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#25: Awaken The Giant Within

...  is the fact that how you eat, think, move, connect, and cope with stressors (like smoke, pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, high fructose ...

#23: Statement of Dynamism

...  ability to use your God-given human talent of coping. The cope driver of a dynamic health has to do with using your perceptions, the ...  and have some emotional intelligence while we pursuit the Cope driver of a Dynamic Health.After all, human beings are the only ...

#21: Tale of The Two Rules

...  are what you eat, how you move, think, connect and cope with stressors."CUI BONOCui Bono pronounced (Quee-bone-o); is a ...

#20: Stress Foe or Friend

...  the nervous system of our ancient ancestors trying to cope with the stressors of modern day society.And, although humans are ...

#17: Altitude Thinking

...  it's how well you eat, move, think, connect, and cope with stressors in your environment that matters. To do all that well. You ...

#16: The New Paradigm

...  think about, how they connect with others, and how they cope with stressors in daily life.The last priority, and I admit, I was ...

#14: NASA, Gravity & Movement Paradox

...  can measure by how well we eat, move,, think, connect and cope with stressors in our daily life.As soon as we put an animal in ...

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