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#17: Altitude Thinking

...  discuss:The power of self talk and Altitude Thinking The difference between a Caged person and a Dynamic person How ...  person. And that leads us to Dynamism Biohack: Altitude Thinking.The vocabulary of animals may seem foreign to us; they may not be ...

Re Think Chair

...  today's Monday Morning Moment, ReThink Chair. Find out how your chair may be causing your digestive issues, ...  this video out, soon to become a classic. It is time we ReThink the Chair in America as Dr. Matt pours through strikingly new science ...

#27: Emotional Intelligence

...  this training after my family tragedy. The idea made me rethink who I was, and what I was capable of becoming. It inspired me beyond ...  our capacity are defined by our innate mental abilities to think and plan, to pursue training for a distant goal, to problem solve and to ...

#26: Become A Revolutionist

...  ends, and they know they have to. Dynamic people do not think their internal programming is genetic or gifted, but rather plastic, ...  their internal and external realities. While most people think they were only born with these traits, dynamic people work on themselves ...

#25: Awaken The Giant Within

...  sitting in that hotel lobby, like time had frozen AGAIN, thinking to myself, how am I going to raise my children without help from my ...  was gone. But all I would obsess about. All I could think and breathe about, was to find the cure, so that no one else had to ...

#24: We’ve Cracked The Code

...  "The Truth About Medical Education, Why Medical Doctors Think The Way They D0."We have learned more about how our brains function in ...  What started the entire thing? Ivan Illich was a great thinker and a multilingual prolific writer of American Western culture. He ...

#23: Statement of Dynamism

...  one's moods and keep distress from swamping the ability to think to empathize and to hope."Goleman began a revolution redefining what ...  here are some Dynamic Take Away points I want you to think about at the end of todays training. I want you to grab your journal and ...

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