Broken Brains and The Chiropractic Approach.

The science behind the neural-brain-immune pathway and its impact on colds, flu, and sinus issues. Tiny Movement Deficiencies are truly the core cause of BROKEN BRAINS and how Chiropractic Care- when done properly- is the mechanic for the BRAIN!

Various experts these days are talking about brain health. We have all heard about the various nutritional deficiencies that are breaking our brains. From pioneers like Dr. Amen and his revolutionary brain scans to Dr. Mark Hymans Functional Medicine Approach, and on and on. But there is one most important aspect they all have dropped the ball on! And that’s movement. As you will learn in this video, I’m going to explore what now more than 10,000 studies confirm. I’m also going to explain the neural-brain-immune function and show you the science behind this brain interaction and your immune system so you can better protect yourself against the cold and flu season. Heck, I’m gonna show you the connection between broken brains and sinus issues. Let’s dive in…

Movement is the motor that drives the brain. What experts call SITTING Disease, or gravity deprivation syndrome, or vertebral subluxation. In this video, I’m going to explain how The Chiropractor, is the mechanic for the brain. Let’s begin…

What is Chiropractic Care?

In my new book, The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health (Dynamism Biohack Podcast). I give a parallel description to understanding man’s essential need for chiropractic care.  Yes. I said the essential need for chiropractic care for the family; not just when you have pain, but as a necessary way of life for the Industrialized human.  Let me explain;

The International Union for Conservation of Natural Resources report, “there are over 1,589,361 documented species on planet Earth”.  Most species require some form of movement pathways as an essential nutrient to charge the brain to survive, grow, reproduce, adapt and evolve.  There are over “30,000 different species of fish” and “5,416 different species of mammals” that have specific sensory organs to detect movement.

Fish, for example, have a system of sensory organs that detects changes in the movement called a “Lateral Line System.”  The Encyclopedia of Britannica explains this well:  The “Lateral line system, also called lateralis system, (is) a system of tactile sense organs, unique to aquatic vertebrates from fishes… to amphibians, that serves to detect movements and pressure changes in the surrounding water.

It is made up of a series of mechanoreceptors called neuromasts also called lateral line organs that are arranged in an interconnected network along with the head and body…

In contrast to the over 30,000 different species of fish, human beings also have a system of sensory organs.  In fact, the most heavily populated areas for these sensory organs in humans are called mechanoreceptors which are a specific type of sensory organ that detects movement.

Similar to fish, in humans, they also exist along with the head, neck and back, and body; but they are most heavily populated along the spinal joints of the vertebral column.

This is where Science has dropped the ball on movement reception over the last millennium.  Movement isn’t just about exercise.  In fact, Movement is an essential requirement in both the underwater world and the terrain world stimulated by mechanoreceptors.  Movement pathways charge both the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) through a 4 step process which is shared by both species as discovered by various academic and research institutions.  It is a complicated process, so for our purpose, I am going to simplify it so we can assimilate and use it to improve our way of life.

At this point in our story, we have determined that movement charges the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system), and we have determined this process applies to an aquatic vertebrate (30,000 species of fish and other amphibians) due to its lateral line system and the spinal movement pathways in humans.

Thanks to a quick lesson in marine biology and neuroscience we are going to connect the dots of various scientific discoveries and examine a specific path in both species that validates the need for proper movement for the electrical charge of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) require in both species in order to survive, grow, reproduce, adapt and evolve.  Again, this is a genetic requirement versus a need.  The genome of both species requires it.

Basic neuroscience explains the movement to brain pathways and how they are essential for both species.  Sensory information reaches the central nervous system through the process of 4 things.

  1. Stimulation-  The physical stimulus (movement) on sensory receptors.  Again, underwater, it’s the mechanical movement of water hitting these sensors.  In humans, it’s the mechanical movement of the spine turning on specialized sensors called sensory receptors.
  2. Transduction-  Movement stimulus provides electrochemical impulse and makes a connection to another neuron branch.  In other words, the mechanical movement creates the electrical connections between the nerves.
  3. Transmission-  Movement stimulus activates a tiny neuron called an axon which conducts electrical impulse increasing the electrical potential or the action potential along a specific pathway called the afferent pathway in the brain and spinal cord, the central nervous system.  In other words, mechanical stimulation provides the electrical charge through the nerves to the brain.
  4. Interpretation- The brain creates the sensory perception of the events of the movement pathways called afferentation.


The brain identifies the stimulus, processes it, and interprets it thru the CNS stimulation from movement. To summarize, in both species; movement pathways activate 4 things (stimulation then transduction then transmission) then the central nervous system receives the input (interpretation).  Therefore, the brain receives this charge as an electrical potential that projects to different brain regions associated with different sensory modalities.

Now The amount of charge the brain gets is determined by two things:

  1. By the Intensity of sensation based on the Frequency of nerve impulses from the mechanical stimulation or movement patterns.
  2. By the information based on Identity of transmitting neurons and Frequency of movement patterns.

After the brain interprets the information, it sends out the charge through the spinal cord to every target cell, tissue, gland, and system of the body.  This is called nerve to nerve signaling.  Once again, the amount of charge going from the brain gets determined by Intensity + Frequency of impulse created from movement and Identity + Frequency of information generated from movement.

Bear with me as I get through this geek stuff…

The nerve impulse to the brain and spinal cord (CNS) is created, transmitted, and intensified by mechanoreceptors which are most populated along the human spine and stimulated from the mechanical movement of the spine.

This pathway of sensory information to the central nervous system is shared by most living animals and requires movement as an essential nutrient for their way of life.  Anyone who doubts this needs to look at Dr. Wolpert’s work with the Sea Squirt.

Okay, now that we have reviewed basic science.  Let’s explain what a chiropractic adjustment does thru science.  The mechanical adjustment given by the chiropractor activates mechanoreceptors or specialized sensory organs along spinal joints which charge the brain and spinal cord (or the central nervous system).

And we said that the amount of charge the brain gets is determined by Intensity + Frequency of impulse from mechanical stimulation or movement and Identity + Frequency of information from movement patterns; all of which is determined by the amount of movement we get during the day.

The question is, how much movement does the human spine require in a day?  The short answer; 8 – 10 miles of walking done sporadically throughout the day.

In a normal functioning spine, walking, running, jogging, mechanically stimulates the movement of the spine which acts like a windmill that generates all these things we are discussing.

But in a dysfunctional spine, a spine that does not generate 8-10 miles of movement, that dampens the normal activity of the brain and spinal cord, (CNS) and every tissue, cell, organ they supply.

Your quality of life is diminished and stressed. 

We only need to look at NASA’s gravity studies to know that humans require mechanical loading or gravity and mechanical movement of a proper functioning spine generated by walking on a daily basis generates proper nerve to nerve signaling, nerve to tissue signaling, nerve to gland signaling, nerve to hormone signaling, nerve to cell signaling, nerve to organ signaling and nerve to brain signaling…

Due to our sedentary lifestyle and validated by over 10,000 studies on Sitting Disease or the effects sitting has on spinal immobility or spinal dysfunction and nerve to nerve signaling; among others, the brain is not receiving the proper charge it needs.

The result of this inactivity and lack of movement diminishes nerve signaling to the brain and diminishes the quality of life of every known system in the human body.   Another reason why just 1 week of astronauts in outer space suffers 35 years of ill health effects is due to the inability of moving the spine with gravity.

In fact, Recent anthropology studies suggest that the hippocampus portion of the brain has shrunk by 40% as compared to our hunter-gatherer ancestors.


Why should we care?

Because You and I have a hunter-gatherer genome, no one in science denies this.  Therefore we have the same genetic requirements as our hunter-gather ancestors who hunted and gathered for food spending massive amounts of movement and energy in order to do so.

Understanding Lifestyle Chiropractic Care

A key in understanding the need for lifestyle chiropractic care comes from a distinction between exercise and movement.

The various sciences as I can see from my perspective are clear.  Exercise is movement, but the movement is not “always” exercise.  Movement transcends and includes our exercise.

NASA scientist Joan Verniko’s wisdom can help with some suggestions, besides having every member of your family’s spine regularly checked by a chiropractor and your teeth regularly checked by a dentist for good hygiene.  Here are a few tips from NASA that you can do at home.

I call it, The NASA Inspired Ultimate Way to Move your Day

Tiny Movement Counts Most
1. Get a chiropractic adjustment regularly because it will amplify your results in all your movement goals.
2. Constantly change your posture.
3. Stretch often while sitting and typing.
4. Stand and move while typing.
5. Keep a 30-minute timer on your wrist while at the computer and sitting.  Get up and move every 30 minutes for 1 – 7 minutes.  (Do jumping jacks, burpees, squats, stretching.)

Frequent Daily Movement Matters Most

1. Reading while stretching on the ground with a bunch of dynamic positions instead of a locked sitting position.

2. Get more walks throughout the day- even if it’s a quick 5-10 minute walk.

3. Finally, Get on the monkey bars with your kids and play with them at the playground.

We want to live like a wild human but without leaving our current comfort and tech of today. So, Change your environment often throughout the day changes your Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health. We are changing our sedentary behavior to a new empowered lifestyle that mimics nature and resembles that of our ancestors.

Therefore, Chiropractic care is a medical field that focuses on treating disorders within the nervous and musculoskeletal system; but we primarily treat movement disorders or movement deficiencies.  Most know that chiropractors specialize in helping alleviate pain in the back, neck, joints, arms, legs, and head without the assistance of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractors perform a spinal alignment or adjustment by manually applying controlled force onto the targeted joints and tissues to improve functioning by stimulating those sensory organs which in turn charge the brain, cells, tissues, and organs in the body.

In other words, restoring normal spinal function, in turn, restores normal brain, tissue, cell, and organ function as evident by basic science.

And despite popular belief, chiropractic adjustments are normally not a source of discomfort for patients and any mild soreness following the treatment is quickly fleeting in hours.

The adjustments are effective at restoring mobility, alleviating discomfort or pain, reducing muscle tension, and enabling the tissues to heal properly.

Besides chiropractics unique role in fixing broken brains. Whenever you receive a Chiropractic adjustment, there are 5 big scientific researched ideas happening following a chiropractic adjustment.

5 Big Researched Ideas Following A Chiropractic Adjustment

1. You get a boost of immunity by 200 – 400%.

2.  You improve overall brain and body function.

3.  You improve your metabolism.

4. You improve your ability for tissues to regenerate and heal.

5.  You actually increase skeletal muscle making you stronger and more durable.

Like I said chiropractic care is more than treating a specific ailment; it is about helping patients achieve the highest possible level of care for mind, body, and spirit.

Chiropractors are highly specialized doctors able to educate patients on all-natural methods to improve overall wellness for a broad range of health topics.

Chiropractors can provide nutritional guidance to create a more healthy diet, full of all the nutrition-packed foods that will support your system through the seasonal changes.

So after all that background, How does Chiropractic Care Help Fight Colds and Flu? When the spine is adjusted into a proper position, the nerves housed in the human nervous system will benefit from dramatic boosts in functioning.

Since the fragile network of tiny signals can easily be scrambled, it is vital that the back is aligned to remove any subluxations or spinal dysfunctions and improve the effectiveness of the spine sending fuller messages to the brain. Therefore, when your nervous system is well-supported, your entire body will be strengthened to take on the war against the common cold and flu.

Again, this is not a theoretical construct or cherry-picking science.  A recent study that was published in the Chiropractic and Manual Therapies journal, discovered that chiropractic care may have an even stronger positive impact than previously hypothesized.

The study found that participants who received just one single chiropractic spinal adjustment experienced significant improvements in immune system functioning.

After the very first adjustment, the participants’ production and the overall count of white blood cells increased. Since these specialized cells are responsible for fighting off all the viruses and creepy crawlies our immune system encounters on a daily basis, this is statistically significant support that chiropractic care can help fend off a cold.

Significant evidence has also demonstrated that upper cervical neck adjustments during chiropractic care can also help chronic sinus infection sufferers who experience a flare-up multiple times a year. Excess tension in the neck interferes with the nervous system’s natural ability to communicate with the sinus passages. As a result, there is a buildup of pressure in the sinuses and a decreased outlet for the fluids to drain from the cavity.

With the fluids stagnating in your sinuses, it creates the ideal breeding ground for the bacteria that cause sinus infections.

Although antibiotics will help to kill the bacteria, the remaining fluid in the sinuses will cause the problem to keep reoccurring.

Therefore, Upper cervical neck alignments ensure that the tension is properly relieved on your brain stem, thus enabling the sinus passages to naturally clear.

Many patients with a sinus infection will feel their sinuses begin to drain within five to ten minutes.

Although medical research and science support the claim that chiropractic care boosts the functioning of the immune system, the best evidence comes from patients who have experienced this phenomenon for themselves. After being adjusted, it is very common for chiropractic patients who are feeling under the weather to report feeling a clear decrease in their symptoms.

Patients often notice reduced sinus pressure, headaches, nasal drainage or runny nose, sore throat, body muscle aches, and even overall fatigue or malaise.

In addition, patients who maintain routine chiropractic treatments also tend to become ill less often and experience less severe symptoms than those who do not receive the care.  And of course, this is a major focus in our office as nearly half of our patients are children and infants.

If making it through the winter season without missing days at work or school and scheduling expensive trips to see your physician sounds appealing, start taking charge of your health by consulting with a trained chiropractic team.

While there is no silver bullet to treating all common colds, receiving chiropractic care is proven to be an effective way to support the immune system and minimize the risk of catching the viruses in the first place.

So, along with preparing your home and vehicle for the long winter ahead, be sure to keep your health in mind by making a visit to your local chiropractor to have a cold, flu, and sinus-free season!

And for those of you who still want to hear more of the science behind this.  Watch my video on Immunity and the Chiropractic Approach where I really go deeper on concepts; I call it my Star Trek geeky nerdy version video.  Look for it on my Monday Morning Moment series on Facebook.

Until next time, “lighten up, move better, and live fuller.”
I’m dr. Matt Hammett reminding you that it is always a great idea to have your kiddos checked by a family-based chiropractor. I hope you enjoyed this video and others like it, so you can be more engaged in your spinal hygiene for your family and friends. As always, we invite you to become patients in our practice, and if you already are… Kudos to you and your family, help us spread our message by becoming fans on our Facebook page and sharing this video with your loved ones… God bless.