Merrillville Chiropractor Q & A about brain changes and chiropractic.

Q: Dr. Matt, I keep you hearing you say that chiropractic care promotes positive brain changes. You mention, neurons that fire together wire together. What do you mean by that?

A: First of all, despite popular science. The sound released following a chiropractic adjustment is not just gas released in the joint. Let me reveal what is happening under a microscope.

Chiropractor Answers:

What goes on in the microscopic spaces between our specialized cells called neurons is the answer.  For instance, neurons transmit nerve impulses and it is exceedingly complicated. In biochemical terms, it involves various chemical reactions that register and record experiences in neural pathways. In biomechanical terms, every time we perform a movement task, especially movement of the spine, a set of neurons in our brains is activated.

Therefore, the brain receives that first spark from the movement of our body.  Above all, especially the movement of the spine via the activation of two sensors (proprioceptors) body position sensors and (mechanoreceptors) body load sensors.  In addition, these sensors charge these neurons to join through the exchange of synaptic neurotransmitters.

In other words, this joining permits a nerve cell to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron. For instance, to turn on many types of neurotransmitters which release chemicals that nerve cells use to send signals to other cells.

Neurons Wire Together

As the experience (especially the Merrillville Chiropractor adjustments) is repeated, the synaptic links between the neurons grow stronger and more plentiful. Therefore, the strength of these links is achieved through two adaptations. One, physiological adaptations, such as the release of higher concentrations of neurotransmitters.  Second, anatomical adaptations, such as the generation of new neurons or the growth of new synaptic terminals on existing axons and dendrites.  In other words, these are the long and short threadlike parts of a nerve cell along which impulses conduct from the cell body to other cells.

Above all, synaptic links can also weaken in response to experiences.  Again as a result of physiological and anatomical alterations such as poor posture, alignment, and immobility caused by sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, what we learn as we live is embedded and recorded in ever-changing cellular connections inside our brain. The chains of linked neurons form from these physical inputs.  Also, the mental experiences our minds’ true vital paths actually grow and adapt. Today, scientists sum up the essential dynamic of neuroplasticity with a saying.  Known as Hebb’s rule: ‘neurons that fire together wire together.’”

In other words, sedentary lifestyle alters this response in reverse, the brain actually shrinks. Therefore, the first time in our history as a species, the brain is actually shrinking! None of this is theoretical construct or a philosophical ideology.  All of this is worked out in science!

Please understand something in science with what we consider evidence. The human anatomy and physiological textbooks in America are from northern American people (only 4 -6 % of people on the globe). The textbooks used in science like Guyton’s textbook on medical physiology or the biochemistry books, are very misleading regarding actual evidence.

They should be corrected to read rat medical physiology and rat biochemistry. In fact, most of what we think we know about humanity that we call evidence-based does not come from humanity! It is an anamorphic lens that bends the reality! Not to mention we simply don’t live in a vacuum. The rats they use are not even found in nature that way; they are lab bread for specific experiments. This is 17th-century rat science and still very much the predominant system in science today!