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#17: Altitude Thinking


Unlock Your Inner Greatness: The Power of Altitude Thinking

In this training, EXPOSED: ‘The Fatal Flaw of Self Talk.”

Were gonna learn that what we say about our self, to our self, matters most. In addition, were going to look what makes Dynamic people dynamic; and Caged people caged up. Finally, were going to learn how to gauge our own belief about our self so we can tap into our own inner greatness and become a dynamic person.


Listen, if you’re serious about improving your health, living pain-free or you just don’t want to be sick anymore, here’s how to find out if I can help you. Call us at 219-769-5433, mention this show and we can begin together to find out today!

I discuss:

  • The power of self talk and Altitude Thinking
  • The difference between a Caged person and a Dynamic person
  • How to Gauge Check our Five Pillars of a Dynamic Health

I am really excited to start you on this journey and I hope to add a lot of value to your life as a whole.

Show Transcript:

Nutrition is remarkable in its ability to have people with completely opposite views saying they have science to support completely opposite views.

Frustrating isn’t it? What are we suppose to believe?

Welcome to Dynamism Biohack, my name is Dr. Matt Hammett Wellness & Nutrition Expert, Lifestyle Trainer and Movement Enthusiast.

Join me each week as we explore the secrets to making nutritious choices amid conflicting expert opinions. Together, we’ll unlock your inner greatness and tap into your inner aborigine. Let’s dive into this week’s training!

The Power of Belief

In addition, discover the impact of your self-talk on your life and learn what separates dynamic people from caged people. Next, renowned motivation researcher, Carol S. Dweck, has identified a “growth mindset” that drives dynamic individuals to embrace challenges and opportunities for growth, while “fixed mindsets” keep caged individuals stagnant. With the right beliefs, you can tap into your full potential and become a dynamic person.

Language and Belief

Next, explore the power of language in forming beliefs and shaping destiny. Finally, learn how our ability to articulate thoughts gives us an edge over other species. In addition, how our beliefs can make or break our chances of success.

The Cultural Illusion of Talent Challenge the cultural illusion that talent is innate and that natural ability trumps effort. Next, learn how even the greatest achievers, such as Darwin, Tolstoy, and Michael Jordan, faced challenges and obstacles to their success. In addition, embrace the growth mindset and recognize that effort, persistence, and hard work are the keys to unlocking your true potential.

Altitude Thinking and Self-Care Practice

Altitude thinking and self-care to unlock your inner greatness and live a healthier, happier life. In addition, start each day with meditation or another routine that focuses your mind and spirit. Next, gauge-check your energy levels throughout the day and manage your movement to maximize your energy and presence. Remember, good health is not something that comes to you; it comes from within. Finally, take charge of your self-care and unlock your inner greatness!

With altitude thinking, you can break free from self-imposed limitations and tap into the boundless potential within you. Join me next week as we delve deeper into the power of self-care and explore simple strategies for living your best life. Don’t forget to leave a comment or a review to let us know how this episode has helped you unleash your inner greatness!

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