What to do when you know you can’t change.

Discover yourself becoming a Dynamic person and living a life of dynamic health, you notice a confident, buoyant, and sustained energy about yourself. High energy is yours for the taking, engagement becomes a habit, and you possess a palpable enthusiasm for your life and future. Caged people suggest that not everyone can live this kind of life; I say- why not?


I discuss:

  • How to become a Revolutionist
  • The five attributes of Dynamic people
  • Be the change

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:


When you discover yourself becoming a Dynamic person and living a life of dynamic health, you notice a confident, buoyant, and sustained energy about yourself. High energy is yours for the taking, engagement becomes a habit, and you possess a palpable enthusiasm for your life and future.

Caged people suggest that not everyone can live this kind of life; I say- why not?

“Dynamic people” is a name I attach to people who choose to live with a directive conscious choice to act and perceive the world differently. They do not blame their past on childhood experience, or at least they do not allow those experiences to hinder their life focus and passion. They choose not to hold resentment and attachment to the past and are not distracted by the present. Dynamic people do not fear the future obstacles they will encounter. In this way, they indeed seem different from others; they are like revolutionist with a calling to be the change.

In this training, I’m going to explain how to be the change. how to become… a revolutionist. And that leads me to Dynamism Biohack: Become a Revolutionist.

One thing I have learned in coaching my patients who live with conscious choice is how consistently they practice being present with their reactions and realities. They work for their ends, and they know they have to. Dynamic people do not think their internal programming is genetic or gifted, but rather plastic, moldable, shape shifting. Neuroscience confirms this mindset, which has found that the adult brain and personality are not “set”, but rather continue to grow and mature based on new ideas, experiences, and mental and mechanical conditioning. I’ve already explained by what I mean by mechanical conditioning in earlier trainings about the Move driver of dynamic health. In that, we require tiny movement done sporadically throughout the day, and the motion of the spine is the windmill that drives the neurobiology into play, it feeds the brain 90% with the essential nutrients our brain requires every day; we learned that through Nobel Prize Winner; Dr. Roger Sperry. If you didn’t catch that show, go back and listen to it.

Dynamic people are incredibly attentive to their internal and external realities. While most people think they were only born with these traits, dynamic people work on themselves to gain the necessary attributes. They are revolutionists, who are seeking a newer model.

So let me cover the five most common attributes of Dynamic people that I have discovered as a researcher and a clinician.

Attribute #1: Dynamic people stand at the crossroads and point humanity down a path with certainty.

Revolutionists stand at the crossroads and lead humanity down a path they have never traveled themselves. Their confidence usually comes from careful thought, and a strategic plan derived from the data at that time. Today, there is certainly no shortage of data. We have every kind of expert on every type of subject for books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, webinars, radio shows and television programs attempting to speak to our very real human needs in ways that are relevant and engaging.

Attribute #2: Cultural illusion and deception do not govern dynamic people.

Cultural illusion and deception govern most people’s thinking. For good reason, not a moment goes by on the news about some deceiving plan or high profit-driven scheme made public. We have built a society based on glamor, appearance, and conformity. On the surface, things seem fine. Scratch just below the surface, and we discover little substance. Glamour and appearance have become a standard. Take, for example, our Facebook or shall I dare call it, our Fakebook? Where we have the peer pressure of social media leading us off the cliff with some misconstrued and mass-hysteria induced theory. If we dare to step away from the pack of this hysteria, we are labeled and even viciously attacked online! Dynamic people turn it around. In Hugh Jackmans movie The Greatest Showman, we learn that the man who invented the circus, got that name from a malicious critic. Instead of worrying about the critic, he turned the whole experience around by trading an insult for a compliment; and you can do that too!

Attribute #3: Dynamic people are hungry for the truth, not the fleeting and superficial.

There is a profound discontent with our lives and with our modern culture. Our genetic constitution evolved us to connect and be loved, and there is restlessness and a longing for more. The yearning preoccupies the human heart, and it is neither random nor accidental. Everyone craves this yearning, and we have it for a reason: to survive, adapt, and evolve into a greater species. Humanity’s longing is not for appearances or the superficial because it is something of substance. We are hungry for truth. Humanity is starving for the authentic, thirsting for sincerity, and aching to experience the genuine.

Attribute #4: Dynamic people reach out to people manifesting hopelessness and who are crying out for help.

This cultural fatigue is displaying a sense of loss and despair in our world today. People are looking for help, sometimes in the wrong areas of life. When we look at our world through a scientific lens and discover what is happening to our planet, pessimism sets in. On the other hand, when we realize the number of people who are working on the most salient issues of our day and are not optimistic, we do not understand the data.

Attribute #5: Dynamic people are willing to confront despair, power, at incalculable odds.

Dynamic people are willing to restore grace and beauty to our world at incalculable odds. They are ready to face the forces against them and restore humanity to balance. One of America’s foremost public intellectuals Adrienne Rich wrote, “So much has been destroyed I have cast my lot with those who, age after age, perversely, with no extraordinary power, reconstitute the world.” Humanity is uniting as a whole.

Hearing these descriptions of Dynamic people might make it seem as if people making a directive conscious choice had some unique gift or were always this way. However, those living with a directive conscious choice will often tell you that they were once caged. The transformational change that took place in their lives happened when they decided to transform themselves. They felt a yearning for more from their lives and worked toward achieving that desire. In the same way, you too can become a dynamic person, by your conscious choice and consistent action.

There could be no better description, other than that humanity is coalescing. As Paul Hawken said, “It is reconstituting the world, and the action is taking place in schoolrooms, farms, jungles, villages, campuses, companies, refugee camps, deserts, fisheries, and slums.” The people living in these times are sending us a message of profound challenge, to embrace a life rooted in conscious choice. This message is unmistakable and disarmingly simple. Our benefactors, friends, colleagues, siblings, parents, and children are sending us this message. They are searching for an example, desperately asking, “Do not tell me – show me!”

A life made by the example of people with conscious choice. We live in an evolving world, and its fate resides in the deepest recesses of the soul. We are ‘animated earth’ and in the words of biologist Janine Benyus, “life creates the conditions that are conducive to life.” There is no better motto for the future of humanity.

During a graduation commencement speech, Paul Hawken tells us “we have millions of abandoned homes without people and millions of abandoned people without homes.

In the United States, we have failed bankers advising failed regulators on how to save failed assets. We are the only species on the planet without full employment. We have an economy that tells us that it is cheaper to destroy the earth in real time rather than renew, restore, and sustain it. You can print money to bail out a bank, but you cannot print life to bail out a planet. At present, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it gross domestic product. We can just as easily have an economy that is based on healing the future instead of stealing it. We can either create assets for the future or take the assets of the future. One is called restoration and the other exploitation; whenever we exploit the earth, we exploit people and cause untold suffering. Working for the earth is not a way to get rich; it is a way to be rich.” Be the change.