In this training, let The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health consciously design your life. Step outside the Caged people’s mindset and don’t just end up somewhere.

Be present, here in the moment and choose where you’re going to go. That is high performance. In this training were going to mark your demarcation point. This is the point where you say, enough. That’s it. I got this.


I discuss:

  • Mark your Demarcation Point
  • An engaged mind is your aim to be free from the past and in the present moment
  • Dynamic people have POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast. In each week I’m going share with you how to make the right nutritious choices despite conflicting expert opinions where I help you to discover how to unlock your inner aborigine or your inner greatness. Thankyou for spending this time with me today, so let’s get into the training.


Let The Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health consciously design your life. Step outside the Caged people’s mindset and don’t just end up somewhere. Be present, here in the moment and choose where you’re going to go. That is high performance. In this training were going to mark your demarcation point. This is the point where you say, enough. That’s it. I got this.

Michael Jordan used to talk about being in the moment while on the basketball court. It’s about where he’s going to go on the basketball court. It’s not by accident. It is a consciously designed thought at the moment. We have to get you at the moment and consciously moving forward.

And that leads me to Dynamism Biohack: The Demarcation Point.

A Dynamic person has a healthy mind that has a positively engaged mind. An engaged mind is your aim to be free from the past and in the present moment. To be positively engaged because nothing else matters anymore. Not to say your past doesn’t have an impact, or that’s it’s not an important part of your journey, but right now we are at a new demarcation point of your life. Choose to be free at the moment. Also, consciously direct yourself in a positively engaging experience to be something you are creating. Ask yourself, “am I fully present in my emotional body right now?” “Am I right now, positively engaged with this person?”

Dynamic people train themselves to be more positively engaged. They view their social life at work, spouse or kids as an opportunity to train their minds to this new art. They know that a very high functioning psychology is one which is consciously designing and directing itself. WE need to ask these types of questions every day when the opportunities arise.

Let me provide some examples. By asking questions like, “Am I positively engaged with my child right now?” “Am I present and vibrant in my body right now?”

These two simple questions multiple times in a day will transform your experiences in life. I now it’s simple. The simple things in life like asking consciously directed self-questions that are positively engaged will change the quality of your life.

At this point in our story of how to become a Dynamic Person using a consciously directed mindset and grow your Connect driver, I would like to give you a simple exercise. The first step in this exercise is; you need to be emotionally engaged right now. If your in your car you cant’ do this, but if your sitting, stand up and move your body, shake out your hands like your about to hit a baseball in front of forty thousand people. Put yourself in that environment as a major league ball player taking his practice swing. Are you there? Are you emotionally present in the moment? If you’re not emotionally present right now, make up a similar technique like this and get there. The point is this, just by choice you can make yourself get there in your emotions, your internal spark.

Dynamic people have POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT

The next moment you have with someone, I want you to approach them with this question in mind. Am I positively engaged with this person, if not, why? What is the baggage or anxiety or frustrations with this person? What am I carrying on me that I can’t be present with this person? You see with these questions, you can turn a jerk into a fan. That choice is yours.

Dynamic people never allow someone else’s negative energy affect their energy. It is easy to do when you are unconscious, but guess what, you are consciously directing your conscious mind and positively engaged to be free from all that negativity. That is the secret of success as a Dynamic person. Understand this; you don’t have a healthy mind, you generate it. A power plant does not have energy; it generates energy!

Being free, conscious and engaged is made by your conscious direction and body movement. That is what is going to heighten your health promoters at sustained levels in your life that’s high performance and health promotion. Demand this of yourself; I challenge you. You can have this kind of energy in your life every day. You can have your kind of energy every day. You decide to have it and consciously choose to get it and consciously ask yourself questions.

Asking yourself questions and developing mental cues to help free your mind to think along with moving your body better is the secret sauce for a Dynamic person.

Mental cues you create in your mind are like little anchors in your head that give you the stabilization to know where to focus your attention.

If you don’t have happiness, you misunderstood something; you have to generate happiness. That takes work and taking decisive action. The ability to be happy is a choice that needs to be pursued; it’s not by chance. It’s not going to land in your lap.

Neuroscience recently has incredible discoveries about brain health and happiness. There are certain things we can generate that cause us to make more hormones or stimulate individual biomolecules in our brain that gives us the sense of pleasure and happiness. The release of dopamine gives a sense of joy. Your brain is a 3lb anticipation machine; it’s always waiting to see what’s going to happen so it can release information. When we get a “bit of what we want,” dopamine is released, and we feel happy. Introducing new things into your life gives a dopamine release seen on brain imaging scans.

We already discussed how movement increases and releases dopamine. The most amounts of dopamine come through movement, especially movement of the spine. But, just by how you think and what you focus your mind on can release dopamine. Why not positively engage your mind while moving and get the optimum release of dopamine? Here is a quick self-question exercise:

1. What new things are you going to learn from this training?

2. What new events can you go to this month? Might be a play. Could be a movie. Maybe a new town to visit. What is it?

3. An engaged and happy life is going somewhere socially that is new, where can you go? Maybe line dancing? How about Karyoke? What is it for you?

The next time you feel overwhelmed in life, or learning about this training, put yourself in a Dynamic person mindset. Allow that feeling to evolve into an experience for learning, challenging, confronting obstacles mindset. Focus your energies on the effort needed in a positive, constructive way, not as a drag.

You need to know that no one is happy all the time. The ups and downs of life are going to happen, the sooner we embrace them, the better. No need to worsen our situation by telling ourselves we shouldn’t be feeling off. Now, although our tendency to experience lows and lousy emotions do not ever completely go away, as we evolve our five pillars of a dynamic health and mature emotional health, our lows tend to be not quite as little or as long. If we crawl under our covers into a whining little ball, we are in big trouble. But if we can courageously confront our challenges, we’ve got the opportunity to learn about what behaviors are working for us and which aren’t, and we can do something about it.

You need a strategy. You need to make your plan, and I have already given you the tools to create your plan. In one of the most dramatic experiments in psychology, they took a group of drug addicts. They were studying them during withdrawal- at a time when the energy required to control the urge to take drugs severely compromises their ability to undertake nearly any other task. They were testing their skills in post-rehab to help them find employment after they are released. One group was asked to commit to writing a short resume before 5:00 PM on a particular day. Not a single one succeeded. A second group was asked to complete the same task, but also to say exactly when and where they would write the resume. 80% of that group succeeded.

Therefore, like this study validates, it is better for you to create your plan for your specific lifestyle situations, than it would be for me to create it for you. At this point in the training, you have enough tools and strategies from this to begin creating your plan.

1. Take a moment and make a detailed plan with the when, where and how you’re going to implement the strategies you have learned thus far in this training. The critical thing so far is to make a concrete, growth-oriented plan, and stick to it because doing so will put you into a Dynamic person’s mindset.

2. Every night for the next week, set aside 10 minutes before you go to sleep. Write down three things that went well today and then also why they went well.

In this exercise of growing your five pillars, this exercise is imperative that you do this. You may use a journal or a computer, but it’s important to have a physical copy of what you wrote. Step number two can be simply things.

For example: “my husband made dinner tonight.” Why: “Because he sees that I am stressed with the kids.”

“My sister had a healthy baby.” Why: “She took care of herself during the pregnancy.”

This exercise may seem awkward, but it came from the Godfather of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, and so DO IT! He recommends doing it for one week to get you into the habit; you will feel less depressed, happier, and addicted to this gratitude exercise and it will grow your five pillars of a Dynamic health.