Today’s Monday Morning Moment: Rebalancing Resilience in a Fight or Flight World with Wellness Expert, Dr. Matt Hammett. If you or your kiddos suffer from any chronic pain or disease you will want to watch this video! In this video, Dr. Matt connects the dots between various brain research and the physiology of immobility. He explains the science why immobility after 30 minutes puts us in a pre-diabetic state, shrinking key brain areas and leading to spinal decay or vertebral subluxation. He reveals more science from NASA that links Type II diabetes, not to nutrition and exercise… But to immobility and a sedentary lifestyle, the deeper layer to the TRUE cause of Type II Diabetes and most chronic illness most experts have dropped the ball. Finally, he integrates the nutrition and diet connection with “neuro-fascia integration”, or how diet and nutrition make up our structure, and how movement; especially the tiny movement of the spine, is the neuro-catalyst the body requires for the optimal function to utilize that nutrition and the proper organ function and tissue nutrient absorption. He explains how movement transcends exercise, and “the hour of exercise a day” myth doesn’t compensate for the time you are immobile. (Science discovered the same prediabetic condition and brain shrinkage still occurs after 30 minutes of immobility; even kids in competitive sports did not compensate for the time spent sitting in classrooms.) The emerging science of mechanobiology is discovering that without the right kinds of movement, your body doesn’t utilize the nutrition it needs which can lead to apoptosis or cell death, which leads to chronic illness and eventual death. Without the proper types of movement, the nutrition from your diet or supplementation is not utilized and processed by the body or absorbed, it simply excretes out of your urine… In this video, you will discover why Tiny Spinal Movement Count Most!