Chiropractic Offices Near Me

Are you searching for the best chiropractic offices near me? Many find it difficult to know how to look for a chiropractor. Above all, Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett have over two decades of experience. In addition, they treat a wide variety of ailments from infants to geriatrics. New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC is the family chiropractor you need. They are caring and helpful with gentle, effective chiropractic care and lifestyle changes tailored for your pain and wellness goals. 

Chiropractic Offices Near Me Offer Holistic Pain Services

Seeking treatment for chronic pain is difficult. In addition, most traditional methods only cover up the problem. Similarly, chiropractic care fixes the musculoskeletal cause of the problem. Above all, think of Dentistry in the treatment of cavities. You would never seek an MD for a tooth issue. You would seek dental treatment. Likewise, do not just seek any chiropractic offices near me. You can have New Life Family Chiropractic treatment.  

At New Life, we have a saying: “Don’t medicate when you can educate.” The media has successfully lobbied the culture, the pill for an ill approach. However, medications do not cure a thing. Sometimes they cannot be avoided and need integration with natural health solutions. In other words, Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett offers primary care to your pain before you resort to drugs and surgery. We understand the need for medication and surgery arises in some cases. However, medications and surgery are alternative treatments. 

We tap into your inner aborigine, your natural healing powers. In addition, holistic pain therapies with no side effects deliver toward wellness. Our pain doctors fix your spinal issues and promote wellness care. In addition, we seek the cause of your problem and uproot it. Chiropractic lifestyle medicine with nutritional recommendation build stronger and healthier bodies.

Neck Pain Treatment at Chiropractic Offices Near Me

Drs. Matt & Trish Hammett focuses on many issues that cause chronic pain. Similarly, here are some of the painful conditions, including:

  • Neck Pain: There are many different causes for chronic neck pain. Sleeping posture may contribute. Computers and Foward Head Posture may add stress. Underlying unresolved Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is the most common. In addition, it begins in our twenties. Chiropractic care is particularly effective against DDD and neck pain. Unlike medications, we seek the cause and work to promote healing and regeneration. Chiropractic works to realign and mobilize the spine. Similarly, adjustments turn on motion detector sensors that rebuild new cartilage in discs. Over time, you will notice an improvement in life satisfaction. 
  • Herniated Discs: Your spine of 25 moveable bones sandwiches a cushion called an intervertebral disc. The disc promotes movement and structural support. A sedentary lifestyle, sitting disease, and injury cause the bones to immobilize. This immobilization of spinal joints promotes scar tissue adhesions and degenerative disc disease. Similarly, decreased spacing compromises specialized nerve roots. Causing less nerve signaling to tissue, cell, organ, even your DNA promoting dis-ease. Chiropractic care works to mobilize and realign your spine. Above all, to promote healthy mechanobiology, healthy disc function, and promote proper nerve signaling. 

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