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#17: Altitude Thinking

...  discuss:The power of self talk and Altitude Thinking The difference between a Caged person and a Dynamic person How ...  person. And that leads us to Dynamism Biohack: Altitude Thinking.The vocabulary of animals may seem foreign to us; they may not be ...

Re Think Chair

...  today's Monday Morning Moment, ReThink Chair. Find out how your chair may be causing your digestive issues, ...  this video out, soon to become a classic. It is time we ReThink the Chair in America as Dr. Matt pours through strikingly new science ...

#39: The Moment You Own It

...  person uses "fact checking" to assess their predominant thinking about a given challenge The Zen Meditation StudyI am really ...  person uses "fact checking" to assess their predominant thinking about a given challenge. Michelle Gielan walks us through an example ...

#37: Faulty Rat Science Part I

...  impact that may have on our world today when clinicians think they have a valid argument when they refer to rat studies when ...  the ability to consume and destroy us all if we fail to think through our current scientific methodologies and continue to flog any ...

#36: Kiddos & Chiropractic Care

...  and brain connectivity or plasticity. Many researchers think that it was just the exercise that improved brain and overall health due ...  of one neuron to another. This connectivity is vital for thinking, learning, and higher levels of brain function. Perlmutter wrote a ...

#34: The Bond

...  the deaths in modern-day marathons are the result of our thinking that we need to stay hydrated during the race. They did not realize ...  out what they are doing, and copy that way of life. I think at this point in this training, most get that, but I am still surprised ...

#33: The Iron Will

...  remembering to sit up with better posture every time you think of it can help you develop your overall self-control capacity.One study ...  and personal power.In the words of one of the greatest thinkers and revolutionist of our time, Albert Einstein, "From the standpoint ...

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