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At New Life Family Chiropractic, we take your problems and ailments very seriously. We make it our #1 goal to help you feel like you have complete control over your body again. In addition, we want you feeling as close to 100% as possible and we won’t be satisfied until that happens!


About Us

Above all, New Life provides a team approach to Pediatric Chiropractic care. Since 2003, through the over two decades of experienced work of Drs. Matt and Trish Hammett.


Our Mission

For instance, we strive to help our patients experience the best health possible. Above all, to achieve their health goals through the use of our New Life Pillars of Health lifestyle program.


Our Philosophy

In addition, Chiropractic focuses on neurological and musculoskeletal integrity. We aim to favorably impact family, Pediatric chiropractic health and well-being without drugs or surgery.


Our Services

In addition, we offer a natural approach to healthcare. We specialize in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic, natural pain relief, and lifestyle modification. Our unique treatment plan is based on the work of Dr. Matt Hammett featured in his Dynamism Biohack podcast.


Our Commitment

Our goal is to provide a model of health. In addition, a resource of wellness for our patients, family, friends, and community. In other words, to be an ambassador for the people against the failures of the health care system. To be a teacher against the dreadful lifestyles that have forced us into crisis.


100% Family Owned

In conclusion, we are not a franchise, we are a family-owned practice with a special interest in families. Our success is driven by ‘word of mouth’.

Deliver real, measurable results, that’s what we do best.

“We want you feeling as close to 100% as possible and we won’t be satisfied until that happens!”

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