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#48: Tiny Movement Ageless Health

...  this trainingI'm going to explain how tiny movement helps you reduce your aging...(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs ...  learned from the Okinawans after WWII about aging and Tiny MovementI am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add ...

The Movement Paradox: From DNA to Embryogenesis to Mitochondria

...  Monday Morning Moment, The Movement Paradox: From DNA to Embryogenesis to Mitochondria.The 5 Key Points:1. Movement has a direct bearing on how our bodies are shaped, how our brains ...  our cells function. 2. DNA is expressed depending upon movement. 3. Movement is being deemed an essential nutrient for Homo ...

#31: Movement is Life

...  an organ with a very important function essential to life; movement. You heard of the expression that your eyes are the window to your ...  more important than your mouth! Remember, Your Tiny Spinal Movement Counts Most! And when you have a chiropractic problem, you need a ...

#14: NASA, Gravity & Movement Paradox

...  astronauts leave for space, their health suffers How movement charges the brain and most tissues, and cells in the body Why movement is not the same as exercise6 KEY CONCEPTS:NASA & ...

#13: Movement Paradox

...  up where most experts have dropped the ball on; that's movement.Movement is being deemed an essential nutrient for Homo sapiens as it creates a ...

#11: Genesis Movement Part II

...  to believe?In our last show in this training of the move driver of the five pillars of a dynamic health I was talking about The Beginning of Movement, I explained that Humanities ability to speak, write, use gestures, ...

#10: Genesis Movement

...  other side of this... Im going to show you how the right movement will impact your health and life. Were going to look at movement lessons from history and reveal the hidden truth about how much we ...

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