My Philosophy for Natural Health

How The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health Lifestyle Plan was born:

Those who heard my story on my podcast, the show Awaken the Giant Within, recall when I began creating these videos and connecting the dots between differing sciences. I talked about chatting with boy genius Jack Andranka and his novel pancreatic cancer sensor at age 16, to receiving a generous offer by a leading scientist (whom I will not name) to coauthor research for a novel pain biosensor, to focusing on the main problem with science; it isn’t human, and you can’t swap one species out for another and call it human.

The Parable of The Marine Biologists spells out the problem: biologists don’t study sharks and formulate drugs for a dolphin. Vets don’t study the diet of cats and give it to dogs. Swapping out one species doesn’t work, because of a well-documented basic science phenomenon called species differentiation.

One cell type or protein, or one biomolecule reacts and behaves vastly differently depending on what species it came from. It’s driving scientist WILD.

In fact, just yesterday, I’m proud to say, I have two PhDs, a husband and a wife. The husband studies lung pathology with rats, I didn’t understand what his wife does because she is in a totally different field, I couldn’t pronounce it. They heard my podcast about rat science and animal science and absolutely loved it. May I add, I won’t share names.

I will say about the husband and wife scientist seeing me now, he was quite troubled, as all scientist are when they heard my podcast about rats and animal research as I gave examples actually tracing through actual biochemical pathways, how science proved they differ, and why that paradigm is outdated and needs a new genius to redefine and update theories and methodology, and we are all met with a fact; a geek term called species differentiation.

They know it’s true and it drives them NUTS. But listen. I honor them for their work. I’m thankful for their work. It still is so important because we can’t barbarically do human research the same way they can a rat.

Yes. I most adamantly agree. Here is the problem. Should we continue the same methodology, defend the same old paradigm, after terabytes of data prove, you can’t swap out one animal for another and call it human, the paradigm just won’t work and it never will work.

Animal scientists will always be needed and important because they provide the first portal for research. But swapping out an animal for a human and creating drugs is outright dangerous. Again, I don’t have the answer.

But If we don’t engage in this uncomfortable conversation and discuss true unbiased facts around this, how will the next boy genius like Jack Andranka, discover a new paradigm and a new methodology?

By the way, I never coauthored the research for a pain biosensor with that leading Harvard Ph.D., after she agreed with me…it would have worked on a rat because it’s all based on rat physiology. But it won’t work on a Guinea pig, or a rabbit, or even a mouse. Get this, we have wild rats, rats out in the wild. It won’t work on a wild rat, it’s different than a lab-bred rat. Our research isn’t even based on a real rat, they are bred by scientists for labs, they are called lab bred rats. You need to consider that a different species. A wild rat, a rat found outside in the forest. It won’t work on an actual wild rat, the lab results differ when they compared the two. So, think of lab-bred rat as a different animal than rats in the wild, because it is. They don’t even argue that fact!

So, how on Earth, can we determine what will happen with a human, when we apply these methodologies.

She paused…“That’s the problem. We have no idea. It’s very complicated.” In other words, we were close to a pain biosensor for a lab-bred rat only!

Not interested. I stuck with my day job…chiropractic. That’s where I belong.

If your a scientist and your only fallback to the obvious problem, it ain’t even human. And your fallback is, “yes, but we can’t do human research.” That isn’t the point. The entire paradigm is exposed. Your methodology is corrupt. Your theories are wrong. As a clinical scientist, you’re supposed to notice the results and when it won’t work go back to the drawing board, change your hypothesis and your theories, and yes the outdated and incorrect implementation of the gold standard, the scientific method. It will never work!

It’s not just about the dangerous side effects of drugs that are at stake here. It’s not just the nearly 1 million people in the USA alone harmed by the proper use and prescription of drugs, that no one wants to admit or discuss.

You’re impending on the next generation of scientists, who might discover something better, a better methodology. Listen, our current scientific paradigm, the scientific method was first thought up in the 1920s before the discovery of DNA. It’s time for a change! You can’t keep walking headfirst into a wall thinking at some point you’ll break through. It’s a concrete wall! Your skull will never crack that concrete, but that concrete wall might do YOU in if you continue the insanity. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Please listen, I’m just a guy watching you hit your head over and over yelling, “that ain’t drywall….it’s concrete. It’s 20 tons of concrete!

And no I don’t know what new methodology is better. I don’t offer any suggestions on updating the scientific methods, that’s not in my scope. I’m just shouting, that’s a 20-ton concrete wall and eventually your gonna crack your skull. I don’t need a Ph.D. to see that. In fact, if I had a Ph.D., I might not be able to see that. A Ph.D. major in minor detail, when you do that, you lose the big picture.

If more people and scientists hear me shouting that. Hopefully, some genius will hear and have better methods and a new paradigm may be discovered. If used appropriately, that genius may lie within the growing field of nanotechnology, it may be safely used on human beings for research with little to no harm. I do believe, to an extent, that’s around the corner.

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