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#28: The Authentic Life

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How to live an authentic life without compromising your values.

Humanities hunger for truth is a deep-seated desire within each of us to live an authentic life. We desire not only to witness authentic lives but also to live an authentic life. We genuinely wish to be true to ourselves, but we just do not know how. In many respects, our age is one of abundance, but amid this abundance, there remains a great hunger in the people of today.

Listen, if you’re serious about improving your health, living pain-free or you just don’t want to be sick anymore, here’s how to find out if I can help you. Call us at 219-769-5433, mention this show and we can begin together to find out today!

I discuss:

  • What is Healthology
  • How to embrace optimistic challenge
  • The marine biologist parable

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast. In each week I’m going share with you how to make the right nutritious choices despite conflicting expert opinions where I help you to discover how to unlock your inner aborigine or your inner greatness. Thankyou for spending this time with me today, so let’s get into the training.


This training is rooted in lessons from hundreds of the newest books and journals in neuroscience, epigenetics, functional medicine, positive psychology, chiropractic care and high performance. For me, the inspiration and zest for life came from embracing three fundamental things: in brief, after witnessing my father die from preventable cancer, my mother from a preventable heart attack, and my grandmother from a medical mistake. As a natural health provider, I knew they were all preventable. Dad was always stressed out about life and needed to lighten up, mom barely ever moved, was sedentary, and needed to move better. Grandma should have lived fuller if it were not for the doctor’s mistake. As a result, I knew I needed to Lighten up, Move Better, and Live Fuller.


Humanity’s hunger for truth is a deep-seated desire within each of us to live an authentic life. We desire not only to witness authentic lives but also to live an authentic life. We genuinely wish to be true to ourselves, but we just do not know how. In many respects, our age is one of abundance, but amid this abundance, there remains a great hunger in the people of today. We have a universal appetite for the consciously directed life, a longing to be and become and experience all we are capable of being. Everything good in the future depends on whether or not we will follow this longing to live with the conscious choice.

The hunger for truth and righteousness is enormous, and yet at the same time, living with conscious choice has been largely rejected. The error that our fate is the result of our genetics, our family inheritance, stops most people in their tracks from learning about conscious choice. They become Caged people because the stench of defeat is too great to bear, so why try? Why would they change their life if they can live without the consequence?

The training in your hand holds the answer to that question. The truth is; everything has a consequence. There are no consequence-free choices, no consequence-free meals, no consequence-free sedentary lifestyle, no consequence-free mindsets, and everything has its own consequence. The consequence is the core reason we need to learn how to become a Dynamic person. We need to learn how to live an authentic life.

In this training, were going to explore the authentic life. Were gonna look at science in a new way, were gonna welcome optimistic challenge and why we need a new model in healthcare; one that shifts away from sickness/crisis intervention into the new health promotion model; how to get and stay well for a lifetime. Were gonna define healthology, a term not yet in the dictionary, or the study of health. Were gonna break open the bones of dinosaurs and discover what our connected DNA Really have to do with our health outcome. All that, to lead us into a concept your doctor doesn’t know about, it’s called the Specie Specific concept, in other words, the genetic requirements for one species is different from another species. I’ll explain in today’s show. Don’t miss this one. And that leads me to Dynamism Biohack: The Authentic Life.


This extraordinary time when we are globally aware of each other, and the multiple dangers that threaten civilization have never happened before, not in a thousand years, not in ten thousand years. Humanity’s complexity is as vast and marvelous as all the twinkling stars in the universe. We have made incredible technological advancements and at the same time swayed off course regarding honoring our created world.

Science insists that the first living cell came into being nearly four billion years ago. Our DNA contains the genetic code, the same recipe for life that our ancient ancestors had in their DNA. You and I are living molecules that were shared by our first ancestors to Moses, Christ, and your parents. We are animated Earth and vastly interconnected with other species. Our fates are inseparable. The purpose of every cell is to become two cells and ambitions come true. Our bodies make 100 trillion cells, and ten times that are not even human. Your body is a microbiome community, and without those microorganisms, life would cease to exist.

Human life is one quadrillion molecules conducting millions of processes between trillions of atoms. Biologists argue that at any given moment, the total cellular activity in one human body is googolplexian. A “1” followed by a googolplex of zeros.1 In a millisecond, our body has undergone 100 times more processes than there are stars in the universe. This is exactly what Charles Darwin foretold when he said science would discover that each living creature was a “little universe, formed of a host of self-propagating organisms, inconceivably minute and as numerous as the stars of heaven.”

There are five things that make people with a directive conscious choice different from the rest of the group. I have named these five things, the defining attributes, and drivers, The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health. These five drivers are the life-giving habits that animate their lives.

I am convinced that if we work intentionally to help people develop a vibrant life through these five drivers, we will see incredible things happen in their lives and the American healthcare system.
For too long we have been hypnotized by complexity. Science put men on the moon and created the Internet, and even high definition television in the palm of our hands. People tend to forget that there is so much to Mother Nature; she needs no help, just no interference. As a result, when we try to share the knowledge with others, they often quickly become overwhelmed. Those who yearn for renewal in their lives do not know where to start. They do not know there is a different option.

The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health cut through the complexity, and provide a practical and accessible model for engaging Dynamic people. They provide a simple and understandable starting point. Wherever you are in your life journey, I hope you will find in the five pillars a model for renewal the same way Dynamic people are engaging this model toward a fulfilled life of health.


Clearly, things are not working, so we need a new approach. We need an approach based on what I call True Prevention and True Wellness. It is a new framework for human health. In the sickness/crisis model of our sickness care system, we have identified both activators and drivers of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancers, and so forth. We spend all our time and energy warning people how to treat symptoms and blaming our genetics. Instead of teaching them the fundamental drivers toward health-promotion.

To contrast, the structure of this new model identifies five things that promote and activate human health. In this model, human anthropology studies and evolutionary biology derived from the genetic data of our ancient ancestors provide the evidence for human health promotion, which are the genetic foundational raw requirements for human beings. They are divided into five pillars because they are the foundational cornerstone to humanity.

In this quintuple of health that is dynamic, interchanging and interrelated and a continuum of optimum levels of health; we have a model based not on standard linear models, but dynamic. The drivers of health constitute the standards our ancestors lived to which also match what our genetic needs are today.

To understand how this model works, I need to explain how I derived the data from these new perspectives. This framework came after visiting a museum with dinosaur exhibits. I simply was with my kids at a museum and thought, “Wow. They figured out all this about dinosaurs from bones.” I thought to myself, “If they can do that for dinosaurs, why not for humans regarding the drivers of health?” Our modern day culture is so focused on the study of pathology.

I was determined to study healthology- a term not yet in the dictionary. I wanted to find out if anyone else was thinking the way I was. I discovered they were- the Human Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology Movement. The only thing I needed to do was to link up the two movements in research. As a natural health provider, I knew I could add my perspective, and create a model that promotes health, not disease-based care, but true health care.

Science was realizing, like that of dinosaurs, we can assimilate scientific data from our past, compare it with present hunter-gatherer people and see the results. But, before we can begin to understand the results, in essence, the basis for this new model, people need to understand paleontology- the science behind dinosaurs.


Paleontology is the part of our story when I get to become that geeky kind of “Star Trek nerdy freaky guy.”

Fossils provide many different clues to us about dinosaurs. Researchers discovered microscopic structures, called melanosomes, within fossilized feathers of an ancient bird. Different kinds of melanosomes create different colors in the feathers.2,3 By studying growth rings, scientists can estimate how fast the animal was growing at different times in its life, and how old individual animals were when they died.


Fossils also provide several different kinds of clues about the diets of extinct animals. The teeth and jaws of modern animals show adaptations for different feeding behaviors and diets. For example, animals adapted for killing large prey by biting tend to have massive jaws, and large muscles for holding the jaws closed. Their teeth can vary from thin and knife-like (good for slicing meat) to thick and banana-shaped (better for piercing and tearing out chunks of bone and flesh).

Scientists try to find similarities between the teeth and jaws of extinct and modern species, which infer that their diets may have been similar. This type of analysis has led to the hypothesis that the predators from this period were good biters, but their teeth were not well-adapted for chewing bones.

By comparison, studies of living mammals show that chewing tough or gritty food leaves wear marks on tooth enamel. Hard foods, such as nuts, twigs, and bone, leave pits on the teeth. Tough, grit-covered foliage pulled from plants growing near the ground leaves scratches. “Tooth micro-wear” analysis is just starting to be used to understand dinosaur diets. New studies may help scientists distinguish between plant eaters that grazed on low-growing ferns from those that browsed on the leaves and twigs of trees.

Some fossils get preserved with their stomach contents. For example, sometimes they find a smaller fish fossilized inside the stomach of a predator fish, indicating the type or species of fish it ate. Fossilized feces, called coprolites, usually contain partially digested animal or plant tissues. Close examination of these tissues provides information about the foods the animals that deposited the coprolites were eating.


The best evidence for how dinosaurs traveled comes from trackways or sequences of fossilized footprints. From trackways, scientists can learn whether dinosaurs traveled individually or in packs, how many traveled together, which dinosaur led the herd, and even how fast they traveled. Trackways from multiple dinosaurs often reveal that they were in a herd if the tracks appear to have been made at the same time and are in the same direction. Some tracks show where dinosaurs moved side-by-side, or where the animals’ paths undulated back and forth together.


In order to understand how dinosaurs might have thought, scientists first estimate the size of a dinosaur’s brain based on the size of its skull. Sometimes they use CAT scan technology to reconstruct the dinosaur’s brain. Then, they estimate the dinosaur’s intelligence based on the size of its brain related to its body size. They also consider the size of certain parts of its brain, since different parts of the brain relate to different senses or aspects of intelligence.2


A pertinent question isn’t it? Why not? Apparently, since the 17th century, we have come to know about humans by studying rats. Kind of a mind-boggling situation isn’t it? After all, one would not normally call humans and rats all that similar. As a matter of fact, according to the literature, over 86% of western science uses rats to study humans. Rat science is used for creating drugs, understanding psychology and behavior, and even (unfortunately) in recommending diet and nutrition. In fact, each year’s Nobel Prize winner comes from studying rats. Do we study rats to understand dinosaurs?

Let me ask that question again. Do we study rats to understand dinosaurs? No. Of course not. Do we study frogs to understand the earthworm? No. Of course not. Then how can we switch out a rat for a human?

That question leads me to the Parable of the Marine Biologist.


A young woman walked up to a marine biologist and asked her to help her pet dolphin who appeared ill. The woman continued to point to a shark and asked her to cut up and study everything she could about the shark, to formulate a pharmacology product to give to the dolphin?

The marine biologist looked perplexed, “That is absurd, in fact, pseudoscience… This is a shark. I should study the dolphin,” she said. The marine biologist, along with any geneticist or zoologist would agree. What algorithm, what formula could they develop that will safeguard the health of the dolphin if the research was based on the physiology of sharks?

“That is ridiculous, study the dolphin,” added the marine biologist.

“Why? They both live in the ocean. They are both a fish,” replied the young woman.

“It is a totally different species, it has a completely different genome, and it has a totally different genetic code. In fact, no biologist, geneticist, zoologist, or scientist would study a different species and recommend a pharmacology product from the physiology and genetic code of a different species anywhere in the world for any reason!” cried the marine biologist. “You might as well ask me to study a snail to treat an angelfish,” snapped the marine biologist.

The young woman stared in confusion and asked an obvious question. “So why are we studying rats, mice, rabbits, and others to formulate pharmacology for humans?”

Did you get the parable?

Let me gently tell you that I do see the great value of rat science, including the enormous amounts of scientific data we now have, thanks to our current methodologies. I also honor the scientists who study rats; I have some close friends who do so, and I wholeheartedly believe they are providing the baseline for our advancement in science. I am only reporting what my experience has been with the literature, the competition that exists between scientists and clinicians when they try to validate a study becomes varied by so many factors.

In my scientific journey, I cannot agree that a rat is a high qualitative standard when it comes to human health. I also know that every scientist agrees that we would be better off studying humanity for humanity; not a rat for humanity. Again, for those committed to this type of science, I honor you and thank you, because your work is very important.

My point is this: humans have been studying thousands of different species for several years. We have many specialized Ph.Ds in numerous disciplines that study each aspect of science. In fact, trying to compromise a list of specialists that do this would be a painstaking task.

In ecology and every known species known to man, no one studies a different species to try to understand the anatomy, physiology, genetics, nutrition and all the other scientific aspects.

To think that rats and other animals are similar to humans matters not. When we study the earthworm, we study the earthworm. When we study a rabbit, you won’t study a frog. Could it be that comparing the biology of a rat species to a human species is simply, the wrong paradigm?

Take a moment and reread the statistics about modern medicine. We already discussed this in an earlier training on the concept called medicalization of life.

Perhaps extrapolating data from other animal species and trying to compare that with humans is simply the wrong paradigm when we have the technology to study healthy human subjects from our ancient human ancestors and comparing that with our modern hunter-gather humans exhibiting exceptional levels of health. Perhaps sickness/disease-based care on the “diseases of civilization” is simply the wrong paradigm regarding finding solutions for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease?

Let me explain it to you this way, if we were to expand our vision of health care, not just based on sickness and disease, but on the true drivers and activators of health. We would have a true health care system that deals with both the study of pathology and the study of human healthology! Now, you are beginning to look at biology through a different set of lens. Let us focus our lens on the next concept of health promotion, in our next training on the 5 pillars of a Dynamic Health, I’m gonna talk about the species-wide-concept. I gave you a glimpse of it already.

Why is it, in marine biology, in fact, in any other biology course, we don’t switch out species. If you want to study a shark, you study the shark. It would be quackery to study an earth worm and based on the anatomy, physiology, and biological make up of an earthworm, assume it will be well for a veterinarians when they help a dog. If we wouldn’t break the biological law between differing species when it comes to animal and other sciences, how can we assume it will work when it comes to studying humanity?

This is the question I’m going to address in the next show. This is the big ah ha moment, right. Ah ha, now you understand why death by medicine is the leading killer in the US. The science we use to extrapolate data isn’t even human; something no scientists or geneticists can argue; we would never do that in vetinanarian school; a dog is not a cat and on and on… Could it be, that extrapolating data from animal science is simply the wrong paradigm. Think about that. Until next time, lighten up, move better and live fuller.

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New Life Family Chiropractic Center, PC
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Amazing Doctor. Very thorough. Polite, awesome personality. Definitely a 5 star!

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Pain free pregnancy IS possible!! Real family care! Not only do Dr Matt and Dr Trish take excellent care of me and my family, they are also educators! They have helped my back pain, especially during pregnancy!

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