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In this training, If it seems almost impossible to get permanent autoimmune relief, you may be right.

The latest headlines in Food Legislation Fuels rise in whole grains despite the latest in science that demonstrates it’s killing us. In this training I’m going to sort out the truth about whole grains.  I’m going to take a perspective from biology, neuroscience and allergy based science to explain why grains are toxic to humans.


I discuss:
  • The goal of the seeds of grasses
  • Relationship between grains and brain health
  • How are genes determine how we process food
  • Two facts in nutrition we all agree
I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole. Show Transcript: Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views. Frustrating isn’t it?  What are we suppose to believe? In this training, I’m going to sort out the truth about whole grains.  I am going to take a perspective from  biology, neuroscience, and allergy-based science to explain why grains are toxic to humans. And that leads us to Dynamism biohack: Hard Truth About Cereal Grains The Hard Truth About Cereal Grains Once again, the focus of this training is about health-promotion, not sickness-crisis based care. However, a detriment to true health-promotion comes from misunderstanding proper nutrition versus bad diet.  So it is necessary to take a moment and talk about grains from various perspectives in both the health-promotion and sickness-crisis based paradigms. Dynamic people understand changing perspective from different scientists; researchers and authors often bring to light difficult scientific matters. After reading numerous books and papers about grains, I am taking perspective from biology, neuroscience, and allergy-based science to explain why grains are toxic to humans. From an evolutionary biologist’s perspective, grains are the seeds of grasses. The top four cereal grains come from wheat, corn, rice, and barley. They account for nearly 70% of global agricultural crops by weight. Along with sorghum, oats, rye and millet, these grains account for 56% of all calories eaten by humans. Grains are poisonous to us because they are the seeds of grasses; in turn, they contain toxic proteins. In evolution, these toxic proteins are intended to make it difficult for a grazing animal to digest the seed. The goal of the seed is to exit the animal’s digestive tract still intact, dispersed and covered in the manure for the seed to plant and fertilize itself for plant growth. So by creation, seeds are not meant for digestion. After a scientific analysis of seeds, we know why these toxic proteins are more heavily concentrated along the outer shell- something we call bran. They are also found throughout the entire kernel. The term “whole grains” means seeds containing the heavily toxic bran; they are often mistakenly viewed as entirely healthy. Why? The short answer is simple. Linear reduction methods using rats usually show some nutritious advantage for some particular mechanism in the lab. The problem is two-fold. Obviously, we are not rats; nature does not live within the convenient walls of a laboratory experiment, and because of this we have no way to measure the dynamic or quantum result of the analysis. So let me explain it throughout a NEUROSCIENCE PERSPECTIVE ON GRAINS. Another reason is that these methodologies do not explain the relationship between grains and other ingredients and brain health in the broader outlook of our human DNA.1 To examine this relationship we need to shift to a neuroscience perspective. No one has explained the relationship of the more general outlook of our human DNA than neuroscientist and nutrition expert Dr. David Perlmutter. He explains it best, here: “Our genes determine not just how we process food but, more important, how we respond to the foods we eat. There is little doubt that one of the largest and most wide-reaching events in the ultimate decline of brain health in modern society has been the introduction of wheat grain into the human diet.” It’s true that our ancestors consumed minimal amounts of grain; however, what we now call grains bears little resemblance (due to gene-hybridization, pesticides, and other pollutants) to the wild variety that our ancestors consumed on rare occasions. Its interesting to read about how scientific methodology has changed our food, read Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore Dilemma.  For those who are not familiar with Pollan’s book, for the moment just understand that rat studies rarely take gene-hybridization, pesticides, and other pollutants into consideration during their experiments making many experts feel that safety measures have not been properly placed. Once again, I feel it important to note that I am thankful for scientists and the experiments they do; we would be nowhere without them. Yes, I understand the importance of rat science and other animal studies. I honor the scientists who conduct them; if anything, we need more of them. I am merely pointing out some of the reasons we cannot use the same rules we have created for the sickness-crisis model when conducting science for the health-promotion and restoration model I am teaching in this training. It is a matter of apples and oranges; both are fruit that is good to consume, but sometimes it can get confusing. Dr. Perlmutter has this to say about the confusing matter: “We are increasingly challenging our physiology with ingredients for which we are not genetically prepared.” The book Wheat Belly gives a thorough description how the incessant genetic tinkering has led to a very different type of wheat. Again, as I already covered in other Dynamism Biohacks, The science of nutrition is not the space-age high-tech we are led to believe. The truth is, nutritional science as Michael Pollan puts it, “only got started less than two hundred years ago, is today approximately where surgery was in the year 1650- very promising and fascinating to watch, but are you ready to let them operate on you? I think I’ll wait awhile.” I think that summarizes why we need to avoid rat-based nutrition based science and mimic what our ancestors have been doing for centuries. When 80% of heart disease and more than 33% of cancers have been linked to diet,2 we need a paradigm shift. So There are two facts about nutrition that are indisputable no one intelligent is going to disagree with: 1.    A typical Western diet consists of lots of processed foods and grain-fed meat, lots of added fat and sugar, more refined grains, lots of Latin-based words defining specific chemicals never found in nature except vegetables and fruits suffer from the typical diseases such as obesity, type-II diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 2.    People who don’t eat that stuff don’t suffer from chronic diseases which I call The Chronic Illness Plague that is killing 80% of the industrialized civilization. Here is what we found. The traditional diets of various non-Westernized cultures vary widely. The Inuit tribes of Greenland eat super high-fat diets from mostly seal blubber.3  The Central American Indians eat a high carbohydrate diet comprised mostly of maize and beans.4 The Masai people in Africa eat a super high protein diet of mostly cattle meat, blood, and milk.5  However, even those extreme varieties do not eat Westernized foods and do not suffer from chronic diseases. Time Magazine named the food journalist Michael Pollan as one of the one hundred most influential people in the world.  To summarize his writings, “There is no single ideal human diet … the human omnivore has evolved to handle a variety of different diets except one, the Western diet that most of us now eat.” The important point to take home thus far is that almost any change in diet that results in eating less industrial foods will dramatically improve one’s health.  It does not matter if it is veganism, or a fad diet such as Atkins, even people who only stop consuming soda they will all get healthier. The reason so many diet programs on the market work are because they tell you to avoid industrial foods, such as white flour, refined sugar, and vegetable oils. I’m Dr. Matt Hammett inviting you to lighten up, move better and live fuller.  See ya next Dynamism biohack!