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What Mom Needs To Know

Dr. Matt discusses what you need to know about Pediatric Chiropractic. Including care for newborns to teenagers. He explains how C-section births and even natural births may cause the first trauma to your baby.

In this video, Award Winning and Top Doctor, Dr. Matt Hammett shows where exactly the first injury occurs to a baby during the delivery process. The training to Obstetricians and Pediatricians is limited in scope with these types of birth injuries. Finally, you will understand why a chiropractor is essential for your family.

Dr. Matt often says, “Just as families need a dentist, chiropractic care is essential for the family.”

Seven reasons your kid needs a chiropractor!

  1. The current healthcare system is not working!
  2. Chiropractors Think differently!
  3. Most kids are subluxated from birth!
  4. Chiropractic is scientific!
  5. Children and ear infections!
  6. A chiropractor is essential to the family.
  7. Chiropractors encourage other preventative care and wellness education.

“It isn’t rare for our chiropractor to ask my children about their diets and exercise. He is a mentor to my kids. He has provided me with education on supplements, vaccines, and exercises. Since we see him at least once a month, we have an established relationship that allows our whole family to receive health care. Such a better experience than popping into the pediatrician for sick care.” -Amy L.

The Goal

The goal of chiropractic for our kiddos is to keep their bodies working well by eliminating structural issues during the vulnerable years; growing up. In this way, when illness arrives, their bodies are equipped to fight off the daily grinds of bugs and falls. Most importantly, without unnecessary medical intervention like drugs and surgeries.


When a child’s spine is aligned, receptors charge their brain the sensory information and nutrition required from the movement. In this way, your kiddos can stay healthy more often and recover more quickly.