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Re Think Chair

...  today's Monday Morning Moment, ReThink Chair. Find out how your chair may be causing your digestive issues, ...  this video out, soon to become a classic. It is time we ReThink the Chair in America as Dr. Matt pours through strikingly new science ...

#17: Altitude Thinking

...  discuss:The power of self talk and Altitude Thinking The difference between a Caged person and a Dynamic person How ...  person. And that leads us to Dynamism Biohack: Altitude Thinking.The vocabulary of animals may seem foreign to us; they may not be ...

#2: Avoid Industrial Factory Foods

...  asks the medical doctors in the audience about what they think which food holds the greatest surge in blood sugar or which has the ...  blood sugar more than table sugar, but we still somehow think that it is impossible because the guy we see for our diabetes doesn't ...

#1: Your Inner Aborigine

...  I want you to take that statement in… I know what your thinking, but the experts say this and that.  Yeah, and they never agree do ...  it becomes. Caged people who go with the flow in society think it's super complicated because popular culture has made nutrition to be ...

#49: Chemical & Mechanical Pollution

...  has been called the 2nd brain. I won't get into that, but think about that. Your damaging your 2nd brain when you take over the counter ...  up the pain.)They take NSAIDS for years, and they think that is normal. They think taking an over the counter drug or a ...

#48: Tiny Movement Ageless Health

...  is caused by how well you live, how well you eat, move, think, connect, and cope with stressors throughout a lifetime;what I call the 5 ...  chairs, like the Okinawa's, and it's time for us all to Rethink Chair!Osteoporosis is a major health concern for elderly western ...

#46: Your World View

...  myth in his book Go Wild about evolution. Popular culture thinks that evolution is progressive and leads only one way: to better, bigger, ...  identical versions of our ancestors, right down to how we think and feel. Over the very period that the brain shrank, our DNA accumulated ...

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