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In this training, let The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health consciously design your life. Step outside the Caged people’s mindset and don’t just end up somewhere.


Be present, here in the moment and choose where you’re going to go. That is high performance. In this training were going to mark your demarcation point. This is the point where you say, enough. That’s it. I got this.

Listen, if you’re serious about improving your health, living pain-free or you just don’t want to be sick anymore, here’s how to find out if I can help you. Call us at 219-769-5433, mention this show and we can begin together to find out today!

I discuss:

  • Mark your Demarcation Point
  • An engaged mind is your aim to be free from the past and in the present moment
  • Dynamic people have POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Summary:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast. In each week I’m going share with you how to make the right nutritious choices despite conflicting expert opinions where I help you to discover how to unlock your inner aborigine or your inner greatness. Thankyou for spending this time with me today, so let’s get into the training.

Becoming a Dynamic Person

In order to become a Dynamic Person, we must be present and consciously choose where we are going to go in life. This requires a consciously designed thought process where we mark our demarcation point. This is the point where we say “enough”, and choose to move forward. By doing so, we can create a positively engaged mind that is free from the past and focused on the present moment.

Developing Mental Cues

To become more positively engaged, we must train ourselves to think in a consciously designed and directed mindset. This involves asking ourselves questions that help us stay present and engaged with our emotions and experiences. By developing mental cues, we can anchor our thoughts and focus on what matters most.

Generating Happiness

To generate happiness, we must actively pursue it through movement and positive thinking. By increasing movement, especially spinal movement, we increase the release of dopamine, which promotes feelings of joy and pleasure. Additionally, by consistently asking ourselves questions and mentally focusing on positive experiences, we can increase our sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Creating a Plan for Success

To become a Dynamic Person, we must create a plan that works for our specific lifestyle situations. By developing a concrete, growth-oriented plan, we can set ourselves up for success and become more engaged with our lives. It’s important to consistently work towards our goals and hold ourselves accountable by reflecting on our progress and setting small, achievable goals. Through consistent effort and mindfulness, we can become more positively engaged and cultivate a Dynamic mindset.

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The Demarcation point to being a dynamic person is setting achievable goals and consistently working towards them. It’s about having a positive attitude, being open to growth, and continuously learning new things. It’s important to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and take action towards making it a reality. With perseverance, dedication, and a growth mindset, anyone can become a dynamic person.

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