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Video | Balancing Resiliency

Balancing Resilience in a Fight or Flight World with Wellness Expert, Dr. Matt Hammett.

As a wellness expert, Dr. Matt Hammett has observed that more and more people are experiencing chronic pain and disease due to living in a fight or flight world. Our bodies are constantly responding to stressors such as work, family, finances, and social media, which can lead to imbalances in our nervous system and physical health.


Balancing Resilency

Dr. Hammett emphasizes the importance of balancing resilience in our bodies to combat these stressors. Resilience refers to our ability to adapt to and cope with adversity. One way to build resilience is through chiropractic care, which can help align the spine and nervous system, reducing pain and improving overall health.

In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Hammett recommends practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques to help regulate the nervous system and reduce stress. He also suggests incorporating movement and exercise into our daily routine and eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet to support our body’s natural healing processes.

Immobility The Silent Killer

Dr. Matt explains the connection between immobility and chronic illness, including Type II Diabetes, and how movement, especially small movements in the spine, is crucial for optimal organ function and nutrient absorption.

He debunks the common myth that an hour of exercise a day compensates for extended periods of immobility, and emphasizes the importance of consistent movement throughout the day. Without proper movement, the body cannot effectively utilize nutrition from the diet, leading to chronic illness and potentially cell death.

The emerging science of mechanobiology is shedding light on the importance of movement for overall health and wellness. In this video, you will discover why Tiny Spinal Movement Count Most.

Overall, Dr. Hammett encourages us to prioritize our health and wellness in our fast-paced world. By building resilience and taking care of our bodies, we can better navigate the stressors of modern life and achieve optimal health and well-being.


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