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#47: The Health Promotion Solution

In this training

I’m going to explain what the new Health Promotion Solution offers you and why it is the future of True Health Care…

Listen, if you’re serious about improving your health, living pain-free or you just don’t want to be sick anymore, here’s how to find out if I can help you. Call us at 219-769-5433, mention this show and we can begin together to find out today!

  • The six attributes define the Health-Promotion Model
  • The health restoration/promotion paradigm views humans and other living organisms as genetically programmed for balanced function and improved adaptation
  • How we have the ability to grow stronger in today’s world

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast. In each week I’m going share with you how to make the right nutritious choices despite conflicting expert opinions where I help you to discover how to unlock your inner aborigine or your inner greatness. Thank you for spending this time with me today, so let’s get into the training.

True wellness in the Health-Promotion Model, as far as I can discern from the literature, is nothing more than the concept of holistic health or perhaps ecosystem health based on human health sciences. The following six attributes define the Health-Promotion Model:

  1. Wellness in this model is a term used to define health as a holistic concept that incorporates body, mind, and spirit.
  2. We can view the human being as an ecosystem or a collection of cells interdependent and living in symbiosis with one another.
  3. Wellness is not some short-lived concept or some new age idea. Being well means expressing our genetic potential for health in body, mind, and spirit.
  4. The right wellness model recognizes that every cell, tissue, organ and system works synergistically to form and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  5. Humans are genetically programmed to strive for balanced function and adaptation.
  6. Humans are genetically programmed to grow with increasing improved levels of health when given the right resources.

Health, as defined by the Health-Promotion Model, is a state of balanced function and adaptation. The following two attributes define the new concept of health:

  1. Health and homeostasis or balanced function are the same.
  2. Health and hormesis or improved adaptation are improving performance.

And that leads me to the next Dynamism Biohack: The Health Promotion Solution

Hormesis is a biological response to low doses of a stressor that enhances the ability of the body to handle that stressor. Therefore it improves performance. Unlike homeostasis (balanced function), hormesis (improved adaptation) does not return the body to a natural state. It returns it to a better than the average state, getting to the “deeper layers” of health and vitality.

Let me illustrate this with an example; let’s apply the term hormesis in exercise. In bodybuilding, when a person lifts a weight, they are placing heavy stress on a given set of muscles- a process that damages them by overload. The body reacts and adapts with an immune response and inflammation. It’s sort of interesting, how I am using these two terms as a positive when we read how “horrible” inflammation and stress is.

Keep in mind that I am introducing you to a brand new paradigm, the health restoration/promotion paradigm, through a human evolutionary biological viewpoint; in this model, these are not pathological. They are normal healthy adaptive physiological expressions occurring in response to the environment. The fact is, the body uses both to rebuild, and I will explain later for a more refined appreciation of these forces.

For the moment, just understand that rebuilding the body does not only build back what was torn down, it adapts. It grows bigger and better through an adaptive response. In bodybuilding, the muscles respond to the new challenge due to the heavier weights. The body responds to this new demand by building an infrastructure to meet the challenge. Take the challenge away for a period, and you will understand the cliché’, use it or lose it.

In this model, true wellness is a state of holistic ecosystem health. Three domains divide the new concept of wellness: physical, intellectual and emotional health. To be well and healthy you must simultaneously express balanced function and improved adaptation in all three domains.
These domains have a particular set of rules that govern them:

  1. Each domain has an equal influence on the others.
  2. Each domain is in a state of co-dependence.
  3. Each domain forms an indissoluble union.

Besides the association between balanced function, improved adaptation and health, there are some other defining concepts of the wellness paradigm. In the wellness paradigm, the body-mind-spirit is inherently intelligent; we are a self-healing and self-regulating organism (within limits of course). Health is considered the natural state. Living things are animated earth genetically or inherently programmed for health; they are programmed to strive continually for balanced function and to adapt to whatever environment they are exposed to in the most intelligent way possible on survival and healing, growth, and repair.

In the sickness/disease, paradigm illness is seen to stem from bad luck, bad germs or bad genes; humans are seen to be genetically pre-programmed for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression, etc. Chronic illness and disease are considered inevitable phenomenon and as the result of pathogenic germs and pathological genes expressing diseased cell, tissue, organ, and system function.

Many experts in healthcare in both the disease/sickness and Health-Promotion Model feel the germ theory is lacking. In 2012 science discovered our microbiome and the human microbiome project was born. We know that we have ten times the number of cells in our bodies in the form of thousands of different species of bacteria that live in symbiosis in and on our bodies, joints, organs, glands, and tissues. If we have seventy five trillion cells in our bodies, we have ten times that coming from bacteria living in symbiosis with us. If that is the case, how can health or illness be about germs?

In summary, the health restoration/promotion paradigm views humans and other living organisms as genetically programmed for balanced function and improved adaptation with the ability to grow stronger.

  1. Health is the inherently genetically programmed goal of living organisms.
  2. Illness is an adaptation to a toxic or deficient environment, not faulty genes or bad organs.
  3. The genes are expressing based on the environmental input you participate in life.
  4. Your organs can become overloaded with toxicity from our toxic and deficient foods and other lifestyle choices.

The truth is, in this new model, we understand that when we get sick (for the most part), we get sick because of how we were living before getting sick. In other words, up to a point in life when we are given a diagnosis or expressing a symptom, that is the net product of the negative stimuli of your genes. The effect goes both ways, the net product of positive stimuli to your genes cause an expression of life, vitality, and health.

New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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Amazing Doctor. Very thorough. Polite, awesome personality. Definitely a 5 star!

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New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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Pain free pregnancy IS possible!! Real family care! Not only do Dr Matt and Dr Trish take excellent care of me and my family, they are also educators! They have helped my back pain, especially during pregnancy!

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New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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I’ve had nothing but a positive and professional service from New Life Chiropractic. Dr. Matt is always effective and informative. He’s helped me so much and I happily trust him to adjust my newborn. I’m so glad we found New Life!

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