefore, the importance of tending to such injuries immediately by seeking a chiropractor prevents further scar tissue and joint deterioration.

Arthritis, Chronic Injuries, and Auto Accidents:

Arthritis is a painful condition of inflammation of the joints. It also presents with aging and more physical work. Chronic injuries that may heal abnormally also are a cause of severe pain. Auto accidents are considered the main acute and chronic cause of pain.